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Friday 17th August 2018

New Manufacturing Technique Could Improve Common Problem in Printing Technology

A new manufacturing technique developed by researchers from Binghamton University, State University at New York may be able to avoid the "coffee ring" effect that plagues inkjet printers

Particulate Pollution's Impact Varies Greatly Depending on Where It Originated

The impact aerosols have on the climate varies greatly depending on where they were released

Whole Blood Test for Toxoplasmosis Is Sensitive, Specific

Transmission of toxoplasmosis from mother to fetus can lead to severe congenital problems and fetal death

Using Mushrooms as a Prebiotic May Help Improve Glucose Regulation

Eating white button mushrooms can create subtle shifts in the microbial community in the gut, which could improve the regulation of glucose in the liver

NTU Scientists Discover Natural Plant-Based Food Preservative

The organic preservative comprises a naturally-occurring substance known as "flavonoids"

Peak Scientific Reveals Dedicated Gas Solution for MP-AES

HALO, a nitrogen gas generator specifically designed for MP-AES, is an evolution of Peak’s successful Genius 3055 nitrogen generator

Thursday 16th August 2018

Prehistoric Mummy Reveals Ancient Egyptian Embalming 'Recipe' Was Around for Millennia

It is the first time that extensive tests have been carried out on an intact prehistoric mummy

A Steady Increase in the Water Footprint at US Fracking Sites

The intensification of the water footprint of hydraulic fracturing

Math Shows How Human Behavior Spreads Infectious Diseases

Mathematics can help public health workers better understand and influence human behaviors that lead to the spread of infectious disease

Eating Breakfast Burns More Carbs During Exercise and Accelerates Metabolism for Next Meal

Eating breakfast before exercise may "prime" the body to burn carbohydrates during exercise and more rapidly digest food after working out

Wednesday 15th August 2018

Common WiFi Can Detect Weapons, Bombs, and Chemicals in Bags

Rutgers-led study demonstrates low-cost technology for security screening at public venues like stadiums, theme parks, and schools

Potential Biomarker for Autism

Non-invasive brain imaging could detect autism symptoms as early as infancy

Diving Robots Find Antarctic Winter Seas Exhale Surprising Amounts of Carbon Dioxide

More than 100 oceanic floats are now diving and drifting in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica during the peak of winter

Cancer-Fighting Drugs Also Help Plants Fight Disease

The discovery could help scientists develop new pathways for plants to battle infection

Tuesday 14th August 2018

New RNA, DNA-Sequencing Platform Matches Thousands of Drugs to Late-Stage Cancer Patients

A comprehensive RNA and DNA sequencing platform benefits late-stage and drug-resistant multiple myeloma patients by determining which drugs would work best for them

The Behavior of Water: Scientists Find New Properties of H2O

A team of scientists has uncovered new molecular properties of water—a discovery of a phenomenon that had previously gone unnoticed

Collaborate, But Only Intermittently, Says New Study

The march toward always-on technology may hinder groups' ability to solve complex problems

From Office Windows to Mars: Scientists Debut Super-Insulating Gel

A new, super-insulating gel developed by researchers at CU Boulder could dramatically increase the energy efficiency of skyscrapers and other buildings

Researchers Predict Risk for Common Deadly Diseases from Millions of Genetic Variants

Through this "polygenic risk scoring," researchers can identify people at high risk for disease, even if they don't present other warning signs

How Cannabis and Cannabis-Based Drugs Harm the Brain

A new study shows that the long-term use of either cannabis or cannabis-based drugs impairs memory

Monday 13th August 2018

Team Develops a Family of Bioinspired Artificial Woods from Traditional Resins

Nature has provided the inspiration for the design and fabrication of high-performance biomimetic engineering materials

Grip Strength of Children Gives Clues about Their Future Health

Measuring hand grip can help identify youths who could benefit from lifestyle changes to improve health, Baylor researcher says

New Study Finds Fake, Low-Quality Medicines Prevalent in the Developing World

Substandard and falsified medicines, including medicines to treat malaria, are a serious problem in much of the world

Recording Every Cell's History in Real-Time with Evolving Genetic Barcodes

New technique enables creation of a full developmental lineage record for cells in vivo

Changes in Gut Microbiome in Only One Subset of Helminth-Infected Patients

Over the last decade, it's become clearer than ever that bacteria in the human gut—collectively termed the microbiome—play a key role in health and disease

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