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Wednesday 14th November 2018

CHTF 2018 Opens, Gathering Global Enterprises and Entrepreneurs

The 20th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF 2018) kicked off at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on November 14, 2018. By showcasing cutting-edge high-tech products and technologies of enterprises and institutions from around the world, CHTF 2018 remained a trend setter in the high-tech industry. A large number of technology companies have emer...

Tuesday 13th November 2018

Desktop Genetics Ltd Pharmaceuticals Healthcare Deals and Alliances Profile [Report Updated: 24092018] Prices from USD $250

SummaryDesktop Genetics Ltd DeskGen is a provider of genome editing solutions. The company offers software solutions for the design, synthesis and assembly of DNA. It offers deskgen, which is a software system that helps scientists to organize, optimize, and automate their research. DeskGen's CRISPR/Cas9 technology allows the engineering of animal, plant, and microbial cell genomes. The company's ...

Monday 12th November 2018

Individuals without angiographic CAD but with hiPRS remain at significantly elevated risk of mortality after cardiac catheterization

Individuals without angiographic CAD but with hiPRS remain at significantly elevated risk of mortality after cardiac catheterization Reporter: Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD, RN   A genome-wide Polygenic risk scores (PRS) improves risk stratification when added to traditional risk factors and coronary angiography. Individuals without angiographic CAD but with hiPRS remain at significantly elevated risk o...

Theranostics Health Inc Pharmaceuticals Healthcare Deals and Alliances Profile [Report Updated: 27092018] Prices from USD $250

SummaryTheranostics Health Inc Theranostics, a subsidiary of Avant Diagnostics Inc is a healthcare service provider that offers protein based solutions. The company provides protein based discovery and translational research services. Its products include molecular navigation of targeted therapies, laser capture micro dissection, preanalytical sample handling, biological samples, and reversephase ...

Cellectis SA ALCLS Pharmaceuticals Healthcare Deals and Alliances Profile [Report Updated: 23102018] Prices from USD $250

SummaryCellectis SA Cellectis is a clinicalstage biopharmaceutical company that research, develop and commercialise rational genome engineering technologies. The company pioneers gene editing company, deploying core proprietary technologies to develop offtheshelf immunotherapies to target and eradicate cancer cells. It develops treatment based on allogeneic Tcell for the treatment of cancer. Celle...

New collaboration will advance human-based drug evaluation

Medicines Discovery Catapult and the Medical Research Council (MRC) Centre for Drug Safety Science (CDSS) at the University of Liverpool announce strategic collaboration to develop next generation human cell modelsToday (7th November 2018) Medicines Discovery Catapult and the Medical Research Council (MRC) Centre for Drug Safety Science (CDSS) at the University of Liverpool have agreed a memorandu...

LabRoots Produces 9th Annual Clinical Diagnostics & Research Virtual Conference Showcasing Developments in Laboratory Testing, Patient Care and Treatment

To be held November 14th, this 2-day event will address the ever-changing field of medicine and research YORBA LINDA, Calif. (PRWEB) November 12, 2018 LabRoots, the leading scientific social networking website, offering premier, interactive educational virtual events and webinars, will be hosting its 9th Annual Clinical Diagnostics & Research Virtual Event on November 14th and 15th, 2018, fea...

Defective DNA Damage Repair Leads to Chaos in the Genome

NewsScientists have found that if important DNA repair system of the cells has failed, this promotes fragmentation and defective assembly of the genetic material.

PWP Growth Equity Announces Investment in Quick Med Claims

Investment allows Quick Med Claims to further accelerate organic and acquisition growth initiatives PWP Growth Equity, the middle market private equity group of Perella Weinberg Partners, today announced that it has made an investment in Quick Med Claims (“QMC”), a leading provider of technology-enabled revenue cycle management (“RCM”) services...

Pavilion Data Announces the Industry’s Fastest NVMe All-Flash Array Write Speed and New Security Enhancements in Latest Product Release

Pavilion array to achieve 60 GB/s write speeds; company to demonstrate multiple high-performance workloads at SC18 Pavilion Data Systems, an industry leader in NVMe storage technologies, today announced the latest version of its rack-scale flash array, delivering the highest write performance and bandwidth of any all-flash array on the market today. Pa...

Jaw Pain Relieved with TMJ Treatment in Miami Beach, FL by Drs. Howard Abrahams and Stan Frohlinger

Dental professionals, Dr. Howard Abrahams and Dr. Stan Frohlinger, are teaching patients suffering from jaw pain related to TMD in Miami Beach, FL, how their temporomandibular joint (TMJ) could be the cause and how it could lead to further health and cosmetic concerns. These clinicians work with each patient to find the solution best for their unique needs and reduce the side effects of this preva...

