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Saturday 17th February 2018

A reversal of fortunes: Judge voids order Gilead must pay $2.5B to Merck over a patent dispute

A federal judge overturned an order that Gilead Sciences (GILD) must pay $2.5 billion in the largest ever U.S. patent dispute.

Friday 16th February 2018

HHS communications head to depart for job at White House drug office

The HHS communications head will be leaving to take a job at the White House drug office.

STAT Plus: FDA is offering a new approach for developing Alzheimer’s drugs. What could that mean?

This would amount to a significant policy revision because the FDA previously looked for treatments that could provide changes in function, as well as cognition.

STAT Plus: Two states advance bills to create programs for importing medicines from Canada

Five states are considering some form of legislation that would allow their residents to purchase prescription drugs from Canada

Opinion: To stop an epidemic, focus on the vector. For school shootings, that’s guns and bullets

Lessons learned from other epidemics can help us stop the epidemic of gun violence.

This year’s awful flu season may have just hit a plateau

The latest data from the CDC indicate that flu activity might finally be leveling off.

Up and down the ladder: The latest comings and goings

Everyone wants to know who is coming and going. Here's what happened this week in biopharma.

STAT Plus: Pharmalittle: FDA tries to boost Alzheimer drug development; Roche bets $1.9 billion on cancer data firm

Roche is buying the rest of Flatiron Health, a cancer data company, for $1.9 billion to speed development of cancer medicines

Opinion: What the U.S can learn from the U.K.’s National Health Service

As the U.S. fashions a new health care system, we should look across the pond for inspiration.

A trip to ‘the poopy lab’ in the interest of drug development

A University of Guelph scientist uses a mechanical colon she calls the "Robogut" to study the gut microbiome and produce "feces" for a clinical trial to treat C. difficile infections.

A microbiome connoisseur becomes a reluctant entrepreneur

A University of Guelph scientist uses a mechanical colon she calls the "Robogut" to study the gut microbiome and produce "feces" for a clinical trial to treat C. difficile infections.

STAT Plus: Washington is taking aim at drug industry middlemen. But can it break their grip on a captive market?

Both Congress and the White House have in recent days called attention to the lack of competition among drug industry middlemen. Could fixing that fix drug prices?

Thursday 15th February 2018

STAT Plus: Pharma urges U.S. trade officials to place the E.U. on the bad behavior list

Placing the E.U. on the watch list “would make a mockery of the process," one expert said.

Azar defends Trump drug pricing proposals, pushing back against criticism

Alex Azar defended the drug pricing proposals in the Trump administration’s latest budget request Thursday, pushing back on criticism that none of the ideas would lower the list prices for…

With new CRISPR inventions, its pioneers say, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet

Leading CRISPR labs have tweaked CRISPR to make it even more of a research powerhouse and, possibly, a valuable medical sleuth, able to detect viruses and record a cell's history…

Three-quarters of people who got flu shot this year weren’t protected against most common strain

Why is this year's flu season so bad? In part, new data show, because the flu shot failed to protect three-quarters of people against most common strain.

STAT Plus: Cancer vaccine made from stem cells could open another door in immunotherapy

STAT Plus: Cancer cells and stem cells share some of the same molecules on their surfaces. And that could be a boon for immunotherapies.

STAT Plus: Smaller biopharma companies face more securities fraud lawsuits than ever before

The number of class-action lawsuits claiming securities fraud committed by life sciences companies climbed again last year, continuing a trend in which drug and device makers remain juicy targets for…

STAT Plus: Pharmalittle: Horizon boosts price of old drug combo again; Minnesota renews effort to tax opioid makers

Hello, everyone, and how are you today? We are just fine, thank you, despite gloomy skies hovering over the sleepy Pharmalot campus. Our spirits remain sunny thanks, in part, to…

Opinion: Collective action needed to stem burnout and restore clinician well-being and resilience

If we want our nation's health to flourish, we need to care for the clinicians who care for us.

STAT Plus: A biotech goes quiet on pivotal trial of a cancer vaccine, as doctors, investors, patients are left to wonder

Northwest Biotherapeutics said its trial of an experimental brain cancer treatment was ready to be analyzed a year ago. What happened to it?

Fecal transplants move into the mainstream to treat difficult infection

For the first time, an influential medical group is recommending fecal transplants for certain C. diff infections.

Wednesday 14th February 2018

Trump presses key Republican to move on ‘right to try’

Signaling urgency on right-to-try legislation, Trump privately asked a key Republican on Wednesday “How close are you to getting this done?”

Evidence from the field: Fractional doses of yellow fever vaccine provided protection, study finds

Health workers resorted to using fractional doses of yellow fever vaccine in the midst of an outbreak. The fractional doses seem to have worked.

STAT Plus: Biogen’s share price falters on a surprise dose of ‘variability’ in Alzheimer’s trial

>@damiangarde tries to translate Biogen's surprise announcement on its Alzheimer’s program.

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