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Friday 17th August 2018

CIOs are Dead (Or At Least Invisible), Long Live DBOs (For Competitive Advantage)

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are "dead." Their enterprise role is restricted to infrastructure duties. Digital Business Officers (DBOs) - immersed in business units - should become the champions of digital, where old and new business processes and models leverage emerging digital technology.

UK Vape Entrepreneurs Could Help Save A Million Years Of Life

Despite scare stories, the rise of vape culture and the entrepreneurs supporting it should be celebrated.

Why Stress Makes It Harder To Figure Out What You're Feeling

Stress can affect how well we read our own emotions.

How Doctors Are Expanding Access To The Earned Income Tax Credit For Families With Kids

How some pediatricians are helping families apply for the Earned Income Tax Credit, and perhaps improving their children's health.

Amazon's Clinics Join U.S. Employer Push Into Worksite Healthcare

Amazon's worksite health clinics join one-third of large U.S. employers already offering a medical clinic to their employees, Mercer data shows.

Conspiracy Theories And Dubious Health Advice, Courtesy Of Alex Jones

Conspiracy theorist and far-right radio host Alex Jones has just been banned from multiple media platforms for his hate speech. He also runs a highly profitable side business selling dietary supplements. I took a look at a couple of his more outrageous claims about them.

Bristol Diabetes Spin-Out Acquired By Novo Nordisk For $800M

Bristol University spin-out Ziylo has been acquired by Danish pharmaceutical Novo Nordisk for over $800 million. Novo Nordisk now has full rights to Ziylo's glucose binding molecule platform to develop glucose responsive insulins. The deal is one of the largest for a Univesity of Bristol spin-out.

Thursday 16th August 2018

Alex Jones' Top 10 Health Claims And Why They Are Wrong

Now that Alex Jones has been booted off Facebook, YouTube, Apple, and Spotify and his Twitter account has been locked for 7 days, here is what you will miss.

NYU Makes Medical School Tuition Free

In a surprise announcement today, the New York University School of Medicine said that it will pay the tuition of all its students regardless of merit or financial need, becoming the first major American medical school to do so.

Increasing Numbers of Americans Want Single Payer, But Is That What They Want?

Single payer healthcare is gaining in popularity in recent polls conducted in the U.S. As an approach to healthcare, however, single payer is less translatable to the U.S. context than hybrid systems on the European continent.

What May Have Really Killed Prince & Why We Should Care

Loneliness is an affliction most people are familiar with, but not so many of us are aware that loneliness is lethal and a public health crisis. A crisis that may be disproportionately affecting those isolated by distance and even by the very digital technology they think connects them to society.

The Agonizingly Slow Progress Against The Cancer That Killed Aretha Franklin

Our slow progress against pancreatic cancer is representative of the war on cancer writ large. Focus in on pancreatic cancer, and you see that there has been progress for patients with some subtypes for the disease. There are real reasons for hope that things could improve dramatically.

How Retail Mental Health Could Be Medicine's Next Frontier

Retail mental health clinics and urgent care centers are beginning to emerge across the U.S.

Wednesday 15th August 2018

How Mick Ebeling And Not Impossible Labs Are Transforming Lives For The Better

Mick Ebeling and his team at Not Impossible Labs are revolutionizing healthcare by taking an unorthodox approach to solving problems - from 3D printed prosthetic limbs to helping the deaf hear better at concerts.

The TCJA’s Pass-Through Deduction Was Misguided From the Beginning

Treasury proposed new rules to clean up the problems with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act's special deduction for pass-through businesses. But the law was misguided from the beginning and probably is unfixable.

Texas Officials Were 'In Over Their Heads' When They Struck Deals With Opioid Lawyers

In Houston, Harris County officials agreed to pay the highest rate in the state to lawyers who filed opioid lawsuits on their behalf

Tuesday 14th August 2018

Google Bets $375M On Medicare Advantage With Oscar Health Stake

Google-parent Alphabet plans to invest $375 million into Oscar Health to help the insurer expand into the Medicare Advantage business.

Google Bets $375M On Medicare Advantage With Oscar Health Investment

Google-parent Alphabet plans to invest $375 million into Oscar Health to help the insurer expand into the Medicare Advantage business.

His Wife’s Car Crash Changed The Way A Hospital CEO Sees His Job

She got great care in the hospital, but getting care after she was discharged was "a nightmare."

Does Tiny Iovance Deserve To Ride The T-Cell Wave?

Right now, only one company is trying to develop a new type of cell therapy for cancer: Iovance Biotherapeutics, with a market cap of $1.3 billion and 80 employees, and $246 million in the bank.

To Keep You Healthy, Health Insurers May Soon Pay Your Rent

Health insurers Anthem, Aetna, Humana and UnitedHealth Group are investing in housing, mental health counseling and even food to address "social determinants of health."

Monday 13th August 2018

Here Are The Leaders Of STOP: Bloomberg's $20 Million Tobacco Watchdog

STOP has just started, Here is what the STOP initiative will aim to do.

Carl Icahn Backs Off Cigna-Express Scripts Deal

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn now says he will support Cigna’s proposed purchase of Express Scripts, citing recommendations of two influential proxy advisors who came out in favor of the merger.

No, It Isn’t Impossible To Find A Doctor Who Takes Medicare

You've probably heard that it is impossible to find a doctor who will take Medicare. It isn't true.

Google DeepMind's AI Can Detect 50 Eye Disease Conditions And Save Sight

The London-based AI lab is focusing on applying its algorithms to areas like healthcare, robotics, and climate change research.

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