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Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Quanticate bolsters PV service platform

Quanticate is bolstering its pharmacovigilance services with a recent addition to its risk management platform.

Making the most of patient engagement

The practice of incorporating the voice of the patient into clinical development has gained significant traction over the past decade, and rightfully so.

Health care consulting firm Vynamic opens new office in London

With offices in Philadelphia and Boston, Vynamicâs London office â co-located with STEM Healthcare â is the companyâs first outside the US as it looks to support existing and new clients globally.

Taconic Biosciences’ orbiting mice return home for research studies

Studies are underway as the provider of genetically engineered rodent model solutions completes its most recent trip to the International Space Station.

Align Clinical CRO’s first technology standard looks to ease data sharing

The industry group recently announced its first technology standard, which addresses operational data exchange in an aim to improve information sharing between sponsors and CROs.

Monday 21st January 2019

Almac expanding personalized cancer vaccine production facilities

The Almac Group is doubling its Edinburgh-based footprint to help meet the growing demand for personalized cancer vaccines production.

Collaboration takes aim at abuse-deterrent drugs and formulations

PinneyAssociates and NMS Labs will plan, conduct, and analyze in vitro laboratory testing of pharmaceutical formulations to evaluate any abuse-deterrent properties, says CMO.

Unchained Labs opens new contract testing facility at its CA headquarters

Unchained Labsâ new facility will support its North American customers with specialized services in particle identification and visibility.

Bulgaria-based CRO August Research adds new sites in Georgia and Moldova

August Research is adding clinical trial operations in Georgia and Moldova, expanding the CROâs reach in Central and Eastern Europe â a less developed market with âfewer competitive trials and lower costs,â says CEO.

Biorepository a ‘one-stop’ solution for contract biomanufacturing

LakePharma opens a GMP biorepository facility to assist clients with biomanufacturing and long-term material storage.

Thursday 17th January 2019

NIH’s All of Us program launches BYOD project: Another use case for future trials

The All of Us research program is expanding its data collection abilities via Fitbit â a move that further demonstrates the industryâs increasing adoption of a BYOD approach, says Thread executive.

UK-based CRO launches new kinase compound profiling services

Aurelia Bioscience is now offering kinase compound profiling services using Promegaâs NanoBRET technology.

‘Insurance policy for the sponsor’: AG Mednet, RadMD launch new imaging service

RadMD is partnering with AG Mednet to provide a new âcollect and holdâ service, which will provide sponsorâs with real-time image access.

Roche: New tool reduces manual operations in the lab

Roche has launched its new cobas pro integrated solutions to reduce manual operations in the lab â as well as new enterprise software for digital pathology.

Lonza, Takeda reach regulatory milestone in oncology tie-up

Lonza provided development, manufacturing, and clinical packaging services for Takedaâs Alunbrig, which has received EMA marketing authorization.

Wednesday 16th January 2019

Key Biologics teams with CRBS as cell-based therapeutics drive demand for blood products

Key Biologics and Cascade Regional Blood Servicesâ multi-year agreement will provide researchers with the critical raw material needed for developing cell- and gene-based therapies.

Completion bonuses in clinical trials are an incentive, not coercion: Researchers make their case

Researchers are making the case for clinical trial completion bonuses â the complete rejection of which they argue is unnecessary and problematic.

Tuesday 15th January 2019

Sanofi enters agreement to use E.Coli for expression optimization

Sanofi will use AbSciâs platform to further optimize two of its in-house proteins â and will partner with other companies to accelerate timelines and reduce costs.

Sanofi enters agreement to use E.Coli for molecule discovery

Sanofi will use AbSciâs platform to further discovery of its in-house proteins â and will partner with other companies to accelerate timelines and reduce costs.

Clinical Maestro tunes sponsor, CRO operations with common language

Strategikon Pharma releases new modules for its Clinical Maestro software suite â another step in the companyâs journey to harmonize sponsor and CRO operations, with further updates slated for later this year, says CCO.

‘People are never far from their smart phones’: DoseMonitor ensures compliance in trials

ClinOne uses text messaging and automated reminders to help ensure medication adherence in clinical trials with its new service, DoseMonitor.

Caprion expands assay development services after acquisition

Caprion Biosciences will provide mass cytometry services to expand its offerings as a specialty CRO after its acquisition of Primity Bio.

Calls for diversity: 72% of genetic discoveries have taken place in 3 countries

Genetic discoveries have taken place in narrow population groups, say researchers, who for the first time, reveal that such studies are concentrated in a handful of countries â and conducted by a âtight-knit group of researchers.â

Monday 14th January 2019

AZ signs agreement for targeted drug delivery research

AstraZeneca and Aptamer Group will collaborate to leverage Aptamerâs platform for targeted delivery of oligonucelotides to the kidney for therapeutic development.

Pressure BioSciences launches contract service business for biopharma market

Pressure BioSciences has launched a commercial biopharmaceutical contract service business after acquiring a protein therapeutics platform that it says reduces challenges and manufacturing costs of the growing drug market.

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