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Friday 22nd June 2018

Spoločnosť MediaCom sa stala mediálnou sieťou roka počas festivalu Cannes Lions 2018

Kampaň ovenčená cenou Grand Prix, Food Love Stories od Tesca (Potraviny v Tescu milujú príbehy), pomohla tomuto gigantovi medzi maloobchodnými reťazcami, premeniť nákup potravín z funkčnej záležitosti Read more...

Tuesday 13th March 2018

ROKA Launches Ultralight Advanced Performance Eyewear with World-Class Roster of Athletes

New advanced performance eyewear line designed for maximum speed, comfort, and protection for the most demanding athletes on Earth. ROKA Sports Inc., the Austin, TX based performance multisport company, has announced the release of its new Advanced Performance for Extreme Conditions (A.P.EX) line of eyewear. The collection was designed from scra...

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