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Thursday 22nd February 2018

Patients to benefit from new brain cancer research funding boost

Press release Brain tumour research in the UK is set to be revolutionised with £45 million in funding by the Department of Health and Social Care and Cancer Research UK. In a bid to deliver a “step change” in survival rates, the Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced that an estimated £20 million in funding will be invested through the National Institute for Health Res...

Wednesday 21st February 2018

100,000 Genomes Project hits halfway milestone

News report An NHS research project to uncover the genetic causes of cancers and rare diseases has reached the halfway mark. Since the project began in 2012, 40,000 people have had their complete genetic code – or genome – read.  As each person gives two samples, the project has now hit 50,000 of its target 100,000 genomes read. "We need the Government to ensure that patients have access t...

Tuesday 20th February 2018

Improving how we evaluate research: how we’re implementing DORA

Research Feature At CRUK, we spend more than £380 million of our donors’ money on research each year. We work hard to make sure we fund the highest quality projects which will have the greatest possible impact on beating cancer, and we’ve been improving how we assess research applications. As signatories to the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), we’re committed to assessing the q...

Cancer Research UK appoints leading expert to help accelerate advancements in clinical research

Press release Cancer Research UK announces the appointment of Dr James Larkin as a new Senior Clinical Advisor in clinical research, today. “My focus in this new role will be to ensure the best clinical trials are being run to speed up progress in research and improve treatments for patients." - Dr James Larkin Dr Larkin’s new role aims to accelerate the progress of the charity’s clinica...

Saturday 17th February 2018

News digest – ‘Ultra-processed’ foods, clinical trials boost, ovarian cancer risk and… tiny DNA robots?

This week's news features over-egged claims of a cancer vaccine and fears over suggested links between ‘ultra-processed’ foods and cancer.

Friday 16th February 2018

Breast cancer relapse tests vary in accuracy

News report Branded tests designed to predict if breast cancer will come back vary in accuracy, according to a new study.  Four tests differed in their ability to predict if breast cancer would return 0-10 or 5-10 years after diagnosis.  “This could help patients and their doctors decide on the best course of treatment." – Professor Arnie Purushotham, Cancer Research UK Lead researcher D...

10 health hacks to help cut cancer risk

Science blog We’ve been asking people to share their tips and tricks to make being healthy just a little bit easier. Not smoking, keeping a healthy weight, cutting back on booze, eating a healthy diet and being more active are all important components of a healthy lifestyle. And they could all cut cancer risk. But sometimes we need a little nudge to get us on our way. Here are our favourite ...

Thursday 15th February 2018

Drugs approved in Scotland for bladder and skin cancers

News report Two new cancer drugs have been approved for use on the NHS in Scotland.  Pembrolizumab (Keytruda) was approved for advanced bladder cancer, and Ameluz was approved to treat a type of skin cancer.  "This decision offers another treatment option for some patients with this devastating disease.” – Gregor McNie, Cancer Research UK Gregor McNie, Cancer Research UK’s head of exte...

Wednesday 14th February 2018

Cancer Research UK to invest £45 million in clinical trials

Press release Cancer Research UK has announced that £45 million will be invested into its network of clinical trials units across the UK, one of the charity’s largest investments in clinical research to date. “Our clinical research enables us to translate discoveries from the lab in order to improve cancer diagnostics and treatments, giving more patients the best chance of beating their d...

Saturday 10th February 2018

News digest – aspirin to prevent cancer, e-cigarettes, burning hot tea and… asparagus?

Science blog Years of research has pointed to aspirin as a potential way to prevent cancer. But there are still unanswered questions around its safety. That’s why we announced an exciting new project to answer these final questions. The Express has the details. E-cig

Friday 9th February 2018

Apalutamide delays spread of certain prostate cancers in trial

News report An experimental hormone therapy delays the spread of prostate cancer that has stopped responding to standard treatment, according to new clinical trial results. The drug, called apalutamide, reduced the risk of either the cancer spreading or death by over 70%. Patients taking apalutamide lived without their cancer spreading (metastasis) for over three years on average, compared to 1...

Scans could help tailor pancreatic cancer treatment

News report Doctors should use a specialised type of scan to help decide if patients with pancreatic cancer may benefit from surgery, according to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). New guidance from NICE says a PET-CT scan should be used early in the process of diagnosing pancreatic cancer. It is thought that the scans will give doctors more accurate information on h...

