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Friday 22nd June 2018

Extreme Networks Launches AI-Powered Edge Network Solution For Healthcare Environments

From the diverse users passing through a healthcare setting to the patient-critical devices connecting to the network, healthcare environments are increasingly complex. Hospitals become more challenging when you consider wired legacy devices with subpar security systems. To address the growing need for intelligence, adaptability and security at the edge, Extreme launched Smart OmniEdge to deliver ...

Thursday 21st June 2018

Innovaccer Unveils Financial Analytics Solution For Hospitals and Health Networks

Innovaccer, a San Francisco-based healthcare data platform company, has announced the launch of its financial analytics solution for hospitals and health systems. The new offering will be built on top of its cutting-edge healthcare data platform, InData and will be a part of the analytics module, InGraph. The new offering will be built on top of ... Read More

Wednesday 20th June 2018

HSBlox Unveils Healthcare Blockchain Referral Management Solution

HSBlox, a technology company that is bringing innovation and transparent economics to the healthcare ecosystem, today announced the launch of its Advanced Referral Manager (ARM) solution, which utilizes blockchain technology to automate the referral administration process, resulting in decreased network leakage, time and money savings for payers and providers, and enhanced patient care. Current ...

Off-the-Shelf Hospital Apps: What Product Developers Do & Don’t Care About

There’s definitely something tempting about out-of-the-box software products, no matter their type or industry. Their costs are always definite, as you pay for the already complete development processes. They give you the solution you need in a matter of a few days instead of months. What’s more, you don’t have to spend time and efforts ... Read More

Capturing Patient Experience: Current Challenges & Future Needs Report

Today’s healthcare organizations (HCOs) are under increasing pressure to develop effective models for capturing patient experience data for quality performance scores, as the recent CMS 2019 policy changes made clear when they adjusted the weightings for Star Ratings measures. This in turn is motivating executives to gather data about the patient experience in real-time and ... Read More

Medalogix Deploys New Predictive Analytics Predictive Analytics for Home Health Utilization

Nashville-based healthcare data science company, Medalogix, announced today its newest product, Medalogix Care. This home health utilization management solution leverages predictive analytics and optimization technology to provide guidance on patient care plans to healthcare providers, based on the historical analysis of millions of patient records, care plans and outcomes.  The announcement co...

Tuesday 19th June 2018

Allscripts Taps MedAware to Eliminate Prescription-based Medication Errors

MedAware has been selected by Allscripts patient safety and save lives. This is significant as new interoperability challenges arise created by an all-digital healthcare system.  In the US alone, 1.5 million prescription errors per year result in injury or death. Nearly every organization has an EHR and physicians are being bombarded by huge stores of patient data. Allscripts has selecte...

DrChrono EHR Integrates with Square to Enable Physician Payment Processing

DrChrono Inc., the company enabling the medical practice of the future, today announced a new integration with Square that incorporates payment processing into the DrChrono EHR cloud-based platform, enabling physicians to collect patient payments much faster and more easily.   The DrChrono/Square integration enables medical practices to accept and save a patient’s debit and credit ... Read More

Mayo Clinic to Explore Use Cases of Blockchain-based EHRs

Medicalchain, a UK-based startup using blockchain technology to secure store EHRs securely has signed a joint development agreement with Mayo Clinic to explore the value of blockchain in healthcare. As part of the joint development agreement, both organizations will work together to develop use cases utilizing blockchain-based EHRs. This agreement comes after months of discussions ... Read More

Partners Healthcare Taps Circulation to Bring On-Demand Medical Transportation to Patients

Circulation Health, a on-demand medical transportation exchange that coordinates transportation logistics for health organizations, today announced an agreement with Partners Healthcare, an integrated, not-for-profit health system with facilities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. As part of the collaboration, Partners will utilize Circulation’s on-demand ride technology, which interfaces ...

Roche Acquires Rest of Foundational Medicine for $2.4B to Enhance Precision Medicine

Roche, today announced it has acquire all of the outstanding shares in Foundation Medicine that is not already owned by Roche and its affiliates for $2.4B, representing $137 per share. Together, the companies will leverage expertise in genomics and molecular information to enhance the development of perdsonalized medicines and care for patients with cancer. Foundation Medicine, ... Read More

Qardio Integrates Remote Monitoring Solution with Greenway Health EHR Solution

Qardio, today announced it has remote monitoring platform, QardioMD is integrated with Greenway Health’s electronic health record (EHR) and practice management solutions. QardioMD platform offers Qardio’s medical grade products and remote monitoring solutions to doctors, to help manage their patients’ health more efficiently while making billing for such care easier. The QardioMD remote moni...

