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Sunday 14th October 2018

Study Reveals Hidden (Potentially Dangerous) Pharmaceuticals May Be Found in OTC Supplements

A new study published Friday in JAMA reports that many dietary supplements consumed by people in the United States contain unapproved pharmaceutical ingredients in the over-the-counter products that pose a health risk for unsuspecting consumers.

Innovent Biologics Plans Hong Kong IPO to Raise $423 Million, Despite Global Downturn

China’s Innovent Biologics reportedly is continuing with its plans to raise $423 million in its Hong Kong IPO. If so, it would be the biggest biotech IPO out of Hong Kong this year.

Harvard, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Seek Retraction of 31 Articles With Falsified Data

Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital are leading the call to remove the papers from the lab of Dr. Piero Anversa, a pioneer in the field of cardiac research.

NIH Awards Grant to Battle Sepsis to San Diego's Allele Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences, part of the National Institutes of Health, awarded Allele Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals a Small Business Innovative Research grant to develop therapies for sepsis.

Depression Awareness Month: Ketamine Clinics Put Not-Always Flattering Spotlight on Treatment

Depression affects almost 20 million Americans yearly and major depressive disorders affect nearly 300 million people worldwide. The annual market for these disorders is approximately $83 billion.

With Opioid Abuse in Mind, FDA Advisory Committee Recommends AcelRx's Opioid Dsuvia

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Anesthetic and Analgesic Drug Products Advisory Committee voted to recommend AcelRx Pharmaceuticals’ Dsuvia to manage moderate-to-severe pain.

Up-and-Coming Automation Company Berkeley Lights Raises $95 Million

Berkeley Lights calls itself a digital cell biology company. It develops and markets tech platforms for what it calls “the intersection of biology, technology and information.”

BioSpace Movers and Shakers for Oct. 15

Who mixed things up in the biotech world this past week?

10 Questions an Employer Should Never Ask You in the Job Interview

You likely know that there are some types of questions that are off-limits in a job interview, but did you also know that many of these are basically illegal?

Thursday 11th October 2018

Using Lab-Grown Retinas, Researchers Take Steps Toward Curing Colorblindness

Researchers at Johns Hopkins, the University of California, San Diego, and the National Institute of Mental Health grew retinas in petri dishes, and discovered fundamental factors involved in the development of vision and color vision.

BMS' Opdivo Flounders in Phase III Trial for Small Cell Lung Cancer

Bristol-Myers Squibb’s blockbuster checkpoint inhibitor Opdivo failed to meet endpoints as a treatment option for small cell lung cancer (SCLC) patients who relapsed following platinum-based chemotherapy.

After FDA Advisory Committee Rejection, Trevena Now Faces a Class Action Lawsuit

Things seem to have gone from bad to worse for Pennsylvania-based Trevena, Inc. This week the company saw a U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory committee reject its intravenous pain treatment and now a class action lawsuit filed against the company claims Trevena executives have misled inv...

Bay State Life Sciences Companies Offer Strong Incentives Packages to Woo New Hires

For those looking for work, it’s good to know that some positions are in such demand that employers are falling all over themselves to offer hiring incentives. That’s the case with the biotech sector in Massachusetts, as many companies are dangling almost unheard-of benefits as incentives.

A Look Inside New MS Data With Biogen’s Medical Director of Clinical Development

There is a lot of anticipated excitement for multiple sclerosis treatments unveiled by Biogen at the 34th Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in MS in Berlin.

Global Biopharma Companies Top Forbes' List of World's Best Employers

Forbes came out with its ranking of the World’s Best Employers 2018, with Alphabet, Google’s umbrella company, ranking at the very top worldwide. A number of global biopharmaceutical companies ranked high on the list. Here’s the top 10 in that category.

How to Reach Your Goals at Work Despite Negative Nancy

“That can never be done.” “We’ve tried that already.” “Those plans always fail around here.” “We’re smart, and have already thought of everything.” Those are just a few of the statements you might hear from a “Negative Nancy” at work

Chinese Pharma Companies Continue to Shake Hands With Western Partners

Brii Biosciences is one of many China-based companies that are heavily investing in U.S. biotech and pharmaceutical companies to support the development of programs that could come back to China for approval.

October 12 Research Roundup: Alzheimer’s, CRISPR, Breast Cancer and Global Warming

There are plenty of great scientific research stories out this week. Here’s a look at just a few of them.

Wednesday 10th October 2018

Updated: BioSpace's List of Q4 2018 Life Sciences IPOs

A summary of IPOs from companies in the biotech and pharma world since Oct. 1, 2018.

Scientists Create Human Eggs Using Stem Cells from Blood for the First Time

In a monumental new breakthrough, scientists in Japan have created an immature human egg using stem cells that were created from blood cells. While immature human eggs have been successfully created in the lab before, this marks the first time that researchers have been able to do it using human ...

CVS and Aetna Cleared for Merger as Companies Tighten Leadership Roles

The U.S. Department of Justice has given preliminary approval for CVS’ $69 billion acquisition of Aetna after Aetna divested its Medicare Part D business.

Ionis and Roche Ink Deal Worth More than $700 Million for Dry AMD Treatment Collaboration

Ionis Pharmaceuticals is on a roll. Days after securing regulatory approval from the FDA for Tegsedi, the company inked a deal worth more than $700 million with pharma giant Roche to develop IONIS-FB-L for the treatment of complement-mediated diseases.

Trump Signs FTC Law That Allows for Biosimilar Scrutiny

President Donald Trump signed a bill into law yesterday that requires pharmaceutical companies to provide details of biosimilar deals to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for antitrust scrutiny.

NIH's Undiagnosed Diseases Network Identifies 31 New Syndromes

Examples of new syndromes include hypotonia, ataxia, and delayed development syndrome (HADDS) and Sashi-Pena syndrome (SHAPNS).

Focused on Off-the-Shelf CAR-T, Allogene Therapeutics Hits the Nasdaq at $18 Per Share

Allogene Therapeutics began trading on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange today under the ALLO ticker. The price was at the top of its range, $18 per share. The company plans to raise $288 million with the sale of about 16 million shares.

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