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Monday 21st May 2018

Approved! FDA gives Dova Pharma’s Doptelet a Thumbs Up

Dova Pharmaceuticals announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved its Doptelet (avatrombopag) to treat thrombocytopenia in adults with chronic liver disease scheduled to undergo a procedure.

Sesen Bio Shares Plunge Despite Reporting Positive Interim Phase III Results

Shares of newly dubbed Sesen Bio (formerly Eleven Biotherapeutics) have plunged 23 percent after the company released positive, three-month data from its ongoing Phase III high-grade non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) trial.

Significant Bloc of AstraZeneca Shareholders Reject Executive Remuneration Plan

AstraZeneca has a problem. Not with its pipeline, but with the way a significant chunk of shareholders views its executive pay program.

uniQure, Bioverativ Unveil Positive Data for Hemophilia B and Hemophilia A Patients

Hemophilia B patients have some good news to cheer. Data suggests that uniQure’s AAV5 gene therapy may be viable treatments for 97 percent of patients. However, uniQure wasn’t the only company touting positive news in the treatment of hemophilia.

Crowdsource Funding to Launch a Biotech: Is it as Crazy as it Sounds?

The typical way for a biotech to launch is for a scientist, often academia-based, to have come up with a discovery that shows commercial promise—sometimes rather far down the line. Venture capital (VC) firms are on the alert for this type of thing (and vice versa).

Sunday 20th May 2018

CEOs, Directors and Other Senior Executives Tapped by Biotech

Pharma and biotech companies across the globe continued to expand and reshape their leadership teams with new hires this past week. BioSpace collected several announced leadership appointments, which includes new chief executive officers, new members to boards of directors and more.

Drum Roll, Please! Top 10 Bestselling Drugs in the U.S.

Biopharma is big business and anyone who doubts that—unlikely—only needs to look at the revenue figures of the top drugs.

U.K. Prime Minister Calls for Expanding Use of AI in Cancer Diagnostics

Prime Minister Theresa May continues to push for growth in the United Kingdom’s pharma sector. Today she called for expanding the role of artificial intelligence in the diagnosis process for cancer.

Rain Therapeutics Closes on a $18.4 Million Series A

Rain Therapeutics, headquartered in Fremont, California, closed on a tranched Series A financing of $18.4 million.

AstraZeneca Finally Scores Approval for Hyperkalemia Treatment Gained from ZS Pharma Deal

The third time is the charm for AstraZeneca and its hyperkalemia treatment that has been dogged by manufacturing issues. After multiple rejections, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration finally gave its approval for the treatment.

FDA Action Alert: 4 Companies with FDA Decisions This Week

There are several companies facing decisions by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this upcoming week. However, it should be noted that because the upcoming weekend is the Memorial Day holiday in the United States, some of these decisions may be made before their dates to avoid the holid...

Avenue Therapeutics’ IV Tramadol Shows Stellar Data in Phase III

Avenue Therapeutics, announced its Phase III clinical trial of IV tramadol hit its primary endpoint of statistically significant improvement.

GSK Unveils Positive Long-Term Nucala Data for Patients with Severe Asthma

This weekend GSK unveiled long-term data that showed that one-third of patients treated with Nucala (mepolizumab) experienced no asthma-related exacerbations during the study.

Nabriva Therapeutics' New Antibiotic Shows Promise in Phase III Trial of Bacterial Pneumonia

Nabriva Therapeutics reported positive topline results from its Phase III clinical trial of oral lefamulin compared to oral moxifloxacin in adults with moderate community-acquired bacterial pneumonia (CABP).

HIV Vaccine Awareness: 2018 Has So Far Seen the Approval of Three New HIV Drugs

As another HIV Vaccine Awareness Day slides by on the calendar, there is still no cure for the disease. However, many pharma and biotech companies are desperately working on developing therapeutics for the devastating disease.

Drumroll, Please! Top 10 Bestselling Drugs in the U.S.

Biopharma is big business and anyone who doubts that—unlikely—only needs to look at the revenue figures of the top drugs.

Genentech’s Hemlibra Significantly Reduces Bleeding in Late-Stage Hemophilia Studies

Genentech’s hemophilia treatment Hemlibra continues to demonstrate its efficacy in treating patients. New late-stage data presented at World Federation of Hemophilia 2018 World Congress shows the drug significantly reduced treated bleeds in a broad patient population in two separate studies.

Thursday 17th May 2018

FDA Approves Amgen and Novartis Migraine Drug Aimovig, Expected to Be Ready for Patients in 1 Week

Amgen and Novartis scored a big win in the migraine market late Thursday when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Aimovig (erenumab-aooe) for the preventive treatment of migraine in adults.

Novo Nordisk and UC San Francisco Pushing Toward a Diabetes Cure

Danish company Novo Nordisk is a leader in diabetes treatment, but this week announced it was upping its commitment to stem-cell-based therapies and expanding its focus.

Retailers File Lawsuit Against Allergan over Restasis Patents

Allergan has gone to great lengths to defend the patents for its blockbuster dry-eye drug Restasis and it looks like the company will have to head back to court again.

On World IBD Day Biotech Companies Continue to Develop IBD Treatments

On May 19 every year the people who are afflicted with IBD disorders unite across the globe to raise awareness of the disease and urge governments and healthcare systems to continue to focus on the development of necessary treatments.

Accent Therapeutics Launches with $40 Million: Focus on RNA-Modifying Proteins

Accent Therapeutics, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, closed on a $40 million Series A financing. Accent will focus on the fairly new area of epitranscriptomics.

Another One Bites the Dust: J&J Kills Early Alzheimer’s Program

Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen division has decided to end its trials of atabacestat, a BACE inhibitor, for Alzheimer’s disease.

Jennifer Lawrence-led Theranos Movie Biopic Snags ‘Shape of Water’ Writer

As the end looms near for the embattled Theranos and founder Elizabeth Holmes, there has been new movement with the addition of a noted screenwriter for the planned film about the rise and fall of the beleaguered medtech company.

There Are Other Places to Form Biotech Companies than Boston or San Francisco

Although it may be almost heresy to say it to venture capitalists and many research scientists, there are other places in the U.S. to form biotech companies than San Francisco and Boston.

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