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Wednesday 21st February 2018

Tomatoes of the Same Quality as Normal, but Using Only Half the Water

Some farmers have already expressed their interested in these water-sustainable products that can produce more compound health benefits than traditional crops

Federal Scientists Say Ottawa Has Made Progress in Efforts to Un-muzzle Science, but Much More Needs to Be Done

“Given everything we see happening to federal science in the United States, it’s more important than ever that Canada set—and enforce—the right example for government science.”

Low-Fat or Low-Carb? It?s a Draw, Study Finds

Neither option is superior: Cutting either carbs or fats shaves off excess weight in about the same proportion, according to the study

World?s First Solar Fuels Reactor for Night Passes Test

Solar powered chemistry has one downfall—reactions stop at night. Now scientists have a solution

Researchers Achieve ?Olympic Ring? Molecule Breakthrough Just in Time for Winter Games

Researchers unlocked a novel strategy for synthesizing a highly versatile molecule called olympicene—a compound of carbon and hydrogen atoms named for its familiar shape

Using Chemistry to Make the Best Hot Cocoa from the Bargain Brands

Use some simple chemistry to stay warm while saving some money

New Shark Species Confirmed

The sixgill shark residing in the Atlantic Ocean is actually a different species than its Indian and Pacific Ocean counterparts

Past Encounters with the Flu Shape Vaccine Response

Immune history influences vaccine effectiveness, interacting with other potential problems arising from the manufacturing process

Fifteen New Genes Identified That Shape Our Face

Our DNA determines what we look like, including our facial features

Tuesday 20th February 2018

Reaction Biology Launches Ion Channel Division

The immediate addition of the ion channel assets and employees to RBC’s growing labs has enabled the company to continue its expansion of assay categories and offerings

KD Scientific Legato® 100 Syringe Pump Used in New Drop-Seq Technology

Three Legato 100 syringe pumps provide the three required independent flow streams of cells, micro particle buffer and oil through a specifically designed microfluidic device

Novel Monoclonal Antibodies for Hepatitis B Testing Now Available from Binding Site

All of these monoclonal antibodies have been expressly designed for use as an integral component within solid phase enzyme immunoassay test procedures, especially ELISAs

Researchers Invent Light-Emitting Nanoantennas

"Compared to alternatives, our method is relatively simple and cost-effective," researcher says

All That and a Bag of Jellyfish Chips?

Danish researchers developed a new method to rapidly transform the soft umbrella-shaped jellyfish body into a crunchy treat

Is Our Long-Term Health Determined Before Ten Years of Age?

Children who grew up in disadvantaged households will age in poorer health, even if their socio-economic status improves as adults

Household Cleaners Are Almost as Dirty as Cars, Study Finds

In the case of one type of pollution—tiny particles that can damage people’s lungs—particle-forming emissions from chemical products are about twice as high as those from the transportation sector

Stretchable Electronics a ?Game Changer? for Stroke Recovery Treatment

New wearable device for the throat presented at AAAS annual meeting

Insulin Goes Viral

Some viruses can produce insulin-like hormones that stimulate human cells—and have potential to cause diabetes

Understanding Roots Opens Students to Science, Diversity

By focusing on genealogy and genetics, the curriculum ranges from DNA and inheritance to evolution and the origins of humanity

Cells Communicate in a Dynamic Code

A critically important intercellular communication system is found to encode and transmit more messages than previously thought

Birds and Beans: Study Shows Best Coffee for Bird Diversity

The study has important implications as coffee production is an increasingly important driver of landscape transformation

Monday 19th February 2018

Living Bandages: Scientists Develop Biocompatible Anti-Burn Nanofibers

Biodegradable bandages made from these fibers will accelerate the growth of tissue cells twice as quickly

Physicists Create New Form of Light

Newly observed optical state could enable quantum computing with photons

Running Helps Brain Stave off Effects of Chronic Stress

Have you ever taken a walk to clear your head? Study shows that exercise protects vital memory and learning functions

Friday 16th February 2018

Certara Launches Version 10 of D360, Its Industry-leading Drug Discovery Informatics Platform

D360 v10 delivers powerful and intuitive visualization and data presentation tools embedded into the informatics platform, enabling faster and deeper data understanding

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