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Friday 7th September 2018

University of Houston chooses JEOL for its growing NMR needs

7th September 2018: The University of Houston has added two new JEOL NMR systems to its existing suite as demand for NMR spectroscopy among students and researchers grows. The University of Houston’s chemistry department now has four NMR systems and the pharmacy department has one – all from JEOL Inc. Users come from a range of disciplines, with biology, physics and engineering ...

Tuesday 31st July 2018

Forbes Insights and IDEX Health & Science LLC Report Finds Life Science Sector is ‘Behind’ the Collaboration Curve

Rohnert Park, CA, July 30, 2018 — A survey of three technology-intensive industries has found a growing share of executives, including 68% of life science executives, see active and meaningful collaboration with their suppliers as essential to their future success/innovation/competitive advantage. 180 executives from the life science, pharmaceuticals, and aviation industries took part ...

Friday 27th July 2018

IDEX Health & Science Announces Acquisition of Finger Lakes Instrumentation

Rohnert Park, CA, July 25, 2018 — IDEX Health & Science, LLC (IH&S) today announced the acquisition of Lima, NY based Finger Lakes Instrumentation, LLC (FLI). Finger Lakes Instrumentation is a technology leader in the design, development and production of low-noise cooled CCD and high-speed, high-sensitivity cooled Scientific CMOS cameras for the astronomy and life science mar...

Steve Yemm Appointed CEO of Labguru’s, BioData

17 July 2018, Cambridge, MA — BioData has announced the appointment of Steve Yemm as CEO, following a decade of growth in the adoption of its flagship product Labguru. This secure, compliant, web and cloud-based Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) is trusted by over 30,000 users worldwide who rely on it to plan and document experiments, track progress, streamline lab logistics and share resul...

Friday 2nd December 2016

LGC accelerates the development of new medicines with extractables and leachables services

As regulatory pressure increases companies are saving time and money with effective extractables and leachables programmes 01st December 2016, Fordham, UK – LGC, the international life sciences and measurement company, is successfully preventing pitfalls which can increase drug products time to market. There is increasing regulatory pressure on pharmaceutical companies to investigate ...

Monday 13th June 2016

The new Zetasizer AT – automated online nanoparticle sizing for process monitoring.

June 2016: Malvern, UK: Malvern Instruments has launched the new Zetasizer AT, a robust, online, automated analyzer that uses dynamic light scattering (DLS) to automatically measure the size of nanoparticles in suspensions and emulsions. The new analyzer provides timely and reliable data that enables tracking of processes in the sub-micron size range, such as emulsification, dispersion, milling ...

Wednesday 11th May 2016

IDEX Health & Science Launches Advanced Optofluidic Portfolio at Analytica 2016

Hall A2 - Booth #109, Analytica, May 10-13, 2016, Munich, Germany Rohnert Park, CA May 11, 2016 - IDEX Health & Science, LCC, the global authority in fluidics and optics for the life sciences market, showcases its newly expanded fluidic and optical components and support at Analytica 2016. This unique combination of fluidic and optical capabilities assists customers in speeding up their ti...

Monday 2nd May 2016

Sciformix Corporation rated among the ‘Top 20 Most Promising Pharma and Life Sciences Solution Providers’ by Silicon India

22 April 2016, Boston, MA - Sciformix Corporation has been recognized as one of the Top 20 Most Promising “Pharma & Life Sciences Solution Providers - 2016” in a recent feature by Silicon India. The companies were selected by a panel of experts based on select criteria for outstanding performance in areas such as industry solutions, innovation, client satisfaction and overall com...

Monday 4th April 2016

Rigaku Analytical Devices’ Handheld LIBS Analyzer Achieves MIL-STD-810G Certification for Rugged Metal Analysis

KT-100™ Katana™ is the only handheld alloy analyzer certified to strict MIL-STD-810G standards providing users with the industry’s first drop tested analyzer for metal and alloy identification in industrial environments Wilmington, Massachusetts (April 4, 2016) – Rigaku Analytical Devices, a leading pioneer of handheld and portable spectroscopic analyzers, is pleased t...

Friday 1st April 2016

Rigaku Analytical Devices Supports Pharmaceutical Industry with Compliance to New Raman Calibration Standards

Wilmington, Massachusetts (April 1, 2016) – New regulations came into effect today that set acceptable Raman wavelength shifts and associated tolerances for benchtop and handheld Raman instruments for pharmaceutical applications. Rigaku Analytical Devices’ Progeny™ 1064nm handheld Raman analyzer is fully compliant with the new calibration standards which were published by the E...

Wednesday 16th March 2016

Scion Instruments launches latest release of CompassCDS™ Chromatography Data System

Scion Instruments has released the latest CompassCDS™ software for multi-instrument GC laboratories. This industry-focused, networked chromatography data system solution eliminates the costs associated with licensing individual named users.  With its unique capacity for customization, CompassCDS provides operators with a powerful tool for a variety of analytical operations. Available ...

EquipNet witnesses upsurge in demand for pre-owned pharmaceutical equipment

EquipNet witnesses upsurge in demand for pre-owned pharmaceutical equipment 15 March 2016: Boston, USA: With the World Health Organisation recently declaring the Zika virus the latest international public health emergency, pressure is growing on pharmaceutical manufacturers to rapidly increase production in order to meet spikes in demand. Leading global asset management specialist, EquipNet I...

