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Monday 12th November 2018

Open Access Controversy: Plan S and its ‘Risks’

NewsOrganizations have signed onto an open-access plan to require their funding grantees to publish their work in journals available to the public at-large by 2020, igniting controversy and criticism.

Patients' Own Cells, Materials Used for Personalized Tissue Implants

NewsResearchers revealed how they invented the first fully personalized tissue implant, engineered from a patient's own materials and cells.

Catalyst Turns Pollutant into Fuel

NewsRather than allow power plants and industry to toss carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, researchers plan to convert the greenhouse gas into useful products.Contri

Poxvirus Hijacks Cell Movement to Spread Infection

NewsVaccinia virus tricks cells it has infected into activating their own cell movement mechanism to rapidly spread the virus in cells and mice. Contri

New Technology Developed to Detect HIV

NewsA new, affordable device that detects HIV could aid people in developing countries.

Mitochondria Deploy Powerful Punch Against Life-threatening Bacteria

NewsResearchers discovered that mitochondria play an important role in supporting the immune system’s response against MRSA infection.

Pollen DNA Sequenced to Discover Insect Migratory Routes

NewsResearchers showed that transcontinental pollination mediated by migrating insects is possible, and various plants located very far apart can mix.

Mouse Study: Role for Immune, Inflammatory Pathways in Diabetic Kidney Disease

NewsKidney damage in people with diabetes can lead to life-threatening kidney failure.

Sensory Neurons Can Be Used to Discover Therapies for ALS

NewsScientists have shown that mutations in specific genes that destroy motor neurons and thereby cause the devastating effects of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis also attack sensory neurons.

A Major Role for a Small Organ in the Immune Response During Pregnancy

NewsThe immune system of a pregnant woman is altered during pregnancy, but not in the way previously believed.Contributed Author: 

Autism Association with Zinc Deficiency in Early Development

NewsThe emergence of autism in children has not only been linked to genes encoding synaptic proteins - among others - but also environmental insults such as zinc deficiency.

Kit Streamlines DNA Purification

Product AnnouncementEmpirical Bioscience’s EB Pure PCR Purification Kit streamlines the DNA purification process and offers ample recovery of high-quality DNA.

Common Allergen Will Shift Northward Under Climate Change

NewsNew research looks at how the most common cause of sneezing and sniffling in North America is likely to shift under climate change.

Exosomes 'Swarm' to Protect Against Bacteria Inhaled Through Nose

NewsA newly discovered mechanism of the immune system may lead to new approaches in airway drug delivery.

Alzheimer's, CVD Share Common Genetics in Some Patients

NewsGenetics may predispose some people to both Alzheimer's disease and high levels of blood lipids such as cholesterol, a common feature of cardiovascular disease.

EEG-based Test Objectively Assesses Pain in Lab Animals

NewsThe test could also provide an empirical approach that could better serve patients in chronic pain and the doctors who provide care.

Plastic Microfibers Found in Wild Animals’ Stool

News For the first time, plastic microfibers have been discovered in wild animals’ stool, from South American fur seals. Contributed Au

Wearable Bio-patch Improves Cellular Observation, Drug Delivery

NewsResearchers have developed a minimally invasive patch that delivers exact doses directly into cells, and lessens pain and toxicity.

Defective DNA Damage Repair Leads to Chaos in the Genome

NewsScientists have found that if important DNA repair system of the cells has failed, this promotes fragmentation and defective assembly of the genetic material.

Friday 9th November 2018

Pesticides Dramatically Affect How Bees Function

NewsNeonicotinoid pesticides—the most used pesticides across the globe—were found to have profound effects on the social behavior of bees.

Pesticides Dramatically Affects How Bees Function

NewsNeonicotinoid pesticides—the most used pesticides across the globe—were found to have profound effects on the social behavior of bees.Staff Author: 

Ancient DNA, Older Than Ever, Shows Lost Populations of Americas

NewsThe first high-quality samples stretching back as much as 11,000 years have opened a whole new vista on mass population turnover in the prehistory of the Western Hemisphere.

Neurons That Fire Together, Don't Always Wire Together

NewsAs the adage goes "neurons that fire together, wire together," but a new paper shows that, in addition to response similarity, projection target also constrains local connectivity.

Scientists Simplify, Accelerate Directed Evolution Bioengineering Method

NewsResearchers reported that they have accelerated and simplified directed evolution by having live cells do most of the heavy lifting.

Beaches at Risk Due to Increase in Atmospheric CO2

NewsThe appearance of dunes and beaches might soon be changing due to the increase in carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.Contributed Author: 

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