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Sunday 17th November 2019

Unprecedented Gathering of Asia Pacific Medical Societies to Respond to the Impact of Antibiotic Resistance on All People

BANGKOK, Nov. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In anticipation of World Antibiotic Awareness Week (18-24 November) the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Summit Expert Group and the Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) Working Group convened in Bangkok, Thailand, in a first-ever regional effort to combat the 'silent tsunami' of antimicrobial resistance. At the Joint Asia Pacific AMR Summit-AMS Working Group M...

Saturday 16th November 2019

Gene Therapy Production and Quality Control --

Gene Therapy Production and Quality Control --

10 Tips For Avoiding CMMS Failure

Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and enterprise asset management (EAM) systems have been longtime fixtures in other industries, embraced to improve control over asset maintenance costs and improve asset performance. By Marcus McNeely, project manager, Blue Mountain Quality Resources, Inc.

Implementing A Supply Chain Risk Management Process

To paraphrase a television news show catch line, “It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your product is?” Every life science executive has asked this question in one form or another. And, most of us have wondered about the answer. This becomes a much harder question to honestly answer as we grow our supply and fulfillment organizations over multiple countries in our quest to control c...

Friday 15th November 2019

RiboGene Translation-Targeted Drug Discovery Technology

RiboGene Inc. (Hayward, CA) has been issued two U.S. patents for its drug discovery technology based on translational control of gene expression...

What Do Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, and PTSD Have in Common?

Imaging studies point to altered neural activity in regions linked to inhibitory control and adaptive processing of stimulus salience.

In deals struck across the U.S., hospital systems appear to be adopting starkly different protocols for sharing personal health information with #Google, fueling broad concerns about the ability of patients to control the use of their data. https://buff.l

In deals struck across the U.S., hospital systems appear to be adopting starkly different protocols for sharing personal health information with #Google, fueling broad concerns about the ability of patients to control the use of their data. 

Cresco Labs Wins Two Recreational Retail Licenses for Sunnyside* Dispensaries in Chicago’s Prestigious Central District

Cresco Labs (CSE:CL) (OTCQX:CRLBF) (“Cresco Labs” or the “Company”), one of the largest vertically integrated multistate cannabis operators in the United States, today announced the results of the City of Chicago lottery for recreational cannabis dispensary locations (the “Lottery”). Cresco Labs won two of the seven available licenses in the Central District, and one of the six availa...

Smokers who switch to vaping rapidly boost heart health in trial

Chronic smokers who switched from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarette vapes in a large randomized control trial saw a significant improvement in markers of heart health after just a month, researchers said on Friday.

CDC: Number of Vaping-Linked Lung Illnesses Up to 2,172

FRIDAY, Nov. 15, 2019 -- The number of Americans stricken with a severe respiratory illness tied to vaping has now reached 2,172, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday. That is a rise from the 2,051 case total from a...

New AHA/ACC Performance and Quality Statement on Hypertension

Hypertension affects more than one third of US adults, but achieving adequate control remains elusive. A new document fine-tunes existing approaches and suggests new strategies. Medscape Medical News

STAT Plus: Pharmalittle: Senators propose a new agency to control drug costs; FDA panel backs Amarin fish-oil pill

An FDA advisory committee voted 16-to-0 in favor of expanded use of a fish-oil-derived drug from Amarin to reduce the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes in high-risk patients.

Alpha Holdings Provides Update on Opposition to OncoSec Takeover Proposal

Lawsuits Against OncoSec Proceeding in Nevada District Court Remains Opposed to China Grand Transaction and Intends to Solicit Proxies from Shareholders at Special Meeting Alpha Holdings, Inc. (KOSDAQ: 117670) (“Alpha Holdings”), the largest stockholder of OncoSec Medical Incorporated (NASDAQ: ONCS) (“OncoSec” or the “Company”), with an approximate 15.1% ownership stake, today pro...

Gofire introduces metered-dose Inhaler for accurate dose control

Healthcare technology firm Gofire has launched its metered-dose Inhaler, following approximately five years of research, development, refinement, and testing. According to the company, the Inhaler features advanced technologies The post Gofire introduces metered-dose Inhaler for accurate dose control appeared first on NS Medical Devices.

