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Monday 18th June 2018

Faster analysis of medical images

Medical image registration is a common technique that involves overlaying two images, such as magnetic resonance imaging (

​When consumers don’t want to talk about what they bought

One of the joys of shopping for many people is the opportunity to brag about their purchases to friends and others. But new research found one common situation in which people would rather not discuss what they just bought: when they’re feeling like money is a little tight. In a series of studies, researchers found […]

Explosive volcanoes spawned mysterious Martian rock formation

Sunday 17th June 2018

Planet-Forming Disks May Resemble Solar System 5 Billion Years Ago

To make a planet, you need stuff. Protoplanetary disks — cosmic frisbees of gas and dust orbiting young stars across the galaxy — spin out new planets. But the size

Rewiring justice: Viral outrage signals a change in power

The internet loves creating villains: People get caught on camera or social media behaving badly, the post or video goes viral and

Higher vitamin D levels may lower colorectal cancer risk

Friday 15th June 2018

What turning 1 California into 3, could, (and most likely) would mean for air

What would happen to California air, should state voters in November – that is, after which, if backed by the state legislature, federal government and possibly the court(s) if need be – decide that it is okay to split the

Fenced In

You roamed amongst the distant glens and lochs, Untamed in your ascendency and pride; Traversing pristine firths

Thursday 14th June 2018

Researchers ask Americans: What does God look like?

A team of ps

New algorithm can discover materials with unusual characteristics—including invisibility

Liver cancer rates vary widely among patients of Asian descent

Dust clouds can explain puzzling features of active galactic nuclei

Many large galaxies have a bright central region called an active galactic nucleus (AGN), powered by matter spiraling into a supermassive black hole. Gas clouds in an area around the AGN known as the “broad-line region” emit light at characteristic wavelengths, but the complexity and variability of these emissions has been a longstanding puzzle for […]

Why don’t most people become radicalised?

System allows surveillance cameras to ‘talk’ to the public through individual smartphones

Researchers peer inside cells to spy on cancer’s on-off switch

Wednesday 13th June 2018

Higgs tangoes with top quark in latest physics discovery

Scientists have observed the Higgs boson interacting with t

Medical imaging technology detects vascular disorders, injuries in brain without invasive contrast agents

Purdue University researchers have developed an analytical imaging technology based on functional MRI for detecting and

Youths prescribed antipsychotics gain body fat, have increased diabetes risk

‘Gut instinct’ may have been the GPS of human ancestors

Ask anyone if they remember where they ate the juiciest burger, the sweetest cupcake or the smoothest bisque, and they probably can describe the location in great detail, down to the cross streets, the décor, and the table where they sat. A new USC study in Nature Communications gives a possible explanation for food’s prominen

Tuesday 12th June 2018

AI senses people’s pose through walls

Scientist’s new database can help protect wildlife from harmful hues of LED lights

A new generation of outdoor lights spreading across landscapes require greater scrutiny to reduce harm to wildlife, says a USC-led research group that developed a new tool to help fix the problem. The team of biologists surveyed select species around the world to determi

Fruit and vegetable prescriptions encourage children to eat healthy

Evidence for a new property of quantum matter revealed

A theorized but never-before detected property of quantum matter has now been spotted in the lab, a team of scientists reports. The team proved that a particular quantum material can demonstrate electrical dipole fluctuations – irregular oscillations of tiny charged poles on the material – even in extremely cold conditions, in the neighborhood of minus [R

Mom’s attitude to baby during pregnancy may impact child’s development

Mothers who ‘connect’ with their baby during pregnancy are more likely to interact in a

Monday 11th June 2018

On global aviation emissions-reduction progress ‘we have lift-off!’ A follow-up

In its “Dramatic MBM Agreement and Solid Global Plan Endorsements Help Deliver Landmark ICAO 38th Assembly” Oct. 4, 2013 press release, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) announced: “ICAO’s States agreed to report back in

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