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With free brain tumor screening, the road to early detection may be filled with potholes

The Brain Tumor Foundation’s Road to Early Detection is in Brooklyn, New York, this week, offering free brain tumor screening in its mobile MRI unit to anyone who signs up. The visit appears to be the foundation’s second stop on its current “sponsor-a-city” campaign. Earlier this year, the campaign visited Saratoga Springs, New York. Some local journalists enthusiastically [...


Barrow receives largest grant in history to seek cure for deadly brain cancer

(St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center) Barrow Neurological Institute has initiated a $50 million effort, supported by the single largest research grant in the history of brain tumor research, to seek a cure for the deadliest form of brain cancer. Funding from The Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation will be used to dramatically accelerate drug discovery and clinical testing for glioblastoma in the...

Brain Tumor Funders’ Collaborative Announces $3 Million in Grants

Funding Will Support 4 Collaborative Teams Funds to Help Bridge the Translational Gap in Brain Cancer Research The Brain Tumor Funders’ Collaborative (BTFC) – six private funders of brain tumor research – today announced $3 million in grants to four multi-institutional teams of researchers and clinicians studying immunotherapy in primary brain tu...

Study shows potential to develop brain tumor liquid biopsies

(Cancer Research UK) Scientists are making strides in developing liquid biopsies for brain tumors by detecting tumor DNA in the fluid from around the brain and spine.

Innovative brain tumor operation set to tailor to patients' needs

One of the biggest challenges facing surgeons carrying out the removal of a brain tumor is working out how much of it they can remove without damaging the patient's life afterwards.

Synodos does it again: Breaking barriers to solve the 'impossible' problems

(Children's Tumor Foundation ) Treatment for low-grade gliomas in patients living with neurofibromatosis type 1 are now one step closer thanks to recent research discoveries initiated and funded by the Children's Tumor Foundation. The Foundation's SYNODOS consortium has just recently been published in Nature Medicine, showing that immunotherapy has the potential to impact gliomas.

Growing brain cancer in a dish

Brain tumors are among the most aggressive and deadly cancers and a leading cause of cancer-related death in children and young adults. Glioblastoma is a particularly aggressive form of brain tumor that is characterized by a very rapid tumor growth of glia cells – the most abundant cell types in th...

Immunotherapy Offers Hope to Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Brain Tumor Patients

Although brain tumors have largely remained resistant to immunotherapy, a new study has shown that a slow-growing brain tumor arising in patients affected by neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) may be vulnerable to that treatment approach. The findings (“The molecular landscape of glioma in patients with Neurofibromatosis 1”), made by an international consortium led by researchers […] The pos...

Cancerous cells in aggressive childhood brain tumor work together to infiltrate the brain, shows study

Scientists have discovered that cancerous cells in an aggressive type of childhood brain tumor work together to infiltrate the brain, and this finding could ultimately lead to much needed new treatments, according to a new study published in Nature Medicine today (Monday).

Boy's brain recovers after visual center removed

Surgery to remove a brain tumor took much of the patient's vision. But the remaining part of his brain has adjusted.

Brain & Behavior Research Foundation awards over $13 million in young investigator grants

(Brain & Behavior Research Foundation) The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation announced the awarding of its Young Investigator Grants to 200 of the world's most promising young scientists. The grants, awarded annually, support the work of early-career scientists with innovative ideas for groundbreaking neurobiological research seeking to identify causes, improve treatments and develop prevention...

Death of Sen. John McCain sheds new light on aggressive brain tumor

The death today of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) sheds a new light on glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer that the American Brain Tumor Association estimated would be diagnosed in nearly 13,000 people this year.

Scientists bring new hope to brain tumor patients

Scientists undertook a groundbreaking large-scale study on secondary glioblastomas (sGBM) to search for new therapy treatments. sGBMs are an aggressive type of brain tumor, target younger patients and existing treatment method is insufficient.

Radiation for Childhood Brain Tumor Can Hinder Memory

TUESDAY, Aug. 21, 2018 -- Radiation therapy for the most common childhood brain tumor can cause memory problems, new research suggests. Specifically, it can leave young survivors struggling to create memories of recent personal events, the small...

The Bigger the Brain, the Bigger the Tumor Risk?

TUESDAY, Nov. 6, 2018 -- The bigger your brain, the greater your risk for a deadly brain cancer, new research from Norway suggests. It's a matter of math: A large brain means more brain cells, and more cells means more cell divisions that can go...

Childhood brain tumor treatment impairs new memory formation

(Society for Neuroscience) Young people who received radiation therapy for the most common pediatric brain tumor struggle to create new memories about specific events, according to a study of children and adolescents published in JNeurosci. Their ability to recall events prior to treatment, however, remains intact.

Are machine learning applications in brain tumor imaging worth the challenge?

When imaging brain tumors such as gliomas, machine learning may advance the use of imaging and augment clinical care for patients, according to a review published Oct. 17 in the American Journal of Roentgenology—specifically in tumor segmentation and MRI radiomics.

A 12-Year-Old Had One-Sixth of His Brain Removed. He Feels ‘Perfectly Normal.’

(The Washington Post) – It was a solution no parent wants to hear: To get rid of a brain tumor and stop their young son’s seizures, surgeons would need to cut out one-sixth of his brain. But for Tanner Collins, … Read More

Fluorescent marker can help guide surgeons to remove dangerous brain tumor cells more accurately

(National Cancer Research Institute) A chemical that highlights tumor cells has been used by surgeons to help spot and safely remove brain cancer in a trial presented at the 2018 NCRI Cancer Conference.

Epigenetic analysis of aggressive brain tumors

(CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences) Glioblastoma is a brain cancer with devastating prognosis. It is caused by numerous genetic defects, which make it difficult to treat. A new study by scientists from CeMM, MedUni Vienna and the Austrian Brain Tumor Registry network demonstrates how epigenetic analysis of tumor samples collected in routine clinical pr...

Scientists One Step Closer to Less Invasive Test for Brain Cancer

ArticleResearchers based in the U.K. have made progress toward developing a liquid biopsy to diagnose brain cancer using tumor DNA in the brain and spine fluid.

Fluorescence Can ID High-Grade Glioma During Sx for Brain Tumor

TUESDAY, Nov. 6, 2018 -- The presence of visible fluorescence can serve as an intraoperative diagnostic surgical biomarker of high-grade glioma within a brain tumor, according to a study presented at the 2018 National Cancer Research Institute...

NSF funds new integrative approaches to cognitive science, neuroscience

(National Science Foundation) The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded funding to 18 cross-disciplinary projects to conduct innovative research on neural and cognitive systems. The awards contribute to NSF's investments in support of Understanding the Brain and the BRAIN Initiative, a coordinated research effort that seeks to accelerate the development of new neurotechnologies.

Cognitive decline -- radiation -- brain tumor prevented by temporarily shutting down immune response

(University of California - San Francisco) In a new study published Nov. 13 in the journal eLife, UC San Francisco scientists report the first animal model of glioma -- the most aggressive and most common form of brain cancer in the US -- that can also be used to study the long-term effects of radiation therapy in tumor-bearing brains. Using this mouse model, the researchers showed that a drug tha...

Building a stronger 'brain' for brain data research

(University of Pittsburgh) The National Science Foundation BIGDATA program awarded $1,200,000 to a research team led by the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering to study the big brain data for complex brain disorders and design new algorithms that address computational challenges in multi-site collaborative data mining.

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