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Intiva Health Wins 2018 Sandcastle Startups Challenge at World Tokenomic Forum Annual Summit

The Sandcastle Startup Challenge is a head-to-head bracket style venture challenge for blockchain-related technology startups. The challenge drew 137 competitors from 17 countries, specializing in Read more...

The newest teen challenge: Snorting condoms –

WTSP.comThe newest teen challenge: Snorting condomsWTSP.comAnother internet challenge has some parents on alert and just about everyone's eyebrows standing straight up. Author: WCNC. Published: 9:59 PM EDT March 31, 2018. Updated: 9:59 PM EDT March 31, 2018. Another internet challenge has some parents on alert ...The Condom Challenge Is Getting Teens To Snort Open Rubbers Up Their NoseNewsweekExpe...

Step Up To The Challenge of a New Biotech Job!

Hello biotechnologists, Rise to the challenge and take the stairway to biotech employment. We’re here to help with this list of jobs and internships! Interested in prophylactic vaccines? Check out the position at CureVac! Just starting out? Take a look at the ... This awesome article Step Up To The Challenge of a New Biotech Job! appeared first on Be kind and don't copy it wi...

Healthcare startups take on the challenge of improving medical equipment delivery, tracking

DSV, a global logistics business, notes on its website that supply chain visibility is the biggest challenge to getting supplies delivered on time. Parachute Health is one company that is using its technology to address this challenge and ensure patients get medi

Challenge Accepted! FDA Launches Innovation Challenge to Help Curb Opioid Abuse

With the ever-increasing concerns of the opioid crisis facing the United States, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has launched an “innovation challenge” to spur on the development of medical devices that can combat the crisis and help prevent and treat opioid use disorder.

Condom Snorting Challenge: Why You Should Not Inhale Condoms

Yes, this is actually a challenge that's been spreading among teens and on social media.

Try a different challenge and make it count!

Are you carrying out work on behalf of charities?Would you like to do more in this area?If the answer is yes, tell the industry by entering the new, Charity Challenge today.

Fundraising Feature: Emma triumphs with her Ben Nevis challenge to raise funds for M.E. | 11 June 2018

“The climb itself was both the toughest challenge we had ever done together, but also the most amazing...”

FDA announces opioid addiction-focused medtech innovation challenge

An innovation challenge was launched by the FDA to prompt companies to develop medical devices for detecting, treating and pr -More- 

Dementia is top challenge for NHS in next 70 years, according to new survey

One in four UK adults say they believe dementia is the biggest health challenge facing the NHS in the next 70 years according to a new survey commissioned by Alzheimer’s Research UK, the UK’s leading dementia research charity. The YouGov poll asked participants to consider the cost to the NHS and the number of people […] The post Dementia is top challenge for NHS in next 70 years, accord...

Leading ALK Researcher Tackles Resistance Challenge in NSCLC

Alice T. Shaw, MD, PhD, discusses the challenge of resistance mechanisms in the treatment of patients with non–small cell lung cancer whose tumors harbor ALK rearrangements. 

AMA and Google Launch Healthcare Interoperability and Innovation Challenge to Foster Data Sharing

The American Medical Association (AMA) and Google are teaming up to launch the AMA Health Care Interoperability and Innovation Challenge. Sponsored by Google, the challenge aims to inspire novel examples of mobile health technology – such as wearable devices and applications – that effectively monitor and share medical data between patients and physicians to improve the management .....

ampaigners can challenge gov’t in court over ACO policy

A group of campaigners that includes Professor Stephen Hawking has been given the green light to challenge a government policy in court, which, they argue, could lead to privatisation of the NHS.

The Oxygen Challenge 4 Takes Women's Health And Fitness Transformation -- To The Cover!

Unique to The Oxygen Challenge 4, however, is something not offered by any other online program: The opportunity to LAND THE COVER of an international Read more...

In Case You Missed The ‘Condom-Snorting Challenge’ – And Didn’t Know It’s A Bad Idea – NDTV

NDTVIn Case You Missed The 'Condom-Snorting Challenge' - And Didn't Know It's A Bad IdeaNDTVThe condom-snorting challenge gained increased attention in 2013 when a YouTube video circulated online showing a young woman sucking a condom up her nose. World | (c) 2018 The Washington Post | Lindsey Bever, The Washington Post | Updated: April 03 ...Disturbing social media craze slammed by...

Innovative solutions from participating students seen at Frost Sullivan's 2nd Case Challenge in ...

"This case challenge seeks to offer the next generation leaders an opportunity to present their ideas to address real-world problems faced by businesses or governments Read more...

Patient being charged {pound}54 000 for radiotherapy wins legal aid to challenge rules

A homeless patient with cancer who has lived in the UK for 44 years has been granted legal aid to explore a possible High Court challenge to a decision that he must pay the NHS £54 000 (€61 000; $75...

Simple Models and Ice Bucket Challenge Fuel Progress in ALS Treatment

This Medical News story discusses recent progress in ALS research fueled by work in basic model systems and funding from the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Ohio launches 2nd stage of $8M opioid tech challenge

Ohio kicked off the second phase of its $8 million Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge, which seeks to find technologies to diag -More- 

Boston Pediatric Device Strategic Partner Challenge Winners Announced

The Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator (IDHA) at Boston Children’s Hospital and the Boston Pediatric Device Consortium (BPDC) today announced winners of the Boston Pediatric Device Strategic Partner Challenge, which launched in September 2017 and is designed to advance the development of novel pediatric medical device innovations. The Challenge was funded by the FDA Office of Orphan ......

Next Phase Opens In Ohio's $8M Opioid Technology Challenge

NewsOhio launched the second stage of its global technology challenge Wednesday aimed at finding solutions to the U.S. opioid crisis.Contributed Author: 

Join Labiotech’s Team Challenge: Plastic Free July!

The Labiotech team cares about lots of stuff like biotech, dogs, and keeping straws out of the noses of turtles. So here’s our latest team challenge: Plastic Free July! Who’s joining us? Plastic is everywhere. It packages our food, it ... The post Join Labiotech’s Team Challenge: Plastic Free July! appeared first on

Golden Touch: Next-Gen Optical Disk to Solve Data Storage Challenge

NewsNew technology offer cost-efficient and sustainable solution to global data storage challenge.

AMA, Google Launch Interoperability and Innovation Challenge

Heather LandiThe American Medical Association (AMA) has teamed up with Google on an interoperability and innovation challenge centered on the use of patient-generated health data.

Campaigners can challenge gov’t in court over ACO policy

A group of campaigners that includes Professor Stephen Hawking has been given the green light to challenge a government policy in court, which, they argue, could lead to privatisation of the NHS.

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