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Monday 21st May 2018

Resistance, eco-friendly and big data: The future of agrarian matters

Cutting-edge technologies and equipment found at Asia Agri-Tech Expo from July 26-28 TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Cross-cutting business model can now be seen in the fields of agriculture, aquaculture and livestock. The Asia Agri-Tech Expo and Forum is a comprehensive expression of it.  Focusing on smart agriculture, innovative technologies and features of energy saving ...

Women’s Tennis Association to Use Masimo MightySat™ Fingertip Pulse Oximeters to Advance Player Health and Performance

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and Masimo (NASDAQ: MASI) announced today that the WTA’s Sport Sciences and Medicine (SS&M) team will immediately begin using Masimo MightySat™ as part of their mission to provide comprehensive care for athletes on the women’s professional tennis circuit. This press release features multimedia. View the full ...

Sunday 20th May 2018

ResMed-sponsored Studies Show Combining Home Oxygen and Home Non-invasive Ventilation is a Cost Effective Treatment for COPD

Studies presented at the ATS 2018 International Conference demonstrate that combining home non-invasive ventilation with home oxygen therapy is more cost effective for patients with COPD and reduces risks of mortality and hospital readmission ResMed (NYSE: RMD, ASX: RMD) announced today the results of two clinical analyses conducted for the U.K. and U....

Thursday 17th May 2018

Your NEJM Group Today: Digoxin Toxicity / Too Much Oxygen Harmful / Nebr. FM Opportunity

Take a look at what we've hand-picked for you today: NEJM Resident 360: Clinical Pearls: What are some of the risk factors for digoxin...

Hypoxia Not Linked With Nocturia

Rather intermittent oxygen desaturation was associated with a 3% greater likelihood of nocturia.

Too Much Oxygen Is Harmful

A meta-analysis shows significantly higher mortality with liberal use of supplemental oxygen in acutely ill patients.

Laser Hair Loss Treatment Market Boosted by Increase in Home Care Products | Technavio

Technavio’s latest market research report on the global laser hair loss treatment market provides an analysis of the most important trends expected to impact the market outlook from 2018-2022.

Wednesday 16th May 2018 to Present Expanded Data on ALADIN and New Data on ADVANCE Expanding Its Stroke Pipeline at the 2018 ESOC

Breadth of ALADIN data to reinforce results in expanded scans across multiple centers Important research will highlight a potential use case for’s deep learning, artificial intelligence algorithms beyond acute ischemic stroke., Inc., an applied artificial intelligence healthcare company, annou...

LifePlus Announces World’s First Non-Invasive Continous Blood Glucose Monitoring Wearable

Company Also Announces Five Active Global Trials and Plans to License Patent-Pending Software LifePlus Inc. today announced that it has entered the multi-billion-dollar smart medical wearables category with the introduction of Lifeleaf - the world’s first non-invasive continuous blood glucose monitoring multi-sensor wearable device. In addi...

Bioverativ and Sangamo Announce FDA Acceptance of IND Application for Gene-Edited Cell Therapy BIVV003 to Treat Sickle Cell Disease

Bioverativ Inc., a Sanofi company dedicated to transforming the lives of people with rare blood disorders, and Sangamo Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:SGMO) announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accepted the Investigational New Drug (IND) application for BIVV003, a gene-edited cell therapy candidate for the treatment of people wit...

Tuesday 15th May 2018

UTHealth researcher reveals results of study on emergency breathing tubes

(University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston) In a landmark study, researchers found that patients treated with paramedic oxygen delivery using a newer, more flexible laryngeal breathing tube may have a greater survival rate after sudden cardiac arrest than the traditional intubation breathing tube.

Photosynthesis involves a protein 'piston'

(Osaka University) The photosystem I (PSI)-ferrodoxin (Fd) complex is important in electron transfer during photosynthesis, through which plants convert sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water into complex chemicals and oxygen. An Osaka University-led international collaboration recently crystallized the PSI-Fd complex for the first time. They found that the PSI-Fd complex contained Fd with weak and s...

Hippo waste causes fish kills in Africa's Mara River

(Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies) Ecologists have long known that agricultural and sewage pollution can cause low oxygen conditions and fish kills in rivers. A study published today in Nature Communications reports that hippo waste can have a similar effect in Africa's Mara River, which passes through the world renowned Maasai Mara National Reserve of Kenya, home to more than 4,000 hippos.

