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Private Vehicle Transport vs. Emergency Medical Services Transport for Penetrating Trauma

These data are provocative but too limited to conclude whether private vehicle transport is truly associated with lower mortality.

Rail Glitch Hits German Chemical Shipments

Delivery of chemical products by rail from north to south through Germany is currently being hampered by the closure of the Rhine Valley Railway line, and this is creating supply shortages and boosting transport costs, the chemical industry association VCI reports. Already, there is a back-up in deliveries of specialty equipment such as tank containers and cooling trucks, said Andrea Heid, who has...

The impact of cytoskeletal organization on the local regulation of neuronal transport

Neuronal trafficking has to meet the requirements of various intracellular compartments. In this Review, Nirschl, Ghiretti and Holzbaur examine how the transport machinery, including the cytoskeleton and molecular motors, is locally regulated to allow neuronal compartment-specific transport.

Role for lysosome transport in Alzheimer's disease progression revealed

Researchers have discovered that defects in the transport of lysosomes within neurons promote the buildup of protein aggregates in the brains of mice with Alzheimer's disease. The study suggests that developing ways to restore lysosome transport could represent a new therapeutic approach to treating the neurodegenerative disorder.

Biologists Discover New Mechanisms of Protein Transport in Plant Cells

Biologists led by Prof. Erika Isono from Konstanz University have discovered a previously unknown function of the SH3P2 protein, which has an important role in protein transport. Plasma membrane proteins that will be degraded are transported to the vacoule, the largest compartment in the plant cell. For this reason, the transport pathway of a prote...

Partnership seeks to advance use of biofuels in transport sector

Ethanol Europe Renewables has partnered with UN Climate Change in its efforts to advocate the transport segment's adoption of -More- 

Quantum transport simulations in a programmable nanophotonic processor

A large-scale, low-loss and phase-stable programmable nanophotonic processor is fabricated to explore quantum transport phenomena. The signature of environment-assisted quantum transport in discrete-time systems is observed for the first time.

Scientists reveal role for lysosome transport in Alzheimer's disease progression

Researchers from Yale University School of Medicine have discovered that defects in the transport of lysosomes within neurons promote the buildup of protein aggregates in the brains of mice with Alzheimer's disease. The study, which will be published August 7 in The Journal of Cell Biology (JCB), suggests that developing ways to restore lysosome transport could represent a new therapeutic approac...

Philips launches IntelliVue X3 in Europe for portable, uninterrupted patient monitoring during transport

Royal Philips, a global health technology company, today announced the release of the IntelliVue X3 in Europe. Designed for portable, uninterrupted monitoring during in-hospital transport and at the bedside, IntelliVue X3 provides an intuitive smart-phone-style operation that quickly and easily enables continuous monitoring during transport for the most critical patients.

Why do we actually have blood?

Just as a village can't grow into a city without some form of transport (road, rail or river) that provides necessary interconnections for it to flourish, living things are limited in the size they can reach unless they have some form of circulatory system to transport nutrients and remove waste.

Superparamagnetic enhancement of thermoelectric performance

The ability to control chemical and physical structuring at the nanometre scale is important for developing high-performance thermoelectric materials. Progress in this area has been achieved mainly by enhancing phonon scattering and consequently decreasing the thermal conductivity of the lattice through the design of either interface structures at nanometre or mesoscopic length scales or multiscal...

New Atellica Solution, Advanced Diagnostics Analyzers from Siemens Healthineers, Now Available for Sale

World’s first IVD analyzers with a patented, bi-directional magnetic sample transport that is 10 times faster than conventional conveyors—expedites delivery of patient results

Cellular transport routes

(University of Konstanz) Konstanz biologists discovered a previously unknown function of the SH3P2 protein, which plays an important role in the protein transport process of plants.

Researchers identify transport mechanism for synaptic junction reinforcement

Learning involves constant restructuring of nerve-cell connections. This requires specialized transport systems to ensure that these specific synapses can structurally and functionally be modified. One such delivery mechanism has now been characterized.

Structural basis of MsbA-mediated lipopolysaccharide transport

Cryo-electron microscopy snapshots of the E. coli flippase MsbA at discrete functional states reveal a ‘trap and flip’ mechanism for lipopolysaccharide flipping and the conformational transitions of MsbA during its substrate transport cycle.

Chevron Phillips Chemical Successfully Commissions New Marlex Polyethylene Units at Old Ocean, Texas

First Phase of new $6 Billion U.S. Gulf Coast Petrochemical Project is now Operational and Poised to Serve the Robust Global Demand for Advanced Polyethylene Resins Chevron Phillips Chemical Compa...

Imperial academic discusses his work on algae fuel factories

Dr Antonio Del Rio Chanona from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London is working on a new, rapid and cost effective way of creating biofuels. If successful his work may help sectors like the transport industry to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels.

Governments need to do more to support older people's transport needs, study suggests

(University of Plymouth) European governments could be doing more to develop transport policies that ensure those over the age of 65 remain active and mobile, according to a new study led by the University of Plymouth with the Erfurt University of Applied Sciences.

Mitochondrial Electron Transport Inhibitor Pipeline Insights, 2017 [Report Updated: 01092017] Prices from USD $1250

DelveInsight's, Mitochondrial Electron Transport InhibitorMechanism of action Insights, 2017, report provides comprehensive insights of the ongoing therapeutic research and development across Mitochondrial Electron Transport Inhibitor. The report provides a complete understanding of the pipeline activities covering all clinical, preclinical and discovery stage products. A comparative pipeline ther...

New insight into a central biological dogma on ion transport

(Aarhus University) New research results from Aarhus University and New York University show how active transport of potassium can be achieved by a membrane protein complex that has roots in both ion pump and ion channel super-families. The results, which have just been published in Nature, shed new light on what define channels and pumps.

Human Tissue May Be Chinese Drone Ehang's Most Popular Transport Item

Chinese tech firm Ehang launched the world’s first passenger drone this year. While the unmanned aerial vehicle awaits the green-light to take flight, the company has already signed a lucrative commercial agreement with a healthcare provider to transport organs for time-sensitive transplant surgery.

Gender makes a world of difference for safety on public transport

Urban environments are not gender-neutral. Architects and urban designers are increasingly seeking to understand how gender-sensitive design can combat the spatial inequities faced by those who identify as women and girls of all demographics, races and socio-economic groups. Public transport spaces, for instance, incubate many systemic issues.

Hitachi Chemical Expands Cell Therapy Manufacturing Capacity

NewsThe expansion includes the addition of 49,700 square feet in a new facility in Allendale, NJ as well as upgrades to its existing facility in that Bergen County community in order to provide manufacturing services for clinical and commercial applications.

Smart Transportation Market by Solution Ticketing Management System, Parking Management Guidance System, Integrated Supervision System, and Traffic Management System and Service Business, Professional, and Cloud Services Global Opportunity Analysis and

The global smart transportation market size was valued at $63,667 million in 2015, and is projected to reach $237,701 million by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 18.6% from 2016 to 2022. Smart transport consists of intelligent transportation systems ITSs that aim to offer innovative and superior services for different modes of transport and traffic management. Use of this system increases the coordinati...

JUMEAUX : Mais pourquoi l'un est-il plus petit que l'autre ? - Scientific Reports

La réponse est dans le placenta, suggère cette étude du Boston Children's Hospital, menée par IRM et qui identifie des différences dans le transport prénatal de l'oxygène de la mère au bébé, via le placenta. Des conclusions présentées dans les Scientific Reports qui associent un transport plus lent de l'oxygè...

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