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Friday 15th February 2019

Dr. Martin Courtney Offers LANAP Laser Gum Disease Treatment in the San Fernando Valley

The LANAP treatment provides a solution for patients looking to address their gum disease without the fear of cut and sew surgery. NORTHRIDGE, Calif. (PRWEB) February 15, 2019 Dr. Martin Courtney is pleased to offer the LANAP® protocol gum disease treatment and LAPIP™ protocol for ailing dental implants to the Northridge and surrounding areas. Dr. Courtney's decision to become LANAP pr...

Daily briefing: How one academic couple solved the two-body problem

The nature of the biological material and the irreproducibility problem in biomedical research

Biomedical research has a reproducibility problem since various crucial landmark papers could not be independently reproduced. While there are many causes related to statistical analysis, methodology or insufficient reporting of experimental details, this commentary argues that the complexity of biological material itself is, until now, a largely ignored source of irreproducibility. By discussing ...

John Muir Middle School and Health Net Celebrate National No One Eats Alone Day

Los Angeles Chargers players visited students to bring awareness to social inclusion Students, professional athletes and a corporate leader came together at John Muir Middle School in Los Angeles today to celebrate a positive prevention initiative designed to promote inclusion. Representatives from Health Net, LLC (Health Net) hosted an...

-Janssen's #esketamine drug recommended by #FDA panel for #depression - Feature: Solving the drug development problem - #FMD would not apply in case of no-deal #Brexit - Gilead's CAR-T therapy #Yescarta rejected for #NHS use in #Scotland http://bit.

-Janssen's #esketamine drug recommended by #FDA panel for #depression - Feature: Solving the drug development problem - #FMD would not apply in case of no-deal #Brexit - Gilead's CAR-T therapy

CRISPR/Cas9-mediated PINK1 deletion leads to neurodegeneration in rhesus monkeys

What It Will Take For Humans to Be Self-Sustaining in Space

We take for granted that we live on a planet that is rich in life. With over 14 million identified species, the sheer biodiversity on Earth is outstanding. We depend on this diversity for food and resources, which in return allow us to flourish and thrive. However, this symbiotic relationship doesn’t necessarily exist for the […]

‘Lack of cleaning’ in brain cells is central to Alzheimer’s disease

An international research team with representation from the Univ

-Janssen's #esketamine drug recommended by #FDA panel for #depression - Feature: Solving the drug development problem - FMD would not apply in case of no-deal #Brexit - Gilead's CAR-T therapy #Yescarta rejected for #NHS use in #Scotland

-Janssen's #esketamine drug recommended by #FDA panel for #depression - Feature: Solving the drug development problem - FMD would not apply in case of no-deal #Brexit - Gilead's CAR-T therapy #Yesca

WHO creates committee to develop guidelines for gene-editing in humans

The World Health Organization announced it has created an international committee consisting of 18 members that will establis -More- 

Bioheng Closes $15 Million Funding from Decheng Capital for CAR-T Products

Nanjing Bioheng Biotech completed a $15 million Series A financing, with all of the funds invested by Decheng Capital. Bioheng, which focuses on cell therapy products, is developing a universal CAR-T product that it expects will lower the cost of CAR-T therapies and solve the problem of graft v. host rejection. Founded in 2017, the company says it will use the proceeds to hire additional personnel...

Thursday 14th February 2019

The fourth volume of Anti-obesity Drug Discovery and Development is now published

(Bentham Science Publishers) Obesity is a complex health problem, caused by a number of factors such as excessive food intake, lack of physical activity, genetic predisposition, endocrine disorders, medications and psychiatric illnesses.

Bentham's latest book explores the subjective science of consciousness

(Bentham Science Publishers) 'A Blueprint for the Hard Problem of Consciousness' addresses the fundamental mechanism that allows physical events to transcend into subjective experiences, termed the Hard Problem of Consciousness. Consciousness is made available as the abstract product of self-referent realization of information by strange loops through the levels of processing of the brain.

Periodic table still influencing today's research

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the periodic table, and the principles that drove Dmitri Mendeleev to construct his table are still influencing today’s research advances. In a special issue of Science, which celebrates this sesquicentennial anniversary, a Michigan State University scientist highlights some of the current research around the globe driven by Mendeleev’s influence. ...

Cross-species Cancer Comparison Uncovers New Drug Targets

NewsNew drug targets for a rare form of melanoma may result from the discovery of similar genetic mutations found in humans, dogs and horses.

Central Garden & Pet Company Names New Independent Director

Central Garden & Pet Company (NASDAQ: CENT) (NASDAQ: CENTA), a leading innovator, producer and distributor of branded and private label products for the lawn & garden and pet supplies markets, today announced that it has appointed a new independent director, Christopher Metz, to the Company’s Board of Directors, effective immediately. The appointment ...

Physicians Committee Launches Public Health Campaign to Educate Consumers on Preventing Colon Cancer

Doctors Urge Bacon Producers to Create and Promote Plant-Based Bacon A hard-hitting TV advertisement, “Window,” is scheduled to air beginning Feb. 13 and it will run through Feb. 19 on either MSNBC or Fox News Channel in the 18 states with high death rates from colorectal cancer. The ad highlights the increased colorectal cancer risk associated wit...

Medality Medical™ LLC Receives FDA Investigational Device Exemption Approval for Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes Clinical Trial

Medality Medical LLC, a U.S.-based medical technology company, announced that it has received U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) approval to undertake a clinical trial of its patented proprietary medical device and surgical procedure designed to reverse type 2 diabetes and associated obesity. According to the A...

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Researchers Urge High-Tech Firms to Leverage Talents of Neurodiverse Workers

WPI researchers examine how technology companies can take steps to recognize and create inclusive strategies for workers with neurological variations, such as autism spectrum disorder. WORCESTER, Mass. (PRWEB) February 14, 2019 A newly published academic paper by Worcester Polytechnic Institute researchers says that high-tech firms need to take advantage of the talents of a growing neurodiverse w...

Two Crises In One: As Drug Use Rises, So Does Syphilis

A significant portion of syphilis transmission in heterosexuals occurs among people who use drugs, particularly methamphetamine, a new report shows. Public health officials warn that you can’t treat one problem without addressing the other.

Protein Released From Fat After Exercise Improves Glucose

NewsAfter performing experiments in both humans and mice, the researchers found that exercise training causes dramatic changes to fat. Co

Physicians for Informed Consent to Host Workshop & Luncheon in Southern California

Think tank will unite doctors dedicated to safeguarding informed consent in vaccination NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (PRWEB) February 14, 2019 The nonprofit educational organization, Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC), has opened registration for the PIC Workshop & Luncheon. Scheduled for March 17, 2019, at the Hilton Orange County in Costa Mesa, California, the event will focus on medical ethics...

Senators Scold Pentagon Leaders Over Reports Of Widespread Safety Hazards Plaguing Homes On Military Bases

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) pledged to make military housing reform the subject of further Senate hearings and said Congress must halt the problems. The problem came to light when Reuters reported that the living conditions for families on military bases were often slum-like and unsafe.

Humans Are Still Mating with Neandertals

A Valentine’s Day meditation on why bright women sometimes gravitate to not-so-bright men -- Read more on

Medical News Today: What types of food are surprisingly unhealthful?

Unhealthful food types include some breads, bottled smoothies, instant oatmeal, and trail mix. Learn more about the most surprisingly unhealthful foods here.

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