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Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Synthego raises $110M series C to scale up CRISPR research products

Monday 22nd October 2018

Stoke prepares for IND, IPO with $90M series B

Takeda licenses Enterome's Crohn's disease therapy

Roche reports responses for IL-2 variant at ESMO

Adaptimmune reports zero responses across three T cell therapy trials

Gene therapy pioneer Wilson identifies AAV manufacturing inconsistency

FDA advisory committee to consider CV studies for diabetes drugs

GSK, MorphoSys RA therapy misses in Phase IIb

Mirati falls on updated response data for sitravatinib in NSCLC

Achaogen furnishes data for Pew antibiotic platform targeting Gram-negative bacteria

Zai gains Hong Kong approval of PARP inhibitor Zejula

Antibiotics play Qpex launches with Medicines Co. assets, BARDA deal

Sunday 21st October 2018

Latest immuno-oncology monotherapy data continue to cast doubt on combo strategies

No responses in monotherapy arm for Merck STING agonist; Aduro shares off

Zero responses in monotherapy arm for Merck STING agonist

Friday 19th October 2018

New shops for value-based deals

Value-based payment models are reaching beyond the usual suspects to new players, who are extending the deals to drugs already on the market and total cost of care.

CVOT damage in diabetes

BioCentury’s analysis of diabetes trials shows a steep drop off since CVOT rules implemented.

PhRMA and Trump: war or peace?

PhRMA is deciding whether to go to war with Trump over a rule compelling its companies to disclose prices in direct-to-consumer ads.

CHMP backs Takhzyro, Dengue vaccine, biosimilar Herceptin

FDA, EMA delay review of Opdivo/Yervoy for first-line NSCLC

CuraSen’s SPARK

CuraSen’s $54.5 million series A round to fund at least two neurodegenerative disease programs through clinical POC.

Clovis' Rubraca leads to 44% ORR in Phase II for CRPC

CFIUS waiting game

Biotech and its investors must wait to find out how much of the industry will be caught up in the CFIUS dragnet, but the U.S. Treasury has given itself latitude for a broad-brush approach.

FDA approves Dupixent for asthma

Management tracks: AbbVie, Adverum

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