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Thursday 17th January 2019

Can AI Outperform Doctors at Detecting Cervical Cancer?

A new computer algorithm was able to accurately analyze digital images of cervical screenings and identify precancerous changes that required further medical follow-up.

Could an MMP9 Inhibitor Offer Greater Benefit to Older Gastric/GEJ Cancer Patients?

Researchers found that adding andecaliximab to treatment for gastric cancer may benefit older patients.

A New Standard of Care for Some Advanced Esophageal Cancer Patients

Pembrolizumab showed promise in the second-line setting for patients with metastatic esophageal cancer and high PD-L1 expression.

Wednesday 16th January 2019

Using Radiation Therapy to Reduce Recurrence in DCIS

Cancer Network spoke with Dr. Carmen Bergom about advancements in the treatment of DCIS and the importance of using local recurrence patterns to help guide future research.

Current and Future Landscape of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Urothelial Cancer

In this review, we discuss known data and the differences between the different immune checkpoint inhibitors, as well as future avenues to explore with immuno-oncologic agents in urothelial cancer.

The Emerging Profile of Immunotherapy Approaches in the Treatment of AML

Dr. Daver discusses immunotherapy approaches for patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), and his recent study results on the combination of azacitidine and nivolumab.

Pathologic Hip Fracture in a 49-Year-Old Man With Widespread Metastatic Sclerotic Bone Lesions

In this case, we examine a 49-year-old man with widespread metastatic sclerotic bone lesions. What is your diagnosis?

Vitamin D and Omega-3 Supplements for Preventing Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases

Dr. Manson discusses the results of the recently published VITAL study that tested whether vitamin D or omega-3 supplements could be effective for primary prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Current Strategies for the Management of Locoregional Breast Cancer Recurrence

In this review, we focus primarily on describing locoregional and systemic management strategies for isolated locoregional recurrences manifesting as isolated first-failure events following mastectomy or breast-conserving therapy.

Management of Neutropenic Toxicity From CDK4/6 Inhibitors

Kristina Frinzi Byers, PharmD, BCOP, discusses how to manage neutropenic toxicity from treatment with CDK4/6 inhibitors for HR-positive breast cancer.

Immunotherapy Approaches in AML

Cancer Network sat down with Dr. Naval Daver to discuss advancements and discoveries in immunotherapy for AML patients.

Researchers ID Common Terminology to Describe Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers

The findings of a systematic review may help standardize reflectance confocal microscopy terminology, which is used to describe non-melanocytic lesions.

Key Advances in Oncology, 2018

Our team reviews the most important advances in oncology in 2018, including those in breast cancer, hematologic cancers, lung cancer, immunotherapy, and more.

Oncology Conference Highlights, Q4

Our team reviews 2018 conference highlights in oncology care, including studies from ASH, SABCS, and SIO.

Risk of Future Cancers in Survivors of Childhood Hodgkin Lymphoma

Guidelines for cancer screening in survivors of childhood HL may be refined based on the results of this extended follow-up study, say the researchers.

Tuesday 15th January 2019

KEYNOTE-028 Trial Unveils Biomarkers Linked to Pembrolizumab Efficacy

The results of the study add to the growing body of literature regarding potential biomarkers for response to immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Monday 14th January 2019

Hope for New Apoptotic Regulatory Pathway in Treating Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers

Researchers studied whether the mechanistic target of mTORC2 directs UVB–induced apoptosis by regulating the expression of NOXA downstream of FOXO3a.

Checkpoint Inhibitors: Effective in NSCLC Patients With Pre-existing Autoimmune Disease?

The results, described by an expert as “very interesting” and a “a bit surprising," focused on the impact of autoimmune antibodies on anti–PD-1 therapy.

Study Evaluates Addition of Glasdegib in AML and High-Risk MDS Patients

Researchers reported on the impact of adding the Hedgehog pathway inhibitor glasdegib to low-dose cytarabine.

Is the Revised ELN Classification More Accurate for Acute Myeloid Leukemia?

A new study published in Cancer compared ELN-2017 to ELN-2010 in terms of distinguishing prognosis in younger patients with newly diagosed AML.

Sunday 13th January 2019

Can Dasatinib Improve Trastuzumab Efficacy in HER2+ Breast Cancer?

Researchers tested whether combining trastuzumab/paclitaxel with dasatinib would have a high response rate in patients with metastatic HER2+ breast cancer.

Can Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy Be Offered to Elderly Lung Cancer Patients?

The phase III CONVERT trial compared twice-daily vs once-daily concurrent chemoradiotherapy in elderly patients with limited-stage small-cell lung cancer.

Alternative Chemo Formulations May Help Reduce Cardiac Toxicity In HER2+ Breast Cancer

The Opti-HER HEART trial examined whether liposomal formulations of chemotherapy agents may reduce cardiac toxicity in HER2+ breast cancer patients.

Why Aren’t Medicare Enrollees Participating in Decision Making Sessions Prior to Lung Cancer Screening?

A surprisingly low percentage of Medicare enrollees who undergo low-dose CT screening for lung cancer participate in a shared decision-making session prior to the screening.

Friday 11th January 2019

A 52-Year-Old With Dyspnea And Chest Pain

A 52-year-old man presents with dyspnea and chest pain. Imaging shows the presence of a tracheal lesion. What is your diagnosis?

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