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Wednesday 19th September 2018

Sex-specific alterations in preterm brain

Correction: The European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) Consensus Guidelines for the Detection and Treatment of Donor-specific Anti-HLA Antibodies (DSA) in Haploidentical Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation

Donor-specific anti-HLA antibodies in unrelated hematopoietic cell transplantation for non-malignant disorders

Intrabone transplant provides full stemness of cord blood stem cells with fast hematopoietic recovery and low GVHD rate: results from a prospective study

The digital transformation of medicine can revitalize the patient-clinician relationship

The digital transformation of medicine can revitalize the patient-clinician relationshipThe digital transformation of medicine can revitalize the patient-clinician relationship, Published online: 20 September 2018; doi:10.1038/s41746-018-0060-2The digital transformation of medicine can revitalize the patient-clinician relationship

Beyond “implementation”: digital health innovation and service design

Beyond “implementation”: digital health innovation and service designBeyond “implementation”: digital health innovation and service design, Published online: 20 September 2018; doi:10.1038/s41746-018-0059-8Beyond “implementation”: digital health innovation and service design

Antihypertensive therapy in acute ischemic stroke: where do we stand?

Validation of the PHYSIO-PORT UP ambulatory blood pressure monitor in pregnant women according to the European Society of Hypertension International Protocol revision 2010

Comment on the potential role of microRNAs in hypertension

Aspirin in the prevention of preeclampsia: the conundrum of how, who and when

Increased expression of miR-33a in monocytes from Mexican hypertensive patients in elevated carotid intima-media thickness

Child Weight Gain Trajectories Linked To Oral Microbiota Composition

Structural cycle of the Thermus thermophilus PilF ATPase: the powering of type IVa pilus assembly

Pseudomonas aeruginosa ExoS Induces Intrinsic Apoptosis in Target Host Cells in a Manner That is Dependent on its GAP Domain Activity

Better than DEET Repellent Compounds Derived from Coconut Oil

Identification and characterization of G-quadruplex formation within the EP0 promoter of pseudorabies virus

Exploration and application of a highly sensitive bis(salamo)-based fluorescent sensor for B4O72− in water-containing systems and living cells

Green microalgae in marine coastal waters: The Ocean Sampling Day (OSD) dataset

Author Correction: A new artificial diet for western corn rootworm larvae is compatible with and detects resistance to all current Bt toxins

Higher Gluten Intake in Pregnancy Tied to Increased Diabetes Risk in Offspring

Higher intake of gluten during pregnancy may be associated with increased risk for type 1 diabetes in offspring, suggests a prospective study in The BMJ...

Insights into frequent asthma exacerbations from a primary care perspective and the implications of UK National Review of Asthma Deaths recommendations

Tau folds differently between diseases

From the Blogs: Coffee and the State of the Hospital

You can tell a lot about how things are going in a hospital based on the amount — and type — of coffee consumption by its employees...

Internet CBT May Help Treat Anxiety in Children

Cognitive behavioral therapy delivered over the internet may be effective in treating anxiety in children, according to a Lancet Child & Adolescent Health study. Swedish researchers...

Your NEJM Group Today: Managing Drug Data / Managing Low-Risk PE / Ohio FM Opportunities

Take a look at today's offering from NEJM Group: NEJM Audio Interview: Managing Data on Drug Effects: Dr. Jerry Avorn discusses the FDA Amendments Act...

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