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China's Communist Party expels top member ahead of congress

China's Communist Party expelled a top member for "serious discipline violations" on Friday, removing a former contender for a leadership post before a major congress due to consolidate President Xi Jinping's power. Politburo member Sun Zhengcai was kicked out of the party and dismissed from public office after the Political Bureau of the party's central committee approved an investigation's repo...

Key outcomes from Labour’s party conference highlighted by ABPI

Following the recent Labour party conference in Brighton, Elliot Dunster, head of External Affairs, the ABPI, runs through the three key take home messages and what the party’s ‘fourth industrial revolution’ might mean for pharma

Weakened May to cling on after shock UK election result, Brexit plans in tatters

British politics have once again been rocked by a massive shock result. Theresa May and the Conservative party have emerged as the party with the most votes from yesterday's UK general election, but the results are a disaster for the party, whic...

Far-right party likened to Nazis to shake up German parliament

By Michelle Martin FRANKFURT AN DER ODER, Germany (Reuters) - The first far-right party set to enter Germany's parliament for more than a half a century says it will press for Chancellor Angela Merkel to be "severely punished" for opening the door to refugees and migrants. The Alternative for Germany (AfD), which has also called for Germany's immigration minister to be "disposed of" in Turkey wh...

Le Pen is elected French MP but far-right party sapped

France's far-right leader Marine Le Pen won a seat in parliament for the first time on Sunday, but it was a bittersweet victory that masked an electoral debacle for her National Front (FN) party. The feisty 48-year-old, who lost by a 20-point margin to Emmanuel Macron in May's presidential run-off, won handily in her northern fiefdom of Henin-Beaumont, a depressed former mining town, with 58 perc...

China's Xi says study capitalism, but Marxism remains top

Communist Party members should study contemporary capitalism but must never deviate from Marxism, Chinese President Xi Jinping said, offering a clear signal there will be no weakening of party control weeks ahead of a key Congress opening. The party brooks no challenge to its rule, and Xi has overseen a sweeping crackdown on civil society since assuming power almost five years ago, tightening the...

Tokyo governor's party heads for big win in city election

TOKYO (AP) — The new party of the Japanese capital's populist governor appeared headed for a thumping victory Sunday over Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's scandal-laden ruling party in a Tokyo assembly election that could alter national politics, with Abe's historic defeat likely making it difficult for him to achieve his agenda.

Republican senator says he wishes party had stood up to birtherism

A Republican Senator has said he wished the Republican Party had done more to fight birtherism, the racist conspiracy theory surrounding former President Barack Obama’s birthplace. Jeff Flake of Arizona, who was advertising his new book about conservatism on NBC, was asked if the GOP was afraid to put country over party. A lot of people did stand up but not enough,” Mr Flake said.

When It Comes To Path Forward, Intra-Party Discord Isn’t Limited To GOP

There's a strong push from the left-wing of the Democratic Party for a single-payer system, but others aren't convinced that's the way to go.

How the Republican party quietly does the bidding of white supremacists | Russ Feingold

Let us finally rip off the veneer that Trump’s affinity for white supremacy is distinct from the Republican agenda. The phony claimed outrage becomes dangerous if it convinces anyone that there is a distinction between Trump’s abhorrent comments and the Republican Party agenda. It is the unmasking of the Republican party leadership.

China’s 19th Party Congress and How the Mighty Xi Jinping Could Fall

China looks set to be the example of what can happen when nineteenth century absolutism fails in the twenty-first century. The Communist Party will convene its week-long Nineteenth National Congress in Beijing on Wednesday. Xi Jinping, just proclaimed “the world’s most powerful man” by the Economist, looks like he has set in motion a chain of events that will lead to the end of China’s o...

Polls indicate Japanese PM Abe headed for easy victory

In this Oct. 18, 2017, photo, Japan's Prime Minister and President of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party Shinzo Abe delivers a speech in support for his party's candidate during an election campaign for the upcoming lower... . FILE - In this Oct. 8, 2017 file photo, ruling Liberal Democratic Party leader and Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, left, speaks as Party of Hope leader Yurik...

