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Living Water

A device called Living Water will convert your tap water into acidic or alkaline water that supposedly is ionized and has antioxidant properties. There is no evidence that it offers any health benefits.

In Desert Trials, Next-Generation Water Harvester Delivers Fresh Water from Air

NewsA water harvester can extract drinkable water every day/night cycle at very low humidity and at low cost.

How water rules the world

(World Scientific) 'Water Is... The Indispensability of Water in Society and Life' explores the ways-big and small-that water rules the world. It provides a holistic perspective on water, capturing the full breadth of the science, technology, policy, history, and future outlook for the most important substance on earth, written at a level accessible to non-experts in each of these areas.

Wasserlab Autwomatic Plus 1+2 for Type I, II and III lab water

The Autwomatic Plus 1+2 Water Purification System from Wasserlab has the ability to produce three qualities of purified laboratory water used direct from the mains water supply: Type I ultrapure water for HPLC, ICP-MS, IC, TOC analysis, molecular biology, PCR, cell culture, DNA sequencing and monoclonal antibody production; Type II pure water for general laboratory applications such as preparation...

Proof of water wires motivated by a biological water channel

(Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) Aquaporins are proteins that serve as water channels to regulate the flow of water across biological cell membranes. They also remove excess salt and impurities in the body, and it is this aspect that has led to much interest in recent years in how to mimic the biochemical processes of aquaporins potentially for water desalination systems.

Harvesting water from fog with harps (video)

(American Chemical Society) As summertime draws near, some people around the US will face annual water usage restrictions as water supplies become strained. But for those who live in arid climates year-round, water shortages are a constant concern. In these areas, residents must capitalize on even the smallest bit of moisture in the air. Now researchers report in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces...

Santevia Water Systems focuses on body pH to support immunity

Michigan to end free bottled water for Flint, saying water crisis over

For nearly two years, tests have shown that Flint's water is the same or better than similar cities across the state, a statement from Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's office said. When the current supply of state-funded bottled water is depleted, the distribution centers will close and deliveries will end. "The scientific data now proves the water system is stable and the need for bottled water ...

Hot Water Challenge: Why You Shouldn't Pour Boiling Water On Someone

A 15-year old ended up with severe burns after a friend doused him with hot water as a prank.

Gold Water, Silver Water, Copper Water

Ayurveda recommends gold water, silver water, and copper water to treat various conditions. There is no evidence that they work or even that they contain gold, silver, or copper.

Water Use Across the United States Declines to Levels Not Seen Since 1970

Reductions in water use first observed in 2010 continue, show ongoing effort towards “efficient use of critical water resources.”

Nanoscale solution to 'produced water' problem

Oil and water tend to separate, but they mix well enough to form stable oil-in-water emulsions in produced water from oil reservoirs to become a problem. Rice University scientists have developed a nanoparticle-based solution that reliably removes more than 99 percent of the emulsified oil that r...

Every Day Is Earth Day: Taking Action To Protect Clean Water

The public can find out where it's safe to surf, swim or play in the water by checking the results of Surfrider's 40 Blue Water Read more...

Beavers have an impact on the climate

(University of Helsinki) A rising water level affects the interaction between beaver ponds, water and air, as well as the carbon balance of the zone of ground closest to water.

Artificial Intelligence Saves Water for Water Users Associations

NewsThis tool aims to curb the varying demand of water. Contributed Author: 

Harvesting Water From Fog With Harps

NewsAs summertime draws near, some people around the U.S. will face annual water usage restrictions as water supplies become strained. Contributed Author: 

Less water, same Texas cotton

(American Society of Agronomy) In Texas, the Southern High Plains uses water from an aquifer to water cotton fields. However, the aquifer is running low. Scientists from the area are working to find the best irrigation method for cotton that uses the least water.

A Scientist Works to Increase Water Saving Potential of Crops

Water is the one ingredient that plants absolutely depend on. Farmers use irrigation and other cultural practices to make the most of available moisture, but crops are still vulnerable to heat and drought. Plants also lose water through transpiration, which accounts for more than 98 percent of water taken up by plants.Avat Shekoofa, assistant profe...

Determining effective methods of irrigation as water becomes increasingly scarce

(American Society for Horticultural Science) US consumers prefer the idea of using fresh water for any watering needs. In most cases, plants irrigated with recycled water saw no negative impact when compared to the same types of plants irrigated with pure, non-recycled water.

Drinking Water Turned Off in All Detroit's Public Schools

THURSDAY, Aug. 30, 2018 -- Due to elevated levels of lead or copper in drinking water at some schools, drinking water is being turned off in all of Detroit's public schools. Students will use bottled water and water coolers when they return to...

Water-Repellent Surfaces Can Efficiently Boil Water, Keep Electronics Cool

NewsSurfaces that repel water can support efficient boiling if all air and vapor is removed from a system first.Contributed Author: 

Flaw found in water treatment method

(Johns Hopkins University) Some potentially toxic chemicals in water may be created, ironically, during the water treatment process itself.

Vegetarian Diets Use Half As Much Water

The world’s freshwater is in short supply thanks in part to a ballooning global population that uses thousands of liters of water everyday to produce foodstuffs from oil and vegetables to meat, dairy and alcohol. Now researchers have discovered new evidence that a healthy diet, like those followed by pescatarians and vegetarians, also uses significantly less water. “It is a win-win situation,...

Innovative tool allows continental-scale water, energy, and land system modeling

(International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) A new large-scale hydroeconomic model, developed by the Water Program at IIASA, will allow researchers to study water systems across whole continents, looking at sustainability of supply and the impacts of water management on the energy and agricultural sectors.

Biostability of Water - DNA & Cell Analysis Gives Insight

Hot on the Trail of the Biostability of Water Using State-of-the-Art DNA and Cell Analysis. Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences in Krems launches project to study the growth of water-based microorganisms. In order to better understand and assess the quality of ground and spring water, state-of-the-art...

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