Inhibition of oncogenic cap-dependent translation by 4EGI-1 reduces growth, enhances chemosensitivity and alters genome-wide translation in non-small cell lung cancer

Budding yeast genome analysis could help biofuels research

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and Vanderbilt University compared the genomes of 332 species of buddi -More- 

Sunday 11th November 2018

Pulling the genome apart: Chromosome segregation during mitosis explained

(Osaka University) Osaka University researchers shed light on the protein complexes and processes that enable microtubules to bind to the centromeres of chromosomes and redistribute them to the daughter cells during mitosis. Via experiments including partial protein deletion, chimeric protein production, and measurement of microtubule pulling force, the team showed that interaction of the Ndc80 co...

Saturday 10th November 2018

OncoTherapy Science Inc 4564 Medical Equipment Deals and Alliances Profile [Report Updated: 16102018] Prices from USD $250

SummaryOncoTherapy Science Inc OncoTherapy is a biotechnology company that discovers and develops antibody drugs for treating cancer. The company offers products under antibodies, cancer vaccines and small molecule drugs. It provides contract research services. OncoTherapy conducts research and development activities to develop its anticancer drug by providing technology platforms that include las...

Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease share common genetics in some patients

Genetics may predispose some people to both Alzheimer’s disease and high levels of blood lipids such as

Illumina Inc ILMN Medical Equipment Deals and Alliances Profile [Report Updated: 16102018] Prices from USD $250

SummaryIllumina Inc Illumina provides genomic sequencing and arraybased solutions for genetic analysis in the areas of molecular diagnostics, translational and consumer genomics, and oncology. The company's portfolio encompasses sequencing tools and systems; sequencing kits and reagents; microarray kits and reagents; molecular biology reagents; and arrays and reagents. It offers human wholegenome ...

Recent patents in endonucleases and genome editing

Friday 9th November 2018

Fabric Genomics Inc Pharmaceuticals Healthcare Deals and Alliances Profile [Report Updated: 27092018] Prices from USD $250

SummaryFabric Genomics Inc Fabric, formerly Omicia Inc, is a healthcare solutions provider that offers genome interpretation solutions. The company offers Opal, a cloudbased informatics platform that helps to analyze and interpret genomes by prioritizing diseasecausing variants and genes. Fabric utilizes a probabilistic search tool VAAST, a disease gene finder and variant scoring algorithm to iden...

Synthetic biology used to de-extinct plants to manufacture perfume.

In the film Jurassic Park scientists revive dinosaurs by extracting DNA from drops of blood fossilized within insects trapped in amber.  They then decode the genetic sequence, fill in gaps using the frog genome, injecting the genetic material into ostrich eggs to make long extinct dinosaurs. Now, researchers from Gingko Bioworks, manufacture a perfume using floral scents that have been missing

Syros Announces Presentation of New Preclinical Data on SY-1365 in Treatment-Resistant HR-Positive Breast Cancer Cell Lines at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

Syros Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: SYRS), a leader in the development of medicines that control the expression of genes, today announced that new preclinical data on SY-1365, its first-in-class selective cyclin-dependent kinase 7 (CDK7) inhibitor, will be featured in a Spotlight poster discussion session at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium taking place ...

Toma Biosciences Inc Pharmaceuticals Healthcare Deals and Alliances Profile [Report Updated: 27082018] Prices from USD $250

SummaryToma Biosciences Inc Toma Biosciences is a provider of genome sequencing solutions. The company launched TOMA OSSeq cancer assay to laboratories and researchers for the changes in tumors. Its products include reagent kits that are developed to detect genomic changes in cancer and TOMA OSSeq reagent kits are a gene analysis solution designed for comprehensive analysis of small tumor samples....

Halo Labs Announces Dispensary Sales for the Month of October

Halo Labs Inc. ("Halo" or the "Company") (NEO:HALO) is pleased to report dispensary sales of approximately US$1.23 million for October 2018. This is an increase of approximately US$353,000 over September 2018. Approximately US$245,000 of the dispensary sales in October was derived from the Company’s first full month of sales to dispen...

Amlogic Completes Integration of Widevine CAS on Android TV

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Amlogic, a leading fabless semiconductor company and Google system-on-chip (SoC) partner, today announced it has integrated and Read more...

Thursday 8th November 2018

UNSW to analyse DNA samples from 15,000 aspirin trial patients

Monash University is expanding its ASPREE trial by conducting detailed research into genetic factors contributing to good health or disease in the elderly. The Australian-led project involves genetic analysis of DNA samples from 15,000 ASPREE trial participants, whose health was comprehensively tracked for up to seven years, and follows publication of primary ASPREE study results in the New Engla...

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