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Heart health calculator predicts CVD risk

A new online heart health calculator can predict the age of hearts and the risk to individuals of a serious cardiovascular event or death... The post Heart health calculator predicts CVD risk appeared first on European Pharmaceutical Review

Cerner and Duke Clinical Research Team Up on Cardiac Risk Calculator App

Cerner has collaborated with Duke Clinical Research Institute to launch an atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) Risk Calculator app, designed as a tool to increase communication between the person and their doctor about ways to live a healthier life and risk factors for heart disease and stroke. The ASCVD Risk Calculator app is now available to ... Read More

Derivation and Validation of the POTTER Calculator

The authors describe the development of an interactive risk calculator for emergency surgery, which may provide a real-time, accurate means of predicting mortality risk. Annals of Surgery

Duke, Cerner Partner on Cardiac Risk Calculator App

David Raths, Contributing EditorEHR vendor Cerner has collaborated with Duke Clinical Research Institute to develop a SMART-on-FHIR atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) Risk Calculator app.

Genetic Digital has completed development of the University of Southampton Liver Traffic Light Calculator iPhone App

Genetic Digital has completed development of the University of Southampton Liver Traffic Light Calculator iPhone App. The live ‘traffic light’ calculator is a test for liver disease suitable for community use that could enhance assessment of liver risk and allow rational referral of more severe disease to specialist care. The algorithm used within this calculator only work...

Risk calculator predicts mortality for PAD patients using EHR data

An automated risk calculator derived solely from variables in an electronic health record (EHR) accurately predicted five-year survival in a community-based cohort of patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD), researchers reported Dec. 1 in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

MRI-Adjusted Risk Calculator Could Reduce Need for Repeat Prostate Biopsies

The use of an MRI-adjusted risk calculator for high-grade prostate cancer could reduce the need for repeat prostate biopsies by more than a third, researchers from the Netherlands report. Reuters Health Information

New health calculator can help predict heart disease risk, estimate heart age

(Canadian Medical Association Journal) A new online health calculator can help people determine their risk of heart disease, as well as their heart age, accounting for sociodemographic factors such as ethnicity, sense of belonging and education, as well as health status and lifestyle behaviors. The process to build and validate the tool is published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).

Lively Improves Healthcare Decisions With Plan Cost Comparison Calculator

Free tool provides dollar-to-dollar comparison across HDHP, PPO, and HMO plans Lively, Inc., creators of the modern Health Savings Account (HSA), today released a health plan cost comparison calculator to help consumers make educated decisions about their healthcare choices during open enrollm

Variation in specialty drug coverage in the U.S.

The U.S. has a decentralized health care system.  This means that depending on your health plan, you may have more or less generous coverage.  But how does coverage vary across plans?  A recent paper by Chambers et al. (2018) looks specifically at coverage of specialty drugs.  Using the Tufts Medical Center’s Specialty Drug Evidence and Coverage…

ACA Coverage Gains Include Workers Without Insurance

THURSDAY, Aug. 16, 2018 -- After the expanded coverage provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) were implemented in 2014, self-employed individuals and wage earners without employer-sponsored health coverage offers had coverage gains equal to or...

Triage Strategy Uses an Algorithm to Diagnose Hypertension

The PROOF-BP calculator accurately classifies hypertensive status and lowers use of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

CMS proposes coverage decision for VNS depression therapy

The CMS last week issued a coverage with evidence development proposal to allow coverage for vagus nerve stimulation therapy  -More- 

Professional fees calculator to be produced by BMA

A tool allowing doctors to calculate what they should charge for services they provide outside their NHS contract is being developed by the BMA.Charges calculated by the new tool will be based on...

Robotic Surgery for Rectal Cancer: General Surgery News Report

(MedPage Today) -- Also, how well does a risk calculator predict emergency surgery outcomes?

CMS Decision Helps Unlock the Potential of Next-Generation Testing

Provisions to a final national coverage determination that expanded coverage for next-generation sequencing tests have implications for any NGS-based cancer test provided to Medicare beneficiaries and will inevitably influence the coverage thinking of commercial payers.  

Morning Break: DNA Risk Calculator; Xolair for Food Allergies; Med Students Ditch School

(MedPage Today) -- Health news and commentary from around the Web gathered by the MedPage Today staff

A Novel Prediction Tool for Hypoxemia During ICU Intubation

The authors of this retrospective analysis of data from two prospective randomized trials of tracheal intubation created a new risk score calculator to identify patients who may develop severe hypoxemia during this procedure.

What's the Verdict for UTIs in Women and Children?

Recent studies support antibiotic selection for adult women and test a handy online calculator that predicts which febrile children have UTI. Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA)

'The Patient Has the Power' in New AHA/ACC Cholesterol Guideline

If the 2013 guideline gave the ASCVD risk calculator too much power, as some held, the mostly well-received update restores it to patients and clinicians, with some left over for coronary calcium scans. Medscape Medical News

Global BMI Calculator Market Status and Outlook 20182025 [Report Updated: 16082018] Prices from USD $4000

Report SnapshotKey Content of Chapters Including and can be customized, report is a semifinished version, and it takes 4872 hours to upgradePart 1:Terminology Definition, Industry Chain,Industry Dynamics Regulations and Global Market OverviewPart 2:Upstream Raw Materials / Components Manufacturing Procurement Methods Channels and Cost , Major Regional Production Overview and Trade FlowPart 3:Pr...

CDC: HPV Vax Coverage Rises Among Teens

(MedPage Today) -- Increase also shown for coverage of quadrivalent meningococcal vaccine

Final Rule Expected Soon on Birth Control Coverage Exemption

(MedPage Today) -- Would allow more organizations not to offer free contraceptive coverage

Do You Get Health Coverage Through Obamacare?

The period for enrolling in insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act begins on Nov. 1. Are you renewing coverage or planning to sign up?

Patients at risk of coverage denial

(Brigham and Women's Hospital) Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital analyzed a national sample of Emergency Department visits between 2011-15 to determine what proportion of them could be denied coverage if commercial insurers across the US adopted the policy of a large national insurer, Anthem Inc., to potentially deny coverage, after the visit, based on ED discharge diagnoses.

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