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Thursday 26th April 2018

Cook Group to Host Electronic Waste Recycling Event in Bloomington

Cook Group will host a community recycling event for electronic waste on Saturday, April 28, to observe Earth Month. Cook is partnering with RecycleForce because both organizations believe in breaking down the barriers to employment that hold people back. RecycleForce is an organization that helps formerly incarcerated individuals rebuild their lives throu...

Wednesday 25th April 2018

Navigating with the sixth sense

(University of Würzburg) Desert ants use the Earth's magnetic field for orientation, a new study has found which was conducted by scientists of the University of Würzburg. This provides ants the cue to find their way back to the nest.

Reefs that experience frequent temperature changes most likely to resist coral bleaching

(Bangor University) Reefs subjected to high sea temperature fluctuations on daily or tidal timescales leading up to ocean warming event are better able to resist coral bleaching, such that a 1 degree C increase in daily temperature range reduces the odds of more severe bleaching by a factor of 33.

SARMs Subject To Steroids Scheduling By DEA Under Hatch, Whitehouse Bill

The Utah Republican and Rhode Island Democrat sponsor legislation to make selective androgen receptor modulators subject to the same authority...   

Earth BioGenome Project Holds Solutions for Agriculture's Future

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has partnered with the Earth BioGenome Project (EBP) in an effort that will yield millions of powerful new solutions to agriculture's challenges. EBP is an international cooperative initiative to sequence in the next 10 years the DNA of more than 1.5 million species—those more complex than bacteria—represen...

CIR Defends Independence, Suggests Confusion Prompted WVE Criticism

Cosmetic Ingredient Review head Bart Heldreth suggests that not only are Women's Voices for the Earth's concerns misguided, but the...   

Worms Magnetic Sense Questioned

Unsuccessful attempts to reproduce the results of a 2015 study reporting that C. elegans orient themselves by Earth's magnetic field spark debate among researchers.

Redefining the origin of the cellular powerhouse

Researchers proposes a new evolutionary origin for mitochondria -- also known as the 'powerhouses of the cell.' Mitochondria are energy-converting organelles that have played key roles in the emergence of complex cellular life on Earth.

US government considers charging for popular Earth-observing data

Non-Profit Turns Recycled Ocean Plastic into 3D Printed Prosthetic Hands

The Million Waves Project launches on Earth Day, giving new life to the ocean and to kids ANACORTES, Wash. (PRWEB) April 25, 2018 The Million Waves Project, a 501C(3), launched Earth Day, takes reclaimed ocean plastic and uses it to 3D print custom prosthetic limbs for kids. With its innovative solution to ocean pollution and the problem of limited access to affordable upper limb prosthetics, the...

Molecular Evolution: How the Building Blocks of Life May Form in Space

New research offers evidence that humans—and the rest of life on Earth—may have been able to form with the right combination of star dust and radiation

Tuesday 24th April 2018

Sunlight reduces effectiveness of dispersants used in oil spills

(Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) Two new studies have shown that sunlight transforms oil spills on the ocean surface more significantly and quickly than previously thought. The phenomenon considerably limits the effectiveness of chemical dispersants, which are designed to break up floating oil and reduce the amount of oil that reaches coastlines.

Will warm-water events in the Gulf of California reduce seabird populations?

(American Ornithological Society Publications Office) Oceanic warm-water events in the Gulf of California have increased in frequency during the last three decades, passing from a historic mean of one or two warm anomalies per decade to five events in the 2007-2016 period. This can lead to massive failures in seabird nesting, as anomalously warm waters accumulate in the ocean's surface, preventing...

Will warm-water events in the Gulf of CA reduce seabird populations?

(American Ornithological Society Publications Office) Oceanic warm-water events in the Gulf of California have increased in frequency during the last three decades, passing from a historic mean of one or two warm anomalies per decade to five events in the 2007-2016 period. This can lead to massive failures in seabird nesting, as anomalously warm waters accumulate in the ocean's surface, preventing...

CIR Objectivity In Safety Substantiation Questioned By Women's Voices for Earth

In a report released April 24, WVE highlights what it says are CIR’s shortcomings, pointing out a conflict of interest...    

University of Oxford Pharmaceuticals Healthcare Deals and Alliances Profile [Report Updated: 19032018] Prices from USD $250

SummaryUniversity of Oxford UO is a research and educational university that offers student training, academic research and graduation programs. The university offers graduation courses in the various fields such as humanities, mathematical, physical and life sciences; medical sciences, and continuity education departments. Its mathematical, physical and life sciences courses comprise doctoral tra...

Community Solar Farms Going Up in North Country; Company Claims Solar Now More Democratic

"We can give homeowners up to 100% offset on their dirty energy usage," said David Fargnoli, a spokesman for Solar Farms New York, an Read more...

Life Science Leaders Discuss Future of Drug Development at Medidata NEXT London

Novartis to present on digital transformation in clinical research Medidata (NASDAQ: MDSO) is hosting the final European NEXT conference in London this week, with executives presenting from Novartis, aparito, and the global life sciences community. The event

Biology Moonshot, Earth BioGenome Project, Encompasses Earth’s Eukaryotes

Man is not the measure of all things, at least not all thing genomic. Otherwise, we could have sequenced the human genome and called it a day. No, we’re widening our genomic vision so far that we just sequence the DNA of every eukaryotic organism on the planet. It would be a huge undertaking, but well worth the effort, insist the advocates of the Earth BioGenome Project (EBP), a moonshot for bio...

Monday 23rd April 2018

Carbon consumers

(Harvard University) A team of researchers, led by Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Peter Girguis and Suni Shah Walter, then a post-doctoral fellow in Girguis' lab, has shown that underground aquifers along the mid-ocean ridge act like natural biological reactors, pulling in cold, oxygenated seawater, and allowing microbes to break down more -- perhaps much more -- refractory carbo...

Collapse of the Atlantic Ocean heat transport might lead to hot European summers

(Stockholm University) Severe winters combined with heat waves and droughts during summer in Europe. Those were the consequences as the Atlantic Ocean heat transport nearly collapsed 12,000 years ago. The same situation might occur today, according to a new study published in Nature Communications.

Burning ice from the ocean floor (video)

(American Chemical Society) Methane hydrate is a crystalline complex of water and methane that forms beneath the ocean floor. It resembles regular ice, but it can easily be set aflame after it's brought to the surface. In time for Chemists Celebrate Earth Week, this special marine chemistry episode of Reactions examines this burning ice from under the sea: And for m...

New Control Strategy Helps Reap Maximum Power From Wind Farms

NewsUT Dallas researchers use supercomputers at the Texas Advanced Computing Center to improve wind energy production.Contributed Author: 

Earth Day: Biotechnology to Save the Planet

To understand the significance of Earth Day, it’s important to understand how it was first ...

Robots Can Swim, Fetch, Lift, and Dance. But Can They Assemble an Ikea Chair?

Robotics has come a long way in the past few years. Robots can now fetch items from specific spots in massive warehouses, swim through the ocean to study marine life, and lift 200 times their own weight. They can even perform synchronized dance routines. But the really big question is—can robots put together an Ikea […]

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