Monday 17th August 2015

Lab M launches NutriTone™ - a new brand of cost-efficient premium peptones for cell culture applications

30 July 2015; Heywood, UK:  Lab M has launched NutriTone™, a new brand of peptones that includes a range of premium, growth-tested peptones designed to be used in mammalian cell culture for vaccine production and biotechnology. Not only are NutriTone™ peptones for mammalian cell culture subjected to Lab M’s usual rigorous quality control procedures, uniquely each batch is ...

Monday 10th August 2015

Avacta Life Sciences unveils custom seven week Affimer service to revolutionise life sciences

Avacta Life Sciences, the global provider of high quality reagents for life sciences, has launched a ground breaking new website for it’s Affimer technology. Affimers are a new alternative to antibodies and aptamers. Based on a small protein scaffold, they can be engineered to bind with high specificity and affinity to a wide range of protein targets. Affimers can be used for a wid...

Wednesday 5th August 2015

Malvern Instruments establishes new biopharmaceutical applications laboratory in the heart of San Diego’s biotech community.

30 July 2015: Malvern, UK: Malvern Instruments has established a new biopharmaceutical applications laboratory in the heart of San Diego’s biotechnology cluster. The new laboratory will enable customers and Malvern applications specialists alike to experience and use Malvern’s range of specialist biophysical characterization systems in a working biopharmaceutical environment. The n...

Tuesday 28th July 2015

A fruitful approach to polysaccharide characterization… CP Kelco reveals how GPC/SEC supports its manufacture of high performance biopolymers

28 July 2015: Malvern, UK: Insight from CP Kelco, a global leader in the specialty hydrocolloids market, provides a blueprint for the intelligent, cost-efficient deployment of gel permeation/size exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC) in biopolymer manufacture. Using GPC/SEC systems from Malvern Instruments, the company has established analytical strategies that ensure consistent, high performance p...

Monday 27th July 2015

Wyatt Technology Publishes Whitepaper on Protein Quality Control in High-Throughput Screening Studies

Report details use of DynaPro® Plate Reader II to identify protein aggregation in sample solutions (SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA – 20 July 2015) Wyatt Technology Corporation, the world leader in instrumentation for absolute macromolecular and nanoparticle characterization, has published a new whitepaper outlining how to evaluate the solution quality of biotherapeutic candidates prior...

Tuesday 21st July 2015


Tim Stevenson OBE visits the Oxford HQ of Zinc Ahead in recognition of the company’s achievements in international trade Oxford, UK; Princeton, NJ; New York, NY; Tokyo, Japan; Base Switzerland; Sydney, Australia – (July 2nd 2015) – Zinc Ahead, the leading cloud software enabler of content compliance for the life science industry, welcomes Tim Stevenson OBE, the Lord Lieutena...

IAOCR introduce innovative new program to improve transparency of clinical research workforce quality at an organizational level

INC Research begins pilot of new pioneering Clinical Operations Workforce Quality Accreditation 20 July 2015, Maidenhead, UK –IAOCR, the leading provider of independently recognized, competence-based accreditation, consultancy and accredited training within the clinical research sector, is pleased to announce the pilot Clinical Operations Workforce Quality Accreditation, achievement o...

Thursday 9th July 2015

Cheshire-based B2B expert Scott Partnership Holdings group achieves PR industry standard

Cheshire, 6th  July 2015: Scott Partnership Holdings, a group of established specialist international B2B communications companies operating in the life sciences and technology industries, has achieved the PRCA Communications Management Standard – the gold standard of service for the PR industry. Headquartered in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, UK, the group comprises The Scott Partnership i...

Tuesday 23rd June 2015

A dynamic approach to educating industry-ready nanotechnology technicians

18 June 2015: Malvern, UK: Seattle’s Hub for Industry-Driven Nanotechnology Education (Seattle, USA), an imaginative educational body with a flexible and highly productive model for nanotechnician training, has identified dynamic light scattering particle sizing as an essential analytical technique, investing in a Zetasizer Nano from Malvern Instruments. “At SHINE we train the next...

Thursday 18th June 2015

Viscosizer TD: a new automated tool for biophysical characterization.

16 June 2015: Malvern, UK:  Malvern Instruments has launched a new system based around Taylor Dispersion Analysis (TDA) to provide researchers with a novel orthogonal technique to accelerate biopharmaceutical drug candidates through the development pipeline. The Viscosizer TD speeds up stability and formulation studies by offering unique solution-based molecular sizing capabilities, combine...

Monday 8th June 2015

Unsurpassed protein SEC’: OMNISEC delivers accurate information with minimal sample

04 June 2015: Malvern, UK:  In a new webinar ‘Unsurpassed protein SEC using the latest innovation in advanced detection, OMNISEC’, experts from Malvern Instruments demonstrate how  the OMNISEC size exclusion chromatography (SEC) system supports efficient screening early in the drug development pipeline by enabling precise characterization with minimal sample volumes.  ...

Monday 1st June 2015

New research demonstrates the ability of the Child Alberta Idealised Throat to deliver better IVIVRs

28 May 2015: Nottingham, UK: New experimental studies using the Child Alberta Idealised Throat (C-AIT) from Copley Scientific confirm that it provides data more representative of in vivo throat deposition than the standard USP/Ph. Eur. induction port used for routine inhaler testing.  The results echo those observed with the adult AIT (A-AIT) and indicate that both accessories have an impor...

Ohio State University researchers use Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) in NIH-funded project examining targeted delivery of microRNA-loaded microvesicles for cancer therapy

28 May 2015: Malvern, UK:  Researchers in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at The Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio, USA) are using Malvern Instruments’ NanoSight Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) to study extracellular vesicle yields from different cell culture lines. Dr Michael Paulaitis, Ohio Eminent Scholar and Professor Emeritus, and Prof. Jeffrey ...

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