Dallas Cowboys party shooting: Gunman kills seven after opening fire at Texas home

Seven people have died after a gunman opened fire at house party in Plano, Texas. It is believed the shoot-out was prompted by a "domestic dispute" at the party for fans of NFL team the Dallas Cowboys. When the first police officer arrived on the scene just after 8pm in a suburb north of Dallas, he saw bodies on the ground and the suspect shot at him.

Vietnam finds misconduct in city that will host APEC summit

Vietnam's ruling party watchdog on Monday said it had uncovered misconduct by the top officials in a central city that will host world leaders for an Asia-Pacific summit in November, as the communist state steps up a campaign against corruption. The report of irregularities in Danang marked a widening of probes that have so far focused largely on banks and state energy firm PetroVietnam. The par...

How ‘The Party Of No’ Failed To Get To Yes On Health Care, And What That Means For The GOP

The Republicans relearned a hard lesson: It's hard to take away benefits from Americans. Media outlets look at how they got to this point, and what the ramifications are for the party.

Ex-GOP congressman: Ryan would look into impeachment if a Democratic president acted like Trump

Inglis told Yahoo News on Friday that he hoped that Ryan and his party would put country over party and take the investigation seriously.

Armed suspects rob pub full of police officers attending party

Police arrested two men quicker than ever on Tuesday evening after they attempted to rob a bar at gunpoint, where a group of off-duty cops were also having a retirement party.

Oncobiologics announces strategic partnership with GMS Tenshi Holdings Pte. Limited

CRANBURY, N.J., Sept. 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oncobiologics, Inc. (NASDAQ:ONS) today announced that it entered into a Purchase Agreement on September 7, 2017 with GMS Tenshi Holdings Pte. Limited (“GMS Tenshi”), providing for the private placement of up to $25.0 million of Oncobiologics’ Series A Convertible Preferred Stock (“Series A”), as well as warrants to acquire up to an ...

French Socialists face 'unprecedented' losses

The head of the French Socialists admitted his party faced "unprecedented" losses after the country's parliamentary election which could see it lose more than 200 seats. Projections after the first round of the parliamentary vote showed the party falling to 15-40 seats in the new national assembly from 277 currently. If confirmed, the party's collapse would be even worse than in 1993 when it fel...

To Improve smartphone privacy, control access to third-party libraries

Smartphone apps that share users' personal Information often do so through services called third-party libraries, suggesting a new strategy for protecting privacy. CResearchers say controlling access to these third-party libraries, which help app developers make money by targeting people with ads or compiling marketing profiles, promises to be an effective way of limiting the unwanted release of p...

Echoes of Mao: China Communist Party fawns over 'Xi thought'

As the Chinese Communist Party gathers for its most defining congress in decades, a new catchphrase is echoing through Beijing's cavernous Great Hall of the People: Xi Jinping's "new era thought". Next week, the CCP's general secretary may have his name -- and signature ideology -- inscribed in the party's constitution -- symbolising his elevation to the pinnacle of Chinese power. Xi's predecess...

First female head of Japan's opposition Democratic Party resigns

By Linda Sieg TOKYO (Reuters) - The first female leader of Japan's opposition Democratic Party, Renho, said on Thursday she was resigning after her party failed to capitalize on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's sinking support rates and suffered a heavy defeat in a Tokyo election. Renho, 49, was also plagued by a row that erupted when it was discovered last year that she held Taiwanese as well as Jap...

Chinese official: Fallen politician plotted against leaders

BEIJING (AP) — A senior figure in China's ruling Communist Party accused a dismissed regional leader of plotting to "usurp party leadership," adding to accusations against the former rising star.

The Final Humiliation of Reince Priebus

Six years ago, a humble party hack from Kenosha, Wisconsin, took on the thankless job of turning around the Republican Party. As he exits the White House—battered, bruised, and humiliated—Reince Priebus argues he accomplished just what he set out to do.

Quotient Limited to Participate in the Cantor Fitzgerald 2017 Global Healthcare Conference

JERSEY, Channel Islands, Sept. 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quotient Limited (NASDAQ:QTNT), a commercial-stage diagnostics company, today announced that the Company's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Paul Cowan, will present at the Cantor Fitzgerald 2017 Global Healthcare Conference on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time at the InterContinental New York Barclay Hotel....

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