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Monday 18th March 2019

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Receives $1.6M Grant to Study Retinoblastoma

David Cobrinik, MD, PhD, investigates how light-sensing cells of the eye turn cancerous Retinoblastoma is a tumor of the retina that generally affects children under 5 years of age and accounts for approximately 4% of childhood cancers. If not diagnosed early, retinoblastoma may result in loss of one or both eyes and can be fatal. David Cobr

. @broadinstitute, @RareCancerRF's , @LUNGevity Foundation Partner to Develop #lungcancer Models: 

. @broadinstitute, @RareCancerRF's , @LUNGevity Foundation Partner to Develop #lungcancer Models: 

Daily Low-Dose Aspirin No Longer Recommended by Doctors, if You’re Healthy

New guidelines suggest the risk of bleeding outweighs the heart benefits among healthy adults who take low-dose aspirin.

Women's Excellence Hosts Healthy Woman Show on Wednesday, March 20 at 7pm

The March show highlights the Women’s Excellence Midwifery practice and the Karmanos Natural Birth Center at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak. ROYAL OAK, Mich. (PRWEB) March 18, 2019 Women’s Excellence in Obstetrics and Gynecology hosts the “Healthy Woman Show” on WJR 760AM radio on the third Wednesday of each month. The March show airs Wednesday, March 20 at 7pm. This show highlights the ...

Puma Biotechnology Presents Interim Results from the Phase II SUMMIT Trial of Neratinib for HER2 (ERBB2) Mutant, Metastatic Cervical Cancer at the Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) 2019 Annual Meeting

Oral Plenary Presentation Receives SGO Presidential Award Puma Biotechnology, Inc. (Nasdaq: PBYI), a biopharmaceutical company, announced today that updated results from the cervical cancer cohort of SUMMIT, an ongoing Phase II basket trial examining the efficacy of neratinib in HER2-mutated cancers, were reported at the Society of Gynecologic Oncology...

Are Some Fruits More Fattening Than Others?

It’s time to clear up some confusion about fruit, sugar, fructose and how this all fits together into a healthy diet -- Read more on

Exploring Life and Death of Cells, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Biomedical Engineer’s Research Could Lead to Better Understanding of Cancer, Heart Disease

With funding from the National Science Foundation, Kristen Billiar will study how mechanical stresses regulate cell death and possibly contribute to a range of illnesses WORCESTER, Mass. (PRWEB) March 18, 2019 With a three-year, $446,563 collaborative grant from the National Science Foundation, Kristen Billiar, professor and head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Worcester Polytechni...

Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Annual Fundraiser, May 6-12, 2019

Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer, dedicated to raising funds for breast cancer research since 1999, is excited to celebrate its 20th anniversary during its annual May 6-12, 2019 fundraiser. For twenty years, local restaurants, bakeries, and retail stores have participated in this event by offering a special dessert or sweet, funds from which support breast cancer research. This year’s monies will ...

Measles Hearings Offer Counterpoint To Pricing Spotlight: Vaccines Touted As Cost-Effective Solution To Outbreaks

Congressional hearings on the recent outbreaks of measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases offered a positive theme for the industry during...   

Opioids, Old Initiatives Dominate FY 2020 US FDA Funding Increase

The agency requested a funding increase in part to implement 2018 legislation intended to combat the opioid crisis, but also...    

Payment Systems Must Realign Accountability, Capability for True Population Health Gains, AJAC® Study Authors Say

Social determinants of health, including stress, social support and environmental hazards, among other factors, impact the lives of patients beyond the clinic door. It is unclear which health system stakeholders should own the responsibilities of improving these health-related measures, yet US payment systems are moving to hold individual providers account...

