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Monday 10th December 2018

Maria Sophocles, M.D. Provides 2019 Health Forecast

Trends to leave behind and a snapshot of new solutions for all over health As we head into 2019, Maria Sophocles, M.D., OB/GYN at Women’s Healthcare of Princeton, reminds us not to believe every trend a celebrity touts, and describes what’s new as well as tried and true solutions to recurring, embarrassing health issues and new technology to ...

Thursday 6th December 2018

The Alternative to Meds Center Launches New Website

The Alternative to Meds Center (ATMC) launches a new website and with it, more answers for the millions of Americans and people worldwide who suffer first-hand with drug addiction or prescription medication dependency. SEDONA, Ariz. (PRWEB) December 06, 2018 Today, the Alternative to Meds Center (ATMC) launches a new website and with it, more answers for the millions of Americans and people world...

Daylight Detox & Recovery Center Shines as a Light of Hope this Holiday Season for Children in Need

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (PRWEB) December 06, 2018 Daylight Detox & Recovery Center is giving back this holiday season by partnering with “Speak Up for Kids Palm Beach”. The nonprofit serves 1500 children countywide who are in the foster care system. Daylight not only works to break the stig...

Thursday 29th November 2018

Teatoxing Is The Hottest Detox, And Toxic It Is

Teatoxing, a form of detox cleanse involving laxative-containing teas, is a new trend in celebrity weight loss. Actress Jameela Jamil has raised awareness of the dangers of this by parodying the unseemly effects.

Wednesday 28th November 2018

Actress' jokey Twitter campaign has serious message about sponsorships, health

Jameela Jamil's humorous campaign against celebrities like Cardi B promoting 'detox' teas on social media is highlighting some serious issues

Wednesday 21st November 2018

Fish Struggle to Detox When It Comes to Mercury

NewsLong-lived yelloweye rockfish have difficulty detoxifying mercury within sensitive liver cells.

Monday 19th November 2018

Fish can detox too -- but not so well, when it comes to mercury

(McGill University) By examining the tissues at a subcellular level, the researchers discovered yelloweye rockfish were able to immobilize several potentially toxic elements within their liver tissues (cadmium, lead, and arsenic) thus preventing them from interacting with sensitive parts of the cell. But mercury was found in concentrations known to be toxic - and most of it was in sensitive sites,...

Thursday 15th November 2018

‘The War Within’ Offers Five-part Plan for Soldiers, Veterans and Families to Begin Healing Process After Deployment

Krystle Shapiro, MSHN, LMT, seeks to reduce occurrence of veteran suicide with new book SANDPOINT, Idaho (PRWEB) November 15, 2018 Krystle Shapiro, MSHN, LMT, presents a holistic five-part nutrition and wellness program for helping soldiers and veterans who experienced chronic stress and have been exposed to toxic elements during deployment in her new psychology book, “The War Within: A Holisti...

Monday 5th November 2018

Dr. Gregory Skipper and The Center for Professional Recovery Enhancing Services to Provide Residential Treatment Through Latest Partnership with Seasons in Malibu

The Center for Professional Recovery (CPR), owned by Greg Skipper MD, nationally acclaimed leader in the evaluation and treatment of professionals, is moving to Malibu and enhancing its services by affiliating with Seasons in Malibu MALIBU, Calif. (PRWEB) November 05, 2018 The Center for Professional Recovery (CPR), owned by Greg Skipper MD, nationally acclaimed leader in the evaluation and treat...

Thursday 1st November 2018

Vive Organic Closes $7-Million Series A Round Led by Powerplant Ventures

Rapidly-Growing Wellness Shot Brand to Build World-Class Team and Expand Distribution Vive Organic, maker of cold-pressed wellness shots, closed a $7-million Series A funding round led by plant-centric food and beverage investment fund

Thursday 25th October 2018

NYC ‘Safe Tech’ Forum: “Tech Overuse and Addiction—What Can You Do?”, Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.

Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications announces a ‘safe tech’ forum, “Tech Overuse and Addiction—What Can You Do?”, to be held at the School of Images at 73 Fifth Avenue (15th Street) on Tuesday, October 30th at 7:30 p.m. Targeted to physicians, psychologists, social workers, health practitioners, and educators, the pro...

Tuesday 16th October 2018

AcneFree, Laura Marano partner to destigmatize acne

Friday 5th October 2018

Leading Directory of Government-Funded Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Programs in Canada, CDR Announces Summary Post on Alcohol Withdrawal Training Needs

Sunshine Coast Health Centre produces the CDR (Canada Drug Rehab) directory as a public service. CDR is announcing a short but important post that summarizes important new research on physicians and alcohol withdrawal training. CALGARY, Alberta (PRWEB) October 05, 2018 Sunshine Coast Health Centre, a leading directory of government drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment programs in Canada from...

