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St. George's University Announces New Medical Education Partnership with California State ...

TRUE BLUE, Grenadaand LONG BEACH, Calif., Feb. 8, 2018/PRNewswire/ -- Today, St. George'sUniversity and California State University, Long Beach, launched a Read more...

California's cap-and-trade air quality benefits mostly go out of state

(San Francisco State University) California has one of the world's most progressive cap-and-trade designed to reduce greenhouse gases. Yet in disadvantaged communities, emissions of those pollutants has actually gone up.

Hot cars can hit life-threatening levels in approximately one hour

(University of California - San Diego) Researchers from University of California San Diego School of Medicine and Arizona State University found that if a car is parked in the sun on a summer day, the interior temperature can reach 116 degrees F. and the dashboard may exceed 165 degrees F. in approximately one hour -- the time it can take for a young child trapped in a car to suffer fatal injuries...

New Allegations Emerge Against University of Southern California’s Longtime Campus Gynecologist

For years, medical workers had accused the Dr. George Tyndall of touching women inappropriately during pelvic exams, as well as making racist and sexual remarks about patients’ bodies. The University of Southern California has come under fire for not immediately reporting him to the state medical board and for not making the allegations about him public until only after the university was approa...

First California State Class Action Lawsuits Filed Against University of Southern California ...

"The conduct alleged to have been committed by USCOB/GYN Dr. George Tyndallis eerily similar to that of Dr. Levy. As with the Hopkins Read more...

Women with polycystic ovary syndrome have less bacterial diversity in gut

(University of California - San Diego) Women who have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a common hormone condition that contributes to infertility and metabolic problems, such as diabetes and heart disease, tend to have less diverse gut bacteria than women who do not have the condition, according to researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, in collaboration with colleag...

What turning 1 California into 3, could, (and most likely) would mean for air

What would happen to California air, should state voters in November – that is, after which, if backed by the state legislature, federal government and possibly the court(s) if need be – decide that it is okay to split the

Molecular motor mystery solved: Novel protein rounds out plant cells' machinery

(Oregon State University) A research team led by an Oregon State University biophysicist and a plant biologist from University of California, Davis has discovered a novel motor protein that significantly expands current understanding of the evolution and design principle of motor proteins.

Day Two Of California Workers’ Strike: ‘We Want To Make A Splash But We Don’t Want To Shut Down The Hospital’

Thousands of University of California workers were joined in sympathy strikes by the California Nurses Association and the University Professional & Technical Employees.

Trump threatens to pull law enforcement from California

US President Donald Trump threatened to pull immigration and other federal law enforcement agents from California on Thursday, a warning shot to the country's richest and most populous state. Complaining that California was not complying with his hardline position on migrants, Trump warned he could cut vital help from Washington and prompt a crime wave. "We are getting no help from the state of ...

State Highlights: Ga. Legislature To Try To Tackle Surprise Billing; Calif. Mulls Requiring Access To Abortion Pills Within University System

Media outlets report on news from Georgia, California, Missouri, Wisconsin, California, New York, Texas, Florida and Minnesota.

Neighborhoods can help buffer impacts from childhood poverty

(San Francisco State University) In one of the first studies to examine the effect of both socioeconomic status and neighborhoods on children's health, researchers at San Francisco State University and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) found that living in higher opportunity neighborhoods may protect children from some of the negative health impacts associated with growing up poor...

Californians launch bid to create new state after accusing government of 'failing' the people

A group seeking to carve out a breakaway state called New California issued a declaration of independence that asserted California’s existing government had “failed in their oath of office, obligations, and responsibilities as representatives of 'We the People' to provide a republican form of government”. It accuses California politicians of “repeated injuries and usurpations, all having ...

Blood biomarkers may allow easier detection, confirmation of concussions

(University of California - Irvine) Researchers from the University of California, Irvine, Georgetown University and the University of Rochester have found that specific small molecules in blood plasma may be useful in determining whether someone has sustained a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), commonly known as a concussion.

#jobs #lifescience University of California, Berkeley: Faculty Position in Chemistry

Biotechnology, Pharma and Biopharma News – Research – Science – Lifescience ://Biotech-Biopharma-Pharma: University of California, Berkeley: Faculty Position in Chemistry . Competitive Salary: University of California, Berkeley: University of California, Berkeley, Chemistry, seeks candidates for a Tenured Faculty position with … Continue reading → Cet article #jobs #l...

Nature has more than one way to make methane, say Utah State University biochemists

(Utah State University) Utah State University biochemists, with collaborators from the University of Washington and Montana State University, report a bacterial, iron-only nitrogenase pathway for methane formation.

Disparities in coastal stream restoration in central California

(University of California - Santa Cruz) Stream restoration efforts along the coast of Central California are unevenly distributed, with activity more likely to occur in areas that are more highly populated and dominated by residents who are 'whiter, wealthier, and more educated,' according to an analysis by researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Nationwide and Multi-State Class Actions Likely Limited by Bristol-Myers Squibb Decision

In Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. v. Superior Court , 137 S. Ct. 1773 , the U.S. Supreme Court held that the California state courts lacked personal jurisdiction over claims made by out-of-state plaintiffs in a mass action, where the plaintiffs did not claim that they were harmed in California and the defendant's relevant conduct did not occur in California.

The odds of living to 110-plus level out -- once you hit 105

(University of California - Berkeley) The chances of reaching the ripe old age of 110 are within reach -- if you survive the perilous 90s and make it to 105 when death rates level out, according to a study of extremely old Italians led by the University of California, Berkeley, and Sapienza University of Rome.

University Of California Workers Launch Massive 3-Day Strike Impacting Medical Centers, Health Professionals

More than 20,000 members of the University of California's largest employee union are joined by the California Nurses Association, whose members work at UC's medical centers and student health clinics, and the University Professional & Technical Employees, which includes pharmacists, clinical social workers, physical therapists, physician assistants and researchers.

State Highlights: University Of California Nabs Two Patents In Epic Battle Over CRISPR Technology; Illinois Welfare Officials Called To Explain Children Being Stuck In Psychiatric Hospitals

Media outlets report on news from California, Illinois, Tennessee, Minnesota, Idaho, Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Maryland and Arizona.

UA scientist studies effects of wildfire management on bird populations

(University of Arizona) On the tail of California's most destructive and expensive year of firefighting ever, it might seem obvious that vegetation removal would reduce the risk of such a year happening again. But scientists from the University of Arizona and the University of California, Berkeley, are showing that in chaparral, California's iconic shrubland ecosystem, management can devastate wil...

California at 'war' with Washington over immigration: governor

California Governor Jerry Brown accused the Trump administration Wednesday of launching a war over the state's protections for illegal immigrants, after the Justice Department sued to block its sanctuary laws. "This is basically going to war against the state of California, the engine of the American economy. It's not wise, it's not right, and it will not stand," said Governor Jerry Brown.

#jobs #lifescience University of California, San Francisco (UCSF): Postdoctoral positions in epigenetic regulation at UCSF

Biotechnology, Pharma and Biopharma News – Research – Science – Lifescience ://Biotech-Biopharma-Pharma: University of California, San Francisco (UCSF): Postdoctoral positions in epigenetic regulation at UCSF . Postdoc Salary starts at $49,188.: University of California, San Francisco (UCSF): University of California … Continue reading → Cet article #jobs #

'Gut instinct' may have been the GPS of human ancestors

(University of Southern California) A University of Southern California study reveals that the nerve connecting the gut to the brain is key for remembering where food is

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