Advanced Bionics Starts 2019 Strong with Innovations Benefiting Consumers and Professionals

—The leader in cochlear implants releases exciting product upgrades to meet the needs of the marketplace— Advanced Bionics (AB) demonstrates its commitment to their customers and hearing professionals by announcing a wide range of product enhancements to their innovative hearing solutions. Among these are the

How to detect ovarian cancer earlier

Fewer than half of ovarian cancer patients survive until five years after diagnosis. According to the American Cancer Society, this is because only about one-fifth of ovarian cancer cases are detected early, when the chances of successful treatment and...

Pairwise Licenses CRISPR Technologies from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Broad Institute

Pairwise receives exclusive license to specific MGH CRISPR technology, and non-exclusive license from Broad Institute for plant-based applications Pairwise, a growing agriculture and food company, today announced the company has entered into licensing agreements with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard...

Cell Mogrify receives funding for regenerative cell therapy research

The funding from Innovate UK is designated to accelerate regenerative cell therapies, focusing on data-driven cell conversions

CURE Media Group Named the 2019 Ovarian Cancer Heroes®

CURE Media Group’s flagship product, CURE® magazine, which reaches over a million patients, survivors and caregivers and is dedicated to providing cancer updates, announced the 2019 Ovarian Cancer Heroes® who have made a difference in the field. The event was held during the Society of Gynecologic Oncology Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer. This...

What’s New in Healthcare? | Infiniti Research Identifies Top Trends and Key Events That Would Redefine the Future of Healthcare

A well-known market intelligence company, Infiniti Research, has announced the completion of their recent article on healthcare industry analysis 2019. This article identifies the top healthcare industry trends and also provides insights into some key events that would revolutionize the future of

Mogrify receives Innovate UK funding to accelerate regenerative cell therapies

A UK-based cell therapy company has been awarded almost half a million pounds in funding from Innovate UK.

Patience and Planning: Mary Jane Minkin, MD of MadameOvary Weighs in on Lifestyle Tips for Couples Trying to Conceive

An increasing number of studies are emphasizing the importance of lifestyle changes when trying to conceive. The latest, as determined by researchers from Washington University in St. Louis, reports that going to bed on time and getting enough sleep may reduce the time it takes to become pregnant. “For many

ACC/AHA guideline for prevention of cardiovascular disease released

The choices we make every day can have a lasting effect on our heart and vascular health. Adopting a heart healthy eating plan, getting more exercise, avoiding tobacco and managing known risk factors are among the key recommendations in the 2019 Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease guideline from the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association.

Study: Post-traumatic holocaust survivors transmit negative views on aging to offspring

Favorable views on aging promote a general sense of wellbeing, increase self-efficacy, and motivate older adults to maintain a healthy lifestyle, ultimately influencing their own physical and biological aging. But exposure to trauma, directly or indirectly, may significantly impact these views, according to a new study.

Imara closes $63M Series B funding round for blood disorder drug development

The company is developing a drug that targets the same pathway as the chemotherapy agent hydroxyurea, but is designed for a better safety profile.

Edison initiates coverage on Actinogen Medical (ACW)

Edison Investment Research Limited 18-March-2019 / 12:33 GMT/BST London, UK, 18 March 2019 Edison initiates coverage on Actinogen Medical (ACW) Actinogen Medical is an ASX-listed Australian biotech developing its lead asset Xanamem to treat cognitive impairment that occurs in chronic neurodegenerative diseases. Xanamem(R) is a selective 11β-HSD1 inhibitor that is able to cross the bloo...

miR Scientific Presents a New Non-invasive Test for Identifying Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer

New Highly-Sensitive Detection Technology using miRNA and snoRNA Expression Signatures Unveiled at EAU 2019 Proprietary, non-invasive liquid biopsy urine test definitively detects, accurately scores and continuously monitors prostate and bladder cancers miR Scienti

Healthy fats improve nerve function in obese mice

Swapping dietary saturated fats for monounsaturated fats reverses nerve damage and restores nerve function in male mice, finds new preclinical research. These data support further investigation of diets rich in healthy fats as a potential treatment for the nerve damage that occurs with diabetes, known as diabetic neuropathy.

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