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Friday 19th October 2018

Are Smirnoff’s GMO-free vodka labels illegal?

Oxitec, Gates Foundation aim to curb pesticide-resistant insects, malaria with new ‘self-limiting mosquito’

Cancer and genetics: Why smoking threatens more than just your lungs

Thursday 18th October 2018

CRISPR could help combat bovine tuberculosis—disease that costs farmers $3 billion annually

Precision plant breeding could boost sustainable rice production 25 percent

Viewpoint: Success of first ever gene-edited soybean exposes folly of EU’s hostility to crop biotech

Transcendental Meditation: The strange religious practice behind America’s anti-GMO movement

Edible cotton? USDA approves biotech seeds that can be spread like peanut butter

How dirt could be the key to penicillin’s fight against antibiotic resistance

Farmer to FDA: Get rid of misleading ‘non-GMO’ and other fad food labels

Breaking the body’s ‘sugar code’ could refine our ability to predict, treat diseases

Wednesday 17th October 2018

Breeding disease-resistant sugarcane now a possibility with unlocking of sugarcane genome

Sustainability failure: Anti-GMO France’s 10-year effort to slash pesticide use boosted spraying by 12%

Video: Filipino farmer shares insider tips for spreading GMO acceptance in developing world

‘Hugely influential’ papers on cardiac stem cells declared ‘fraudulent’ by Harvard

Biotech industry, anti-GMO activists face off over new NAFTA trade deal

Viewpoint: 7-year food fraud scheme exposes flawed oversight of organic farming

Understanding what happens when routine touching becomes agony

Nigerian officials warn anti-GMO groups to end campaigns against biotech crops

Tragic tradeoff: How depression evaded evolution

Tuesday 16th October 2018

‘Low-emission’ cows that produce less methane gas take center stage amid growing climate change fears

Therapy dogs spread joy—and possibly superbugs—to kids in hospitals

Viewpoint: Europe has traded crop biotechnology for ‘faith-based’ agroecology

Viewpoint: USMCA North American trade deal sets precedent for sensible worldwide biotech crop regulations

Natural GMOs? Some crops incorporate ‘foreign DNA’ all by themselves

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