Sharon Hodgson MP: NHS cancer staff shortages should be ‘top government priority’

We asked Sharon Hodgson, Labour MP and the Shadow Minister for Public Health, what the Labour Party wants to do to tackle cancer.

Thursday 8th February 2018

Steve Brine MP: Government’s ambition is ‘best cancer outcomes in the world’

We asked Steve Brine, Conservative MP and the Minister for Public Health, how the Government plans to tackle cancer.

Wednesday 7th February 2018

Manipulating a mouse’s diet can stop breast cancer spreading

Science blog If you’ve not heard of asparagine, you might be able to guess what this molecule is named after: the humble asparagus, because this veg – and a number of other foods – contains lots of the stuff. Asparagine is an amino acid. These are the building blocks for proteins that keep our cells working. While asparagine is an important part of many different proteins in the body, it ...

Misconceptions about e-cigarette safety might be stopping smokers using them to quit

Public Health England has released its latest report on e-cigarettes - here are 4 things you need to know.

Tuesday 6th February 2018

Major research project launched to crack aspirin's anti-cancer properties

Press release Cancer Research UK launches an international study to answer the final questions before aspirin could be recommended to reduce cancer risk. “This is a wonderful opportunity to finally answer the questions that stand in the way of aspirin being more widely used to cut cancer risk." - Professor Jack Cuzick  Studies have estimated that widespread use of low-dose aspirin could lea...

Saturday 3rd February 2018

News digest – cancer survival, breast cancer drug, cancer jab trials, and… vaping

Vaping as well as cancer survival stats were in the news this week. We take a look behind the headlines in our roundup.

Friday 2nd February 2018

Breast cancer death rate down 10% in just five years

Press release Breast cancer mortality rates have fallen by 10% in five years, according to the latest analysis released by Cancer Research UK ahead of World Cancer Day tomorrow (Sunday).* “It’s fantastic to see research saving lives right now, with the rate of women dying from breast cancer dropping year on year." - Sir Harpal Kumar In 2015, 35 women out of every 100,000 in the UK died from...

Breast cancer drug approved for NHS in England

News report A drug for certain types of breast cancer has been approved for the NHS in England. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) issued its final decision, recommending pertuzumab (Perjeta) for some women with breast cancer. The drug previously had to be accessed through the Cancer Drugs Fund. Emlyn Samuel from Cancer Research UK said the decision was good news and t...

Wednesday 31st January 2018

NHS radiotherapy changes could see more patients having modern treatment

Science blog This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series Radiotherapy Part eight of our radiotherapy series explores how the NHS gets radiotherapy to patients. Right now, some cancer patients are missing out on modern radiotherapy. A new NHS England plan could change that. Each of the UK nations manages the way it gives radiotherapy to patients differently. In England, 52 radiotherapy centres provi...

Cancer survival improving globally, but UK lagging behind

News report Cancer survival is increasing across the globe, according to a new study.   But there are wide variations between countries, and the UK is lagging behind comparable nations for many common cancers.  “Inadequate or unreliable data prevent governments from understanding the true nature and magnitude of the public

Tuesday 30th January 2018

Headlines saying ‘vaping might cause cancer’ are wildly misleading

Science blog E-cigarettes are in the news again. This time with headlines that they may cause cancer. But the study that the stories are based on, published in the journal PNAS, doesn’t show this. What did the study do? Researchers from New York University School of Medicine looked at how e-cigarette vap

Sunday 28th January 2018

Millennials shun face-to-face conversations for online chats

Press release Millennials are shunning face-to-face conversations, preferring to chat online according to research released today by Cancer Research UK’s World Cancer Day campaign.  44% of 18-24 year olds said they felt more comfortable using social media, messaging apps and online to talk to people they didn’t know, with only 37% feeling more comfortable speaking face to face. This compar...

Saturday 27th January 2018

News digest – Tessa Jowell, cervical screening ‘embarrassment’, modified flu virus and… monkey clones?

In the news this week: Women don’t turn up to smear tests due to embarrassment and Tessa Jowell spoke about her brain tumour diagnosis and the importance of research.

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