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Saturday 23rd June 2018

Image of the Day: Remodeled

Researchers use CRISPR-Cas9 to create transgenic Hydractinia symbiolongicarpus, a cnidarian, for the first time.

Friday 22nd June 2018

World First: Human Case of Keystone Virus Identified

A Florida teenager is the first person with a confirmed infection by the mosquito-borne virus.

Trump Admin Restricts Federal Scientists Talking with Reporters

USGS researchers must get approval from the Department of the Interior before speaking to the media.

Image of the Day: Ray of Light

The discovery of the world's first known manta ray nursery will offer a glimpse into the animals' juvenile stage.

Thursday 21st June 2018

US Scientists Letter Calls for Transparency in Animal Research

Nearly 600 signatories, including four Nobel Prize winners, urge openness about animal experiments.

Bones in Ancient Tomb Are of Newly Discovered Ape Genus

The now-extinct gibbon was buried with the grandmother of China's first emperor and her many pets.

Koko the Signing Gorilla Dies at 46

The primate was famous for her ability to communicate with humans.

Common Gene Variants Found Among Psychiatric Disorders

In the largest-ever study of its kind, researchers combined genomic data from nearly 900,000 patients and healthy individuals to identify commonalities among 10 mental illnesses.

Herpes Viruses Implicated in Alzheimers Disease

A new study shows that the brains of Alzheimer's disease patients have a greater viral load, while another study in mice finds infection leads to amyloid-β build up.

Image of the Day: Performance Anxiety

In the presence of competition, archerfish become more hesitant but accurate shooters.

Wednesday 20th June 2018

Two University of Rochester Professors Resign in Protest

Celeste Kidd and Steven Piantadosi had sued the university over its handling of sexual harassment allegations made against colleague Florian Jaeger.

Caffeine-Triggered Cells Help Control Blood Sugar in Diabetic Mice

Scientists engineered human cells to produce a molecule that stimulates insulin secretion in the presence of caffeine.

Positive Trial Results for Experimental DMD Gene Therapy

Preliminary data from Sarepta Therapeutics has exceeded expectations, causing a surge in company stock prices this week.

Dopamine Neuron Implants Ease Parkinsons Symptoms in Monkeys

The stem cell-derived transplants were stable for 24 months and led to wide-ranging behavioral improvements in the monkeys.

Image of the Day: Snacking on Snails

Five newly identified species of snakes suck the mollusks right out of their shells.

Tuesday 19th June 2018

Novel Method Could Accelerate DNA Synthesis

The new technique uses an enzyme found in vertebrate immune systems to attach nucleotides to a growing strand.

New Database Expands Number of Estimated Human Protein-Coding Genes

Some scientists are not yet convinced that the list is accurate.

Deadly Wasting Syndrome Genetically Altered Sea Stars: Study

The surviving animals may have evolved genes that provided an advantage in fighting the disease.

Image of the Day: Multiple Choice

Photosynthesis can happen in more than one way.

Pancreatic Cell Size Negatively Relates to Lifespan in Mammals

Species with larger pancreatic cells tend to have shorter lives, according to a study.

Monday 18th June 2018

Opinion: Constrain Speculation to Protect the Integrity of Science

What we can know about biology before the last universal common ancestor is limited-and we should be circumspect in filling in the gaps.

Theranos Leaders Indicted For Fraud

Federal prosecutors filed criminal charges that allege the company's promise to revolutionize blood testing swindled investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars and put patients in danger.

Image of the Day: Landing Blows

The smashing mantis shrimp is strategic in its attack on sea snails.

Sunday 17th June 2018

Senate, House Propose Funding Boosts for US Science Agencies

NASA, NSF, and NIH are expected to receive higher financial backing for the 2019 fiscal year, going above and beyond the President's proposed budget.

Saturday 16th June 2018

Interior Departments Screen of Meeting Abstracts Called Censorship

USGS scientists need approval from a political appointee before they can present research at two big geological conferences.

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