Hydrogen peroxide assists sexual reproduction in spruce

(Lomonosov Moscow State University) Plant physiologists from MSU proved for the first time that dangerous reactive oxygen species that are often considered as by-products of energy generation in cells, are required by the conifers to fertilize the egg cell. Experiments with pollen of blue spruce (Picea pungens) helped to find a protein that makes the whole system work. The scientists believe that ...

Ambient Oxygen and Its Effect on Surgical Fires

In a new article in Anesthesia Progress, researchers study the correlation between oxygen saturation levels and the increased risk for surgical fires during oral surgery. The researchers found that the higher the oxygen saturation and flow rate, the more likely a surgical fire is to occur. LAWRENCE, Kan. (PRWEB) May 15, 2018 Anesthesia Progress – As office-based oral surgeries are becoming more...

Six Years of Exercise?or Lack of It?May Be Enough to Change Heart Failure Risk

Unlike heart attack, in which heart muscle dies, heart failure is marked by a long-term inability to pump enough blood to bring needed oxygen to the body

Monday 14th May 2018

Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia - A Pipeline Analysis Report| Technavio

Technavio presents its latest pipeline analysis report on the bronchopulmonary dysplasia market

Ancora Heart Expands Enrollment of U.S. Early Feasibility Study for the AccuCinch System for Left Ventricular Repair

Study Evaluates Safety of First-of-Its-Kind Therapy Designed to Directly Target Systolic Heart Failure Ancora Heart, Inc., a company developing a novel therapy to address heart failure, today announced the expansion of the company’s U.S. feasibility study to evaluate the investigational AccuCinch® Ventricular Repair System designed for the treatment...

Medical News Today: What is necrotizing pancreatitis?

Necrotizing pancreatitis occurs when parts of the pancreas die from lack of blood and oxygen. Bacteria may invade these dead tissues, causing life-threatening infections. This article looks at the causes and symptoms of necrotizing pancreatitis, as well as how to treat it. We also cover ways to prevent pancreatitis.

New Study Investigates the Economic Impact and Utility of Continuous Noninvasive Hemoglobin Measurement with Masimo SpHb® in Reducing Unnecessary Blood Transfusions

Masimo (NASDAQ: MASI) announced today the findings of a recently published study in which researchers evaluated the utility of Masimo noninvasive and continuous hemoglobin (SpHb®) in reducing the number of unnecessary blood transfusions, thus reducing costs and improving quality of care.1 In the study, Dr. Ribed-Sánchez and colleagues at...

Friday 11th May 2018

Adding chemotherapy to treatment regimen can give children with PVS a chance to grow up

Pulmonary vein stenosis (PVS) is a rare disease in which abnormal cells build up inside the veins responsible for carrying oxygen-rich blood from the lungs to the heart. It restricts blood flow through these vessels, eventually sealing them off entirely if left untreated.

TherOx closes debt financing

TherOx Inc. (medical devices for treating acute myocardial infarction) raised an undisclosed amount in debt financing led by ...

Drug-Resistant Melanoma Acquires Exploitable Vulnerability

Cancer cells that develop resistance to one or more drugs will simultaneously develop a new weakness that could feasibly make them susceptible to other anticancer treatments. The trick is knowing what that new vulnerability is and how to exploit it. Scientists headed by a team at the Oncode Institute and Netherlands Cancer Institute have now identified a weakness that emerges in BRAF-mutant melano...

Sequential Therapy Exploits Acquired Vulnerability to Kill Drug-Resistant Melanoma

Cancer cells that develop resistance to one or more drugs will simultaneously develop a new weakness that could feasibly make them susceptible to other anticancer treatments. The trick is knowing what that new vulnerability is and how to exploit it. Scientists headed by a team at the Oncode Institute and Netherlands Cancer Institute have now identified a weakness that emerges in BRAF-mutant melano...

Thursday 10th May 2018

Medical Device Distributors Add Uni-flo2 Single-Nasal Cannula System to Product Portfolios: Patient Demand Grows for Comfortable, Safer, Less Visible Cannula

Extremely high patient satisfaction and clinician confidence drive adoption Uni-flo2 Single-nasal Cannula System, a breakthrough patient-centric solution that ensures continuous oxygen flow equivalent to the dual-pronged cannula but with half the skin contact, reports increased consumer demand for the device which provides greater comfor

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