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Monday 14th January 2019

New Theory for Intelligence and Cortical Computation

Scientists at the company Numenta have proposed a new theory about how the human brain works. While neuroscientists have amassed large amounts of detailed factual knowledge about the brain, there remains no unifying theory as to what intelligence is and how the b

Sunday 13th January 2019

Numenta publishes breakthrough theory for intelligence and cortical computation

(Krause Taylor Associates) Numenta researchers propose a broad framework for understanding what the neocortex does and how it works. 'The Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence' proposes that every part of the neocortex learns complete models of objects and concepts, rather than learning one model of the world.

Monday 15th October 2018

Numenta Introduces Breakthrough Theory for Intelligence and Cortical Computation

“The Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence” offers significant implications for the fields of neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Understanding how the human brain works is considered one of the greatest unsolved scientific challenges. Neuroscientists have amassed an enormous amount of detailed factual knowledge about the brain, yet there re...

Sunday 5th August 2018

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Thematic Research [Report Updated: 25052018] Prices from USD $3995

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Thematic ResearchSummaryMachine learning is an Artificial Intelligence AI technology that allows machines to learn by using algorithms to interpret data from connected things to predict outcomes and learn from successes and failures.There are many other AI technologiesfrom image recognition to natural language processing, gesture control, context awareness, a...

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