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Tuesday 21st August 2018

Allergan uterine fibroids therapy hits regulatory setback

Two algorithms could better predict response to checkpoint inhibitors

Japan approves Tagrisso for first-line NSCLC

Monday 20th August 2018

MC2's non-greasy psoriasis cream superior to Taclonex

Management tracks: Athenex, Intra-Cellular

Malaria protein helps detect circulating tumor cells

Harbour gets ex-China rights to Kelun's anti-PD-L1 mAb

Consortium including Gao, GL Capital bid to take China Biologic private

Taiwan Liposome OA therapy hits mark in Phase II trial

With Btk program bound for Phase III, Principia seeks IPO

Ascentage hops in Hong Kong IPO queue

China approves Roche’s Alecensa for NSCLC

Priority Review for Alexion's long-acting PNH therapy

Real-world data play RDMD raises $3M seed round

Friday 17th August 2018

Agreement to differ

Approval of Alnylam’s RNAi therapy Onpattro starts a showdown in hATTR amyloidosis, where Alnylam’s legwork on a novel payment model could give it the edge.

Pediatric push

Why companies should invest in generating data, and alliances, to support pediatric extrapolation of efficacy.

Doing more with less

Ovid and Clementia took different approaches to using a small number of patients in Phase II to find rare disease endpoints to take forward.

Antibacterial company Entasis proposes NASDAQ IPO

Harbin Gloria selling stake in biotech unit

Vaccine volatility

Chinese biopharma stocks continue to fall amid a vaccine scandal.

MD Anderson’s blooms

MD Anderson and Accelerator Life Science Partners launched newco Magnolia with a $31M series A as it increases company creation.

China unveils cancer drugs for medical insurance access negotiation

Location, location, biotech

Xuechao Wang exemplifies the pace of change in China, as his investment conglomerate is downsizing its real estate exposure to follow the wave of innovation in biopharmaceuticals and healthcare data.

Vertex nears Orkambi reimbursement agreement with Australia

Alnylam gets first RNAi drug approval

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