Intestinal Stretch Tells Brain to Switch Off Appetite

By mapping and manipulating the different types of sensory neurons that send signals from the gastrointestinal system back to the brain via the vagus nerve, UCSF researchers showed that it is the mechanoreceptors in the intestine, more than those in the stomach, that effectively switch off hunger-promoting neurons in the brain’s hypothalamus. The post Intestinal Stretch Tells Brain to Switch Off...

Too Few Medicare Beneficiaries With Diabetes Getting Eye Exams

FRIDAY, Nov. 15, 2019 -- Nationwide, about half of Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries with diabetes had eye exams in 2017, according to research published in the Nov. 15 issue of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Morbidity and...

Weill Cornell Medicine and GHESKIO Receive Grant to Improve Blood Pressure Control in Haiti

Weill Cornell Medicine and GHESKIO have received a two-year $158,000 grant from LINKS to support the institutions’ work addressing high blood pressure in Haiti’s most vulnerable communities.

AstraZeneca's Qtrilment scores European authorisation in type 2 diabetes

Qtrilmet (metformin hydrochloride, saxagliptin and dapagliflozin) has secured approval in Europe, its manufacturer AstraZeneca has revealed, as a therapy to improve glycaemic control in adults with type-2 diabetes (T2D). Specifically, the approval covers T2D patients who have not experienced adequate glycaemic control with metformin with or without sulphonylurea and in combination with either Ongl...

Biotech Roundup: Gottlieb v. Juul, Solid Slumps, Avidity Gets $100M & More

Lung injuries connected to the use of electronic cigarettes have topped 2,000 and killed 40 people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s still unclear whether the cases are tied to legally sold products or devices modified by e-cigarette users, but the CDC this week identified a “potential toxin of concern”—Vitamin E […]

Permobil launches SmartDrive PushTracker E2, bringing manual wheelchair users a new level of independence

SUNDSVALL, Sweden, Nov. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Permobil launches the most advanced wheelchair power assist system on the global market. A gesture-controlled smartwatch app enables users to simply tap the wheel to control the powerful SmartDrive MX2+ motor via Bluetooth. Steep slopes and uneven surfaces are tackled with ease, enabling active lifestyles. Permobil SmartDrive with PushTrac...

Pakistan deploys new vaccine against 'superbug' typhoid outbreak

Pakistan began vaccinating millions of children against typhoid on Friday to try to control a drug-resistant superbug outbreak of the fever that has already infected some 11,000 people since 2016 and risks spreading internationally.

Humanigen to Present at the 2019 Stifel Healthcare Conference

BURLINGAME, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 15, 2019 / Humanigen, Inc., (OTCQB:HGEN) ("Humanigen"), a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of next generation chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T) and other cell therapies, today announced that Dr. Cameron Durrant, Humanigen's chief executive officer, will present at the upcoming 2019 Stifel Healthcare Conf...

New Device Enables Rapid, Reproducible Cooling of Laboratory Samples

Asynt announces FroSyn - an innovative fluid-free cooling plate that enables rapid cooling of samples in vials or round bottom flasks (up to 500 mL) to below -60 °C. Designed in conjunction with temperature control specialists - Julabo GmbH, FroSyn represents a next generation sustainable alternative to using traditional ice and dry ice (CO2) cooling baths...

Daré to Add Microchip-Based Birth Control to Women’s Health Portfolio

The list of activities our smartphones can control grows daily. Transfer money? It’s simple. Order groceries? That, too. Turn off the bedroom lights? Check. How about contraception? Advancing new forms of birth control is a central focus at Daré Bioscience (NASDAQ: DARE), a San Diego-based biopharma company that’s built a pipeline of experimental devices and […]

Thursday 14th November 2019

How nematodes outsmart the defenses of pests

(University of Bern) The western corn rootworm, one of the world's most damaging maize pests, can use plant defense compounds to defend itself against its own natural enemies, so-called entomopathogenic nematodes. However, the nematodes can become immune against these compounds in turn, which enhances their ability to fight the western corn rootworm, as researchers at the University of Bern show. ...

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