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Monday 20th August 2018

STAT Plus: After a decade of squabbles, a biolab to study dangerous pathogens is in business

Many of the deadliest disease-causing microbes hurt only humans and don’t sicken other animals. But they can infect lab-grown tissue.

Pregnant women with severe nausea and vomiting are more likely to use marijuana, study suggests

National guidelines recommend that women stop using marijuana while pregnant, but a new study found some pregnant women experiencing nausea and vomiting are using the drug.

STAT Plus: Pharmalittle: Sanofi weighs airlifting flu vaccine post-Brexit; speedy China OK for Roche cancer drug

Flu vaccine may have to be airlifted into Britain to prevent a winter crisis in the event of a no-deal Brexit, according to the largest producer of the shots.

STAT Plus: Newest form of CRISPR corrects genetic disease in viable human embryos, with few errors

The study brings closer the day when "germline editing" might be used to alter the DNA of early-stage IVF embryos in such a way that the changes would be inherited…

Opinion: Kidney disease is a killer. More precise classification can help tame it

Cancer has led the way in precision medicine. Kidney disease needs to follow.

Prominent health policy researcher plagiarized colleagues’ work, Dartmouth investigation finds

The investigation found Welch “engaged in research misconduct, namely, plagiarism, by knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly appropriating the ideas, processes, results or words of Complainants." Welch challenged the findings.

The perfect lab animal is strikingly, surprisingly beautiful

Researchers have a relationship with worms that is at once reverent, clinically distant, intimate, and obsessive.

STAT Plus: Nine things to know about Sangamo Therapeutics and its first-in-human genome editing study

The first clinical trial using genome editing to treat real patients is nearing an early but crucially important data reveal. Here's what you need to know. $SGMO

Friday 17th August 2018

Opinion: NYU medical school students are getting free tuition. But everyone will reap benefits

Here are four ways in which NYU's decision to offer free tuition to its medical school students will have ripple effects across the U.S. health care system.

STAT Plus: Pharmalittle: Trump wants opioid makers to cut production quotas; Purdue looks to restructure

Purdue Pharma has hired the Davis Polk & Wardwell law firm for financial restructuring advice.

STAT Plus: Senators challenge Azar over his comments about PBMs and price cuts

“Congress cannot appropriately fix the problem of high drug prices unless we have correct information about what is causing them and who is responsible.”

Opinion: The Pulse nightclub tragedy changed how one hospital treats foreign patients

Hospitals across the nation and beyond need to rise to the challenge and provide foreign patients with the level of support they deserve.

STAT Plus: How to pay for CAR-T: A conversation with health policy expert Peter Bach

CAR-T therapies are expensive. Does Medicare have the tools it needs to make the treatments affordable for patients?

WATCH: Scientists make elusive bacteria in our mouths less of a mystery

These scientists are delving into the mysterious bacteria in our mouths.

STAT Plus: A scrappy crew of biotechs is working on a new wave of schizophrenia medicines

Schizophrenia is a devastating, all-too-common neuropsychiatric illness — and it’s long bedeviled scientists. But some drug makers see hope.

Thursday 16th August 2018

STAT Plus: China takes action against numerous officials for allowing vaccine scandal to erupt

The scandal emerges while the Chinese government is trying to grow its domestic pharmaceutical industry.

STAT Plus: Tell us what you really think: A survey on drug prices, biotech, and Alex Azar

We want to know how that tax law is working out, what you think of Alex Azar, what will make a difference in rising drug prices — if anything.

LISTEN: A lesson in startup jargon, pharma’s bare Alzheimer’s cupboard, and the cost of CAR-T

How much is a shot at curing cancer worth? And what on Earth is an "oversubscribed Series A round"? Find out on this episode of our biotech podcast, "The Readout…

STAT Plus: An 8-year-old boy puts Vertex on the defensive over the price of its drugs in the U.K.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX) is facing pushback from cystic fibrosis patients and their families as it plays hardball with the U.K. government over the cost of its medicines. In a highly…

STAT Plus: Pfizer resumes full production at a troubled plant, but don’t expect shortages to suddenly end

"Things are going to unfortunately be ugly on the drug-shortage front for a long time," said Erin Fox, of the University of Utah Health Care.

FDA approves the first generic version of EpiPen

The FDA just approved the first generic version of EpiPen — a move the agency says could help lower the cost of the drug. Right now, a two-pack can cost…

NYU says it will cover tuition for all its medical students — both now and in the future

NYU announces it will cover tuition for all of its medical students, regardless of their ability to pay. For the 2018-19 academic year, that coverage amounts to $55,018 for each…

Trump wants federal suit against opioid manufacturers

President Trump is asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to file a federal lawsuit against certain companies that supply and manufacture opioids.

STAT Plus: Never mind the rebates. Maybe behind-the-scenes fees are boosting drug prices

The fees constitute a complicated but little-understood piece of the opaque pricing system.

STAT Plus: Pharmalittle: EpiPen shortage may cause back-to-school crisis; Mylan kept mum about a half-million dollar deal

Good morning, everyone, and how are you today? We are just fine, thank you, especially since a bright, shiny sun and cool breeze are enveloping the Pharmalot campus. Our short…

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