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Friday 18th January 2019

Gene Responsible for Spread of Prostate Cancer Identified

NewsA study has found that a specific gene in cancerous prostate tumors indicates when patients are at high-risk for the cancer to spread, suggesting that targeting this gene can help patients live longer.

Which Animals Will Win, Lose in a Warming Antarctic?

NewsMarine Antarctic animals closely associated with sea ice for food or breeding, such the humpback whale and emperor penguin, are most at risk from the predicted effects of climate change.

Experts Push the Boundaries of 3-D Microscopy

NewsTwo newly developed methods will help researchers to study the 3-D structure of complex surfaces and of individual neurons better than ever before.

Saturn Spent Billions of Years Without Its Rings

News Saturn may have flown solo for billions of years—almost its entire existence—before getting its stunning set of rings, a new study suggests.Contr

Cheering on a Potential Diabetes Drug From Bench to Bedside

NewsScientists have developed a promising compound that targets a protein well-known to be implicated in type 2 diabetes, which proved to be safe and effective in a phase 2 clinical trial of 190 type 2 diabetes patients.

Any Amount of Physical Activity Cuts Health Risks From Sitting

NewsA new study found that swapping a half-hour of sitting around with physical activity of any intensity or duration cut the risk of early death,

High-speed Supernova Reveals Earliest Moments of a Dying Star

NewsAn international team of scientists have found evidence for the existence of a 'hot cocoon' of material enveloping a relativistic jet escaping a dying star.

Modern Trait Shown in Ancient Relative of Humans

NewsA relative of modern humans that lived at least 104,000 years ago showed evidence of dental growth and development very similar to that of people today.

Bird Feather Properties Could Lead to Better Adhesives

NewsThat "magical" zipping mechanism of a feather could provide a model for new adhesives and new aerospace materials.Contributed Author: 

How Animal Activism is Changing in 2019

NewsAs we look forward to what 2019 has in store, it’s clear that animal activism is in the midst of a major evolution.

Europe Looks to Cells for a Healthier Future

NewsAn initiative led by European researchers will have one year to develop a plan to embed its vision for a healthier future within the research and innovation landscape.

HVAC Manufactured Air Curtain Systems for Revolving Doors

Product AnnouncementBerner introduced the RevolvAirTM Air Curtain System for Revolving Doors—the first air curtain system for revolving doors engineered by a U.S. manufacturer.

Thursday 17th January 2019

Muscle Stem Cells Can Drive Cancer That Arises in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

NewsPeople with Duchenne muscular dystrophy can develop an otherwise-rare muscle cancer, called rhabdomyosarcoma, due to the muscle cells' continuous work to rebuild the damaged tissue.

Study Highlights Importance of Water Resources for Andean Bears

NewsA new study is shedding light on the importance of one critical resource for Andean bears living in the dry mountain forests of Peru: water.

Unknown Human Ancestor Identified With AI

NewsA footprint of a new hominid who cross bred with its ancestors tens of thousands of years ago was identified in the genome of Asiatic individuals.

Scientists Have Identified a Bone Marrow Backup System

NewsNew research has identified the backup for an important biological system - the hematopoietic system, whose adult stem cells constantly replenish the body's blood supply.

Stroke Drug May Also Prevent Alzheimer’s

NewsResearchers have discovered that a drug currently being developed to treat stroke patients could also prevent Alzheimer's disease.

Unraveling Threads of Bizarre Hagfish's Explosive Slime

NewsThe ocean-dwelling hagfish is unique for all the strangest reasons.Contributed Author: 

Novel Tool Detects Unknown Anxiety, Depression in Children

ArticleResearchers have developed a technology that can detect depression and anxiety in children—in the form of a wearable sensor.

Second Visual System Discovered in Mouse Cerebral Cortex

ArticleA surprise discovery is raising questions about a fundamental aspect of vision science.Staff Author: 

Household Water Heaters Are Teeming With Microbes

NewsA new study shed light on the extent of extremophile colonization in homes and provided insight into how the heat-loving microbes spread.

Lab Goes Paperless With a Digital Chart Recorder

Product AnnouncementCAS DataLoggers' Brainchild PR10 paperless recorder saves staff valuable lab hours because it enables instant visualization of the temperature data.

Wednesday 16th January 2019

Study Finds the Circuits That May Help You Keep Your Cool

NewsBy explaining more about how the brain keeps arousal in check, the study might also provide insight into the neural mechanisms contributing to anxiety or chronic stress,

11,500-year-old Animal Bones Suggest Early Dogs Helped Humans Hunt

NewsNew research may suggest that humans valued the tracking and hunting abilities of early dogs more than previously known.Con

Making Salty Water Drinkable Also Makes Brine

NewsDesalinization's leftovers may negatively affect oceans and ecosystems.Contributed Author: InsideScience.

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