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Saturday 18th August 2018

Regeneron Scores New Approval for Eylea Four Days After an FDA Rejection

Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Opdivo Gets New Approval for Lung Cancer Indication

President Trump Urges DOJ to Take Stronger Action Against Some Opioid Manufacturers

Teva Snags FDA Approval for Generic EpiPen

Novo Nordisk Acquires Ziylo in Possible $800 Million-Plus Deal

Friday 17th August 2018

Top Chinese Regulators Fired in Wake of Vaccine Scandal

Genentech Cuts 223 Jobs at its Bay Area HQ

August 17 Research Roundup: Glaucoma, Lung Cancer, Migraines and Spaghetti

Wednesday 15th August 2018

Given a Death Sentence, ALS Patients Wait for Potential Disease Cure

ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects neurons in the brain and the spinal cord. The disease is usually fatal within two to five years of diagnosis. While there is no cure for the disease, multiple companies are working on treatments hoping to be the first to provide a viable...

From Menopausal Nuns to Israeli Biotech: Israel’s BTG Developed First Genetically Modified Hormon...

It’s been a while since FSH was manufactured using the urine of menopausal nuns. But now, an Israeli company, Bio-Technology General (BTG), owned by Italian company Ferring Pharmaceuticals, has developed a genetically-engineered version of FSH that can be personalized to improve the odds of a pat...

Tuesday 14th August 2018

PhRMA Releases Annual Survey, Shows Highest R&D Spending Ever

The industry group PhRMA released its 2018 PhRMA member annual survey along with the 2018 Biopharmaceutical Research Industry Profile. Among the findings was that overall research-and-development spending was at an all-time high in 2017, hitting $71.4 billion, up from $65.5 billion in 2016 and fr...

They Stole My Idea! What to Do When Your Boss Takes Credit for Your Work

You’ve done the research, had a great idea, and worked hard to make it a success. However, when the time comes to address the achievement with others in the organization, your boss takes the credit!

Here's Five Vaccines to Keep Your Eye on

On a dollar-for-dollar basis, vaccines have probably had a greater positive effect on global health than any other medical advancement, except possibly antibiotics. Yet as a whole, it’s an area that pharma companies tend to not spend a lot of resources on. But there are still many companies that ...

Karuna Pharmaceuticals Names Sage Founder and Eli Lilly Vet Steven Paul as its New CEO

Days after it closed on a $42 million Series A funding round, Karuna Pharmaceuticals has named a new chief executive officer. The company appointed industry veteran and founder of Sage Therapeutics Steven Paul as its new top officer.

Express Scripts Eyes Expanding Coverage of Million Dollar-Plus Gene Therapies

Express Scripts is already known for its role of bringing prescriptions to the doors of consumers. Now the company is moving into a new area of providing medicines—expensive gene therapies.

RXi Pharma Inks Research Deal with Sweden’s Karolinska Institute

RXi Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in Marlborough, Mass., signed a research collaboration deal with Sweden’s Karolinska Institute. They will work to develop cancer therapies using RXi’s sd-rxRNA compounds against targets involved in T-cell and NK cell differentiation.

Gilead CMO Departs, Company Reorganizes Leadership

Foster City, Calif.-based Gilead Sciences reorganized some of its executive leadership team after it was announced that Chief Medical Officer Andrew Cheng is leaving the company to pursue other opportunities.

Elephant “Zombie Gene” May Explain Why They Rarely Get Cancer

Generally speaking, the larger the animal, the more cells they have, the more likely they are to get cancer. The longer an animal lives, even if that animal is a human being, the higher the likelihood of cancer. Except elephants. Elephants rarely get cancer.

J&J Reports Positive Phase III Data for its Two-Drug HIV Combo

Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies from Johnson & Johnson, confirmed topline data from its Phase III Antiretroviral Therapy as Long-Acting Suppression (ATLAS) trial of its two-drug combination for HIV.

Taking a Look at Trends in Biotherapeutics

It’s not easy to predict trends in drugs, especially with breakthroughs in immunology and genetic engineering often causing dramatic changes in how biopharma companies approach new drugs.

Monday 13th August 2018

Bayer AG Teams Up with Evotec and Haplogen Amidst Monsanto Litigation Loss

Evotec AG and Haplogen GmbH have been long-term collaboration partners. The companies announced that Haplogen will enter into a multi-year drug discovery and development deal with Bayer AG to focus on pulmonary diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Sigilon Taps Bioverativ Veteran as New CEO After Paul Wotton Steps Aside Due To Family Matters

A little more than one year after Flagship Pioneering launched Sigilon Therapeutics, the company has a new chief executive officer. This morning Sigilon announced Bioverativ veteran Rogerio Vivaldi will helm the Cambridge, Mass.-based company.

Sigilon Taps Bioverativ Veteran as New CEO After Paul Wotten Steps Aside Due To Family Matters

A little more than one year after Flagship Pioneering launched Sigilon Therapeutics, the company has a new chief executive officer. This morning Sigilon announced Bioverativ veteran Rogerio Vivaldi will helm the Cambridge, Mass.-based company.

Mustang Bio and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to Work on Gene Therapy Together

Mustang Bio and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital have signed an exclusive worldwide license deal to develop a first-in-class lentiviral gene therapy for X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (X-SCID).

Threatened by Cyber Attacks, Pharma Invests in Security Measures

Western government agencies have been warning of an increase in cyber espionage from nefarious black hats and governments for years. The targets have typically been government and financial installations. But a new warning suggests that biotechnology could be a key target for cyber hackers.

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