Tuesday 2nd October 2018

Canada Drug Rehab, Canada's Leading Directory of Alcohol Treatment and Drug Rehab Programs from Vancouver to Toronto, Announces National Recovery Month Success

Canada Drug Rehab participated in the announced September as National Recovery Month in Canada as announced by SAMHSA. As the month draws to a close, CDR is announcing online success data. VANCOUVER, B.C. (PRWEB) October 02, 2018 Canada Drug Rehab (CDR), Canada's leading directory of alcohol treatment and drug rehab programs from Vancouver to Toronto, is proud to announce online successes in...

Monday 1st October 2018

Support Regular Body Detox, Cleaning with STARTdetoxing Complete with Setria® Glutathione

NEW YORK (PRWEB) October 02, 2018 Staying healthy should be hard or expensive. That’s why STARTdetoxing Complete contains only six ingredients, including Setria® Glutathione. To get the same blend by purchasing individual products, it would cost more than $75 a month. Formulated by Dr....

Wednesday 19th September 2018

Medical News Today: How to do a foot detox

Some people believe that a foot detox can remove toxins from the body and leave people feeling refreshed. While foot detox machines are available, people can also make their own footbaths at home. These footbaths can help remove dirt and dead skin, as well as aiding relaxation. Learn more about foot detoxes here.

Tuesday 18th September 2018

CNN's Destination India explores health and wellness retreats across the country

Theme week debuts on September 17, with a 30-minute program airing on September 22 HONG KONG, Sept. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- India is known to be a destination with roots steeped in the traditions of wellness and spirituality. It has flourished through centuries making it the ideal destination for a perfect mental and physical detox. The country is home to some of the world's oldest, wellness ...

Saturday 15th September 2018

Predictors of Successful Detox in Medication Overuse Headache

Some studies have suggested that patients with medication overuse headache may be among the most disabled of headache patients. What are the options for self-detoxification?

Thursday 30th August 2018

Scottsdale Recovery Center Launches Life Long Recovery Program

New Lifetime Therapy Treatment for Clients to Receive Ongoing Support PHOENIX (PRWEB) August 30, 2018 Scottsdale Recovery Center (SRC) is excited to announce their new Lifetime Therapy, an affordable addiction aftercare program for clients to receive continual treatment for life. This revolutionary one-of-a-kind program helps those conquer common life stressors that could otherwise trigger a rela...

Tuesday 7th August 2018

Cell Science Systems Corp. And Health Testing Centers Team up to Expand Consumer Access to Laboratory Testing

Health Testing Centers affirms its commitment to health care consumers by adding the Alcat test for food and chemical sensitivities and other Cell Science Systems specialty testing to its growing menu of direct to consumer lab testing. FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (PRWEB) August 07, 2018 Health Testing Centers affirms its commitment to health care consumers by adding the Alcat test for food and chemical...

Monday 23rd July 2018

Dr. King's Homeopathics Recalled; MyNicNaxs Starts Recall 3 Months After FDA Shutdown

Dr. King's brand homeopathic Aquaflora Candida HP9, Lymph Detox and Baby Teething liquids are recalled after FDA found microbial contaminants...   

Friday 20th July 2018

Coleman Institute Withdrawal Management Covered By Anthem Virginia

Coleman’s unique treatment protocol for opioid and alcohol use disorder is now covered by Anthem Virginia commercial insurance plans. RICHMOND, Va. (PRWEB) July 20, 2018 The Coleman Institute, a BayMark Health Services Company, is pleased to announce the acceptance of Anthem Virginia commercial insurance plans for withdrawal management services at the Richmond, VA location. Covered individuals ...

Monday 16th July 2018

Gosnold Expands Search for New Facility Location

Seeks Alternative to Jones Road The Board of Directors and Leadership team for Gosnold, Inc. announced today that they are expanding their search for a location for a new facility to provide addiction and dual-diagnosis treatment, fulfilling a mission that has been ongoing for nearly half a century. “Over the last several weeks, we have work...

Wednesday 11th July 2018

Unplugged holidays tipped to increase

Researchers say the phenomenon of the 'digital-detox' is on the rise and could be an important part of the tourism industry in the future.

Tuesday 26th June 2018

Waismann Method Questions whether CDC may be Underestimating Apparent Suicide Rate

How the challenge of differentiating intentional overdoses versus accidental ones affects the results obtained in studies. LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) June 26, 2018 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported this month that suicide rates increased by 25% in the United States between since 1999 and 2016. Twenty-five states saw their suicide rates increase by more than 30%. With this dra...

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