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Thursday 23rd November 2017

Making Up for Lost Time

Dealing with unexpected downtime.

Monday 20th November 2017

Q&A: Tackling the Complexity of MR Safety

A new app about MR safety has some surprising benefits for efficiency.


Case History: 45-year-old patient with laryngeal cancer presented with history of breathlessness, hemoptysis, increased creatinine.

Elite Triathletes May Be at Higher Risk for Cardiac Impairment

MRI shows evidence of higher risk for elite male triathletes.

Sunday 19th November 2017

High BMI and Frequency of Breast Cancer Screening

The effect of high BMI on breast cancer screening frequency.

Brain MRI Shows Patterns in Patients with Depression, Anxiety

MRIs show common structural abnormalities among patients with depression and anxiety.

Thursday 16th November 2017

Tax Break Benefits with Year-End Imaging Equipment Financing

Why the fourth quarter might be the best time to finance imaging equipment.

Now Look What You Did!

The discomfort of a positive finding.

Wednesday 15th November 2017

Radiology Turnaround Times: Are They Ever Fast Enough?

Radiology in the reality of decreasing turnaround time expectations.

Tuesday 14th November 2017

Abdominal CTs Can Evaluate the Lumbar Spine

Abdominal CT studies can help clinicians accurately evaluate the lumbar spine.

Monday 13th November 2017

7 y/o, Upper Limb Weakness

Case History: 7-year-old male with left upper limb weakness that started two years following a motor vehicle accident.

Sunday 12th November 2017

Trainees Help Reduce Addendum Rates in Radiology Reports

Radiology reports may have fewer addenda when residents or fellows are involved in the process.

Musculoskeletal Extremity Imaging on the Rise

Use of imaging for musculoskeletal extremities has increased significantly over the past 20 years.

Thursday 9th November 2017

P-Soup and a Practical P Principle

Helping ultrasound meet its potential.

How To Sound Smarter (Or at Least, Avoid Sounding Dumb)

Unnecessary clarifications in the radiology report.

Wednesday 8th November 2017

No Added Value of ABUS in Routine Screening of BRCA Carriers

Adding automated breast US to regular screening of women with BRCA mutation and cancer detection.

Tuesday 7th November 2017

Celebrating Women in Imaging Informatics

Finding the female stars in a male-dominated field.

Monday 6th November 2017

Submandibular Swelling

Case History: 55-year-old with pain and swelling in left submandibular region.

Talk to Patients About Elevated Amyloid PET Results

Older patients with brain PET results showing elevated amyloid have many questions.

Sunday 5th November 2017

Concussion Damage in Adolescent Athletes Lingers

MRI shows damage to brain tissue among adolescent athletes may continue after they have been cleared to return to sports.

Thursday 2nd November 2017

Before You Pull the Trigger on That QA

…ask yourself: What am I trying to accomplish here?

Wednesday 1st November 2017

PanCan Lung Cancer Detection Model For Lung Cancer Screening

The PanCan approach to lung cancer detection utility in lung cancer screening.

Machine Learning Model Predicts Breast Lesions Likely to Become Cancer

A machine learning module may help predict which high-risk breast lesions are least likely to progress to cancer.

Tuesday 31st October 2017

Deep Breath and Hold in Lung PET/CT

Effect of breath holding during lung PET/CT.

Cataract Risk for Nuclear Medicine Radiologic Technologists

Nuclear medicine radiologic technologists may be at risk for developing cataracts.

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