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Recognition and Diagnosis of OSA in Older Americans

Is obstructive sleep apnea in older adults being under-recognized and under-treated? This study aimed to characterize the national scope of OSA risk and likelihood of evaluation in older Americans. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society


Heart Attacks Fall By One-Third Among Older Americans

FRIDAY, March 15, 2019 -- A groundbreaking new study holds heartening news for older Americans. Since the mid-1990s, the number of seniors who suffered a heart attack or died from one dropped dramatically -- evidence that campaigns to prevent heart...

Low Health Literacy Among Older Americans: How Do You Make Proper Health Care Decisions?

More than half of older Americans have “basic” or “below basic” health literacy. How do you make health care decisions when you don’t even understand what the doctor is saying? From The New York Times This Type of Illiteracy Could Hurt You More than half of older Americans lack the skills to gather and understand […]

Study: Poor older Americans most likely to rely on prescription opioids

Among older Americans, the poorest are the most likely to have used prescription opioids, according to a University at Buffalo study providing new insights into unexplored contours of the opioid crisis.

Medical marijuana laws could be improving older Americans' health, study suggests

A study that examined older Americans' well-being before and after medical marijuana laws were passed in their state found reductions in reported pain and increased hours worked.

Vision impairments may increase risk of falls in older adults

Vision impairment and blindness affect one in 11 Americans age 65 and older. Because our population is aging, the number of older adults with vision problems is predicted to rise.

Employers Are Clueless When It Comes To Family Caregiving

As more workers take on caregiving responsibilities, their employers seem less aware of their needs--and how helping them helps firms as well as employees.

The New Old Age: Older Americans Are Awash in Antibiotics

The drugs are not just overprescribed. They often pose special risks to older patients, including tendon problems, nerve damage and mental health issues.

Number of Older Adults at ER for Opioid Misuse Tripled Since 2006

(UPI) – Opioid abuse has fueled a national epidemic and driving older Americans to the hospital to treat their addictions, a new study says. Between 2006 and 2014, emergency room visits tripled for people older than age 65 seeking treatment … Read More

More Americans Are Raising Their Grandkids

MONDAY, Nov. 5, 2018 -- More than 3 million older Americans are now raising their grandchildren as their own, even as they struggle with health problems and financial stresses, a new survey shows. Not only that, the children they take in are more...

This professor began studying Alzheimer's caregivers. Then her mother showed symptoms.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, one in 10 Americans age 65 and older have Alzheimer’s and more studies into Asian Americans are needed.

To Save Time and Money, Companies Roll Out Caregiving Benefits

When Laura Hirsch of Keller Texas had to find a rehabilitation center to help her father recover from a difficult surgery in September, the caregiving service Cariloop saved her a whole day. Reuters Health Information

Medical marijuana laws linked to health and labor supply benefits in older adults

(Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health) A study that examined older Americans' well-being before and after medical marijuana laws were passed in their state found reductions in reported pain and increased hours worked. The study, co-written by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Temple University, suggests medical marijuana laws could be improvin...

Trump administration's 2020 Budget Request 'deeply troubling' for older Americans, AGS

(American Geriatrics Society) Trillions of dollars in cuts to everything from the nation's largest insurer to programs for training more health professionals already in short supply round out a 2020 budget proposal that is 'deeply troubling for older Americans, their families, and their health professionals,' so say experts from the American Geriatrics Society.

Dog walking increases risk of bone fractures in older adults

Older Americans who stay active by dog walking are more likely to fracture a bone than their peers, according to a new study by Penn Medicine researchers.

Here’s what caregiving taught me

Caregiving is often described as a sacrifice. One individual bears a burden to care for another. There’s a connotation of drainage, evocations of burned-out batteries and tired limbs. I was a premedical student. I was aggressive in pursuing an MD. I wanted to be the best doctor I could be. I did not realize that […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, ...

Regular exercise helps older adults reduce their risk of falls, study finds

The study’s findings are potentially important, for falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries in Americans aged 65 and older.

Experts devise social security innovations to meet more Americans' needs

(The Gerontological Society of America) Social Security can be enhanced to provide Americans greater protections against financial risk, according to proposals found in a new supplemental issue of the journal Public Policy & Aging Report from The Gerontological Society of America. The innovations suggested would improve Social Security's adequacy in response to three important trends in the U.S.: ...

Opinion: Restoring trust in medical research among African-Americans

I've devoted my professional life to improving African-Americans' trust in the medical establishment, lately by encouraging them to take part in the @AllofUsResearch ‏project.

G60 Trauma to launch clinical trials with Addison Care virtual caregiving system

Addison Care offers new components to an interactive voice platform, to showcase an interactive augmented reality feature for visual sensing and connected home devices. The virtual caregiving system The post G60 Trauma to launch clinical trials with Addison Care virtual caregiving system appeared first on Compelo Medical Devices.

As Problem Drinking Rises In Older Americans, Geriatrician Offers Tips For Those Who Imbibe Over 65

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® (NDAFW) is a health observance week for teens that's all about drug and alcohol use. But as it turns out, older adults might just benefit from a refresher course on the subject, as research shows they're drinking more than ever.

Survey estimates caregiving costs for family members

"Informal care" is the term used in medicine to describe unpaid care provided by family and friends. It's an important lifeline for millions of older adults in the U.S. who need day-to-day help with shopping, cooking, cleaning, eating, taking medicine, looking after their own daily well-being, and many other activities essential to our health and quality of life as we age.

Older adults with a fall prevention plan less likely to end up in hospital

Older adults who are at risk of falling are less likely to experience fall-related hospitalisations when they have a fall prevention plan, says research in The Gerontologist. A new project called STEADI (which stands for The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Stopping Elderly Accidents Deaths and Injuries Initiative) was developed to prevent falls. It […] The post Older adult...

New study estimates the caregiving costs for families

(American Geriatrics Society) In a new study, researchers focused on one of the most common caregiving arrangements: daughters between the ages of 40 and 70 who were likely to need to provide informal care to their mothers at some point in the near future. Participants were identified using the Health and Retirement Study, a survey conducted by the University of Michigan since 1992. Findings from ...

Philips Cares App Launches to Digitize the Aging and Caregiving Experience

Role reversal, complexity and cost put tremendous strain on families as they go through the challenges of aging. To help family caregivers be there for their loved ones, easing and enriching their aging journey, Philips launched Philips Cares app at CES. Whether caring for a loved one or for themselves, Philips Cares Aging & Caregiving service is a ... Read More

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