5 Telltale Signs Your Revenue Cycle Management May Need Outside Help

David Gallegos from Change Healthcare discusses 5 signs an organization should consider partnering with an outside partner to support their revenue cycle management (RCM).  Are your revenue cycle management (RCM) staff and resources being stretched with the day-to-day challenges required to orchestrate claims, stay on top of regulatory changes and track payments? Are you trying to ... Read More

7 Reasons Why Claims Data Cannot Drive Patient Health Improvements

With the Department of Health and Human Services’ decision to tie 90 percent of Medicare payments to value based models by this year, we can expect organizations to move even faster toward streamlining their population health management programs. But a survey from Managed Healthcare Executive notes that only 12% of survey respondents say their organization is using data “very ... Read ...

Rock Health Expands to Life Sciences with ZS Partnership

ZS, a global provider of life sciences consulting and technology solutions has inked a partnership with digital health-focused venture fund Rock Health to bring the latest innovations to its life sciences expertise. Rock Health’s partners span the healthcare spectrum, from leading health systems to payers, manufacturers and industry advocates, all focused on removing barriers and ... Read Mo...

University Hospitals Taps 2bPrecise to Deliver Genomic Insights

University Hospitals, today announced it, has selected the 2bPrecise® platform to bring genomic data into the clinical workflow, impacting patient care in both acute and ambulatory settings. The 2bPrecise platform is an offering from 2bPrecise LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Allscripts. University Hospitals (UH) serves the needs of patients through an integrated network of ... Read More

Monday 18th June 2018

The State of Value-based Care in 2018: 10 Key Trends to Know

Value-based care is bending the healthcare cost curve, reducing unnecessary medical costs 5.6% on average while improving care quality and patient engagement—effectively starting to achieve the long-sought triple aim. Despite easing or ending of federal mandates, commercial lines of business are investing in value-based innovation, accelerating the decline of pure fee-for-service faster than pre...

DreaMed Diabetes Granted FDA Approval for Personalized Diabetes Decision Support Solution

DreaMed Diabetes, an Israeli-based developer of personalized diabetes management solutions, today announced that the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted a De Novo request for DreaMed Advisor Pro, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based diabetes treatment decision support software. Advisor Pro is indicated to assist healthcare providers in the management of people with type 1 ... Read ...

IlumiCare Integrates with Epic EMR to Improve Clinical Decision Making

IllumiCare, a pioneer in point-of-care healthcare information technology, announces today integrations with multiple health systems using the Epic electronic medical record (EMR). IllumiCare’s Smart Ribbon® technology currently runs in 22 hospitals using Epic, with additional facilities being added. IllumiCare offers an EMR-agnostic ribbon of information that unobtrusively puts the wholesale co...

Deloitte Integrates Patient Engagement Solution with Apple to Improve Adherence to Treatment Plans

Deloitte, today announced it has integrated its ConvergeHEALTH Patient Connect product with Apple HealthKit, CareKit and ResearchKit frameworks, enabling patients to improve adherence to treatment plans while supporting connectivity to clinical research. This is the latest in a series of innovative additions to the ConvergeHEALTH product portfolio. ConvergeHEALTH is a group of products engi...

Why Understanding Your Patients’ Emotions Is Key to Improving Patient Experience

Understanding your patients’ emotions is the key to improve your healthcare business’ performance. It can show you on what fronts you’re lacking and guide you to find ways to improve upon those fronts. The process used to understand patients’ emotions is called patient sentiment analysis. It can help your healthcare business to not only perform ... Read More

Why Understanding Your Patients’ Emotions Is Key to The Patient Experience

Understanding your patients’ emotions is the key to improve your healthcare business’ performance. It can show you on what fronts you’re lacking and guide you to find ways to improve upon those fronts. The process used to understand patients’ emotions is called patient sentiment analysis. It can help your healthcare business to not only perform ... Read More

New Jersey Invests $1.5M for ED Tracking Tool to Monitor Opioid Prescriptions Statewide

NJHA and its HRET announce a $1.5 million investment to roll out Collective Medical to hospitals statewide to better monitor opioid prescriptions.   As opioid overdoses continue to claim more lives, the New Jersey Hospital Association and its Health Research and Educational Trust announce a $1.5 million investment in an emergency department tracking tool for ... Read More

Report: Digital Health Market to Reach $379B by 2024

Digital health market is expected to reach $379B, representing to register a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 26% over 2017-2024, according to a recent Global Market Insights report. The recent decades have witnessed an augmented development in terms of technology – a trend that has propelled digital health market to traverse a path of ... Read More

Friday 15th June 2018

CAQH Index: Healthcare Claims Automation Could Save Industry $11B Annually

The U.S. healthcare industry made a modest amount of progress in healthcare claims automation, but a significant opportunity to save $11.1 billion annually remains, according to new data released today in the fifth annual CAQH Index. The report shows increased use of some manual transactions – primarily via web portals – resulting in a reversal ... Read More

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