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New Publication from AroCell AB Demonstrating the Value of Thymidine Kinase 1 as a Tumor Biomarker

A new review article has been published, Thymidine Kinase 1 as a tumor biomarker: technical advances offer new potential to an old biomarker, that analyses and summarizes recent publications descr...

Potential New Biomarker for the Diagnosis of ALS

A new study has found that an RNA-binding protein called TDP-43 could be a promising new biomarker for diagnosing amyotropic lateral sclerosis.

New biomarker links cancer progression to genome instability

(American Friends of Tel Aviv University) A new Tel Aviv University study identifies elevated levels of a protein called ubiquilin-4 as a new biomarker for genome instability. This novel biomarker provides critical new information about the stage and grade of cancer tumors, as well as the patient's chances of responding to treatment.


Biotechnology, Pharma and Biopharma News – Research – Science – Lifescience ://Biotech-Biopharma-Pharma: BIOMARKER OPERATIONS LEADER .CA-South San Francisco, BIOMARKER OPERATIONS LEADER Company: Genentech, Inc. Location: South San Francisco, CA Position Type: Full Time Experience: See below for details Education: See … Continue reading → Cet article #jobs #lifescience...

Patient-Experienced Toxicity Is a Biomarker Worth Considering

Maurie Markman, MD, says that the acceleration in regulatory agency approvals for novel antineoplastic agents and the focus of biomarker discovery proves that this is the era of precision medicine.

Protein Biomarker Differentiates between Cystitis and Bladder Cancer

Label-free digital pathology using infrared (IR) imaging with subsequent proteomic analysis for bladder cancer (BC) has revealed the first protein biomarker (AHNAK2) for BC. AHNAK2 differentiates between chronic cystitis and a non-muscle invasive-type BC, which is challenging to diagnose. A report (“Integrated Fourier Transform Infrared Imaging and Proteomics for Identification of a Candidate H...

Autism biomarker may aid early diagnoses

A newly discovered group of blood metabolites could act as a biomarker to accelerate the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

Biomarker predicts kidney cancer risk years before diagnosis

Scientists have identified a blood biomarker that could be used to predict the onset of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) years before the disease is diagnosed.

ALS Researchers Discover New Biomarker and Drug Target

A research team led by scientists at Harvard University has found a potential new biomarker and drug target for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The study relied on stem cell models of human motor neurons to reveal the gene STMN2 as a potential therapeutic target. The post ALS Researchers Discover New Biomarker and Drug Target appeared first on GEN - Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News.

Biomarker May Distinguish Parkinson's From MSA

Alpha-synuclein in brain-derived blood exosomes is a potential biomarker that allows Parkinson's disease to be more easily distinguished from multiple system atrophy (MSA). Medscape Medical News

Medical News Today: Bowel cancer: New biomarker may also boost treatment

Researchers investigating a new biomarker for colorectal cancer have also uncovered a novel intervention that might help treat a range of cancer types.

Nightingale Health to Provide Biomarker Analysis for the World’s Largest Blood-Based Prospective Cohort Study in Latin America

Nightingale Health, the Finnish innovator of an internationally recognized blood biomarker technology for studying chronic diseases, will perform large-scale metabolic profiling of the Mexico City Prospective Study cohort by analyzing the biomarker profiles of blood samples from a cohort of 150,000 study participants....

First Biomarker Evidence Autism Is Linked to DDT

A large study provides the first biomarker evidence that maternal exposure to the pesticide DDT may raise the risk for autism in offspring. News Alerts

First-of-its-kind Parkinson's biomarker guidelines invigorates drive for treatments

A slate of guidelines to shape the future of Parkinson's biomarker research have been published.

Biomarker Tests Benefit Certain Cancer Patients

The benefit of biomarker tests has been reinvestigated to support the decision for or against adjuvant systemic chemotherapy in certain...

New Biomarker Recognized For Colorectal Cancers

A recent study identified a new biomarker in colorectal cancers that may assist in early detection of the disease.

Dairy Fat May Protect Against Diabetes, Says Biomarker Study

'We're aware that our biomarker work has limitations...but at the very least, the available evidence about dairy fat does not indicate any increased risk for...type 2 diabetes,' says lead author. Medscape Medical News

Quanterix expands biomarker tech to oncology research

Quanterix is expanding its biomarker technology platform to oncology with the launch of a new test bed for up to 10-plex assays, which will enable drug developers to expedite clinical trials, says CEO.

Potential New Biomarker and Drug Target Found for ALS

A research team led by scientists at Harvard University said it has found a potential new biomarker and drug target for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Published in Nature Neuroscience, the study (“ALS-implicated protein TDP-43 sustains levels of STMN2, a mediator of motor neuron growth and repair”) relied on stem cell models of human motor neurons to reveal […] The post Potential...

C-Path encouraged by FDA to move forward on type 1 diabetes biomarker initiative

(Critical Path Institute (C-Path)) C-Path announced today that its Type 1 Diabetes Consortium has received a positive response to its Letter of Intent from the FDA detailing the its decision to accept the consortium's Biomarker Initiative project into the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research Biomarker Qualification Program. In its LOI, the consortium provided information to support its proposed...

Biomarker Discovered for Common Form of Heart Failure

NewsScientists have discovered a biomarker for the most common type of heart failure.

Mouse Biomarker Predicts Lethality of Human Prostate Cancer

Researchers have demonstrated the relevance of a prostate cancer biomarker found in a genetically engineered mouse model to the diagnosis...

FDA approves drug for cancers with specific biomarker

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on 26 November 2018 that it had approved Vitrakvi (larotrectinib), a treatment for adult and paediatric patients whose cancers have a specific genetic feature (biomarker).

Evidence Builds for Tumor Mutational Burden as Immunotherapy Biomarker

Amid a pressing need to identify patients most likely to respond to immune checkpoint inhibitors, tumor mutational burden has emerged as a highly promising and clinically validated biomarker.

Researchers discover biomarker for most common type of heart failure

A team led by a Cedars-Sinai physician-scientist has discovered a biomarker--a protein found in the blood--for the most common type of heart failure, a new study published today in JAMA Cardiology shows.

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