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Wednesday 14th November 2018

UTA Researchers Find Cheaper, Less Energy-Intensive Way to Purify Ethylene

NewsEthylene is the raw material for widely used plastics, industrial compounds.Contributed Author: 

Catalent to Open Second Clinical Supply Facility in China

NewsCatalent announced its plans to invest $2.5 million in a new, second clinical supply facility in Shanghai, China, due to open in early 2019.

Tuesday 13th November 2018

New Research Center Based in Minnesota to Explore Spintronics Materials for Advanced Computing

NewsThe University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering announced that it will lead a new $10.3 million Center for Spintronic Materials in Advanced Information Technologies.

Optimization of Alloy Materials: Diffusion Processes in Nano Particles Decoded

NewsAluminium alloys have unique material properties and are indispensable materials in aircraft manufacturing and space technology.Contrib

First Microarrayed 3D Neuronal Culture Platform Developed

NewsShedding light on neural regeneration mechanism by recognizing subtle variation in the gradient profiles of guidance molecules.Contributed Author:&nb

Pressure Helps to Make Better Li-Ion Batteries

NewsRechargeable Li-ion batteries are crucial parts for home electronics and portable devices such as cell phones and laptops. Contributed Author: 

Stealth-Cap Technology for Light-Emitting Nanoparticles

NewsA team of scientists has succeeded in significantly increasing the stability and biocompatibility of special light-transducing nanoparticles.Contributed Au

Moths and Magnets Could Save Lives

NewsExperimental Rice University therapy could repair mutations that cause genetic diseases.Contributed Author: 

Scientists Improve Smart Phone Battery Life By Up to 60 Percent

NewsComputer scientists have developed a way to drastically improve the battery-life of mobile devices.Contributed Author: 

Only a Few Days Left! Speak at the 2019 Lab Design Conference

NewsAre you interested in speaking at this prestigious event? HURRY, the application deadline is almost here!Staff Author: 

Sensor Sniffs Out Armpit Odor

NewsIn a quest for penny-priced plastic sensors, researchers are demonstrating a stripped-down form of machine learning.Contributed Author: 

Graphene Takes Care of Wastewater Stink

NewsGraphene could reduce odor and corrosion in wastewater network.Contributed Author: 

AstraZeneca to Divest U.S. Synagis Rights to Sobi

NewsAstraZeneca sells U.S. rights to RSV therapy Synagis to Sobi for $1.5 billion upfront. Contributed Author: 

New Method Converts Sewage into Energy Using Purple Bacteria

ArticleResearchers have finally found a way to derive energy from household sewage and industrial wastewater using purple phototrophic bacteria as a “battery.”

New Finding of Particle Physics May Help to Explain the Absence of Antimatter

NewsIn the Standard Model of particle physics, there is almost no difference between matter and antimatter. Contributed Author: 

Distinguishing a Graphene Flake from a Graphene Fake

NewsResearchers offer a new solution in the fight against fake graphene.Contributed Author: 

Rising Sea Levels May Build, Rather Than Destroy, Coral Reef Islands

NewsRising global sea levels may actually be beneficial to the long-term future of coral reef islands, such as the Maldives.Contributed Author: 

Obesity Both Feeds Tumors, Helps Immunotherapy Kill Cancer

NewsThe paradoxical findings give cancer doctors important new information when choosing drugs and other treatments for cancer patients.

Anti-Cancer Drugs to be Delivered Directly to Cells by Magnetic Nanospring Capsules

NewsScientists obtained nanosprings that may be used to develop nanorobots and targeted drug delivery agents.

Study Suggests Diabetes Medication Improves Heart Structure

NewsEmpagliflozin has important effects that can improve cardiac structure in people with Type 2 diabetes who also have heart disease.Contributed A

Computer Chips Cool Down with Laser Metal Printing

NewsThe design will save energy and reduce toxic electronic waste — welcome news for data centers, gamers, and anyone with high-end electronics.Contri

Light Detected in a Different Dimension

NewsElectrically conductive polymer nanostructures that are many times longer than they are wide make graphene a better light detector.Contributed Autho

Spread of Deadly Eye Cancer Halted in Cells, Animals

NewsThe new findings offer a tempting target for treating the most common eye cancer in children -- retinoblastoma -- that originates in the retina.

How Deady Pneumococcus Avoids Immune Defenses

NewsScientists have discovered a new and important function of a toxin that could have significant implications for future vaccine design.

A Novel Strategy to Potentially Reduce Breast Cancer Bone Metastasis

NewsUncovering a novel mechanism that promotes growth of breast cancer bone metastasis has revealed a potential Achilles' heel for these cancer cells.

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