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Robots have power to significantly influence children's opinions

(University of Plymouth) Young children are significantly more likely than adults to have their opinions and decisions influenced by robots, according to new research.

Advancing Primary Care Through Alternative Payment Models

This article summarizes expert opinions from a recent symposium on the current state of alternative payment methods in the US and Canada. What are the key lessons and implications for policy makers? Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

EU Biosimilar Filings, Opinions And Approvals

A list of EU biosimilar filings, CHMP opinions and EU marketing authorizations, including details of the biosimilar company, ...

Second opinions after breast imaging are worth the time, resources

Second opinions after breast imaging are worth the time, resources mrohman Mon, 05/21/2018 - 21:07 Teaser Media

Researchers find significant value in second opinions from a multi-disciplinary tumor board

Second opinions from a multi-disciplinary tumor board (MTB) at a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer center changed the diagnosis of 43 percent of breast cancer patients, according to a new study published in the Annals of Surgical Oncology.

How do young people feel about guns, gun regulation in US?

(JAMA Network) National polls track adult opinions about guns and gun regulation but how do young feel about that? A new research letter describes youth opinions on guns and gun regulation that were drawn from themes in text message survey responses. The majority of the 772 survey respondents were white females with an average age of 18. Most survey respondents reported the belief that gun control...

New Blincyto indication among negative CHMP opinions

Amgen's Blincyto among negative CHMP opinions

Opinions of Israeli neonatologists about life and death decisions in neonates

When Did Guidelines Become Holy Writ?

(MedPage Today) -- Milton Packer wonders whether our opinions should be worshipped

Opinions Divided at AMA on Prostate Cancer Screening

(MedPage Today) -- Resolution referred for further study

Should MIPS Be Saved? Depends on Who You Ask

(MedPage Today) -- Opinions vary among expert panel on the Medicare reimbursement program

Dentists’ opinions on knowledge, attitudes and barriers in providing oral health care to older people living independently in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium)

Second Opinions of Suspicious Breast Screenings Frequently Changes Interpretations

A total of 35 percent of cancers diagnosed after second-opinion review were not initially detected in the original interpretation.

Risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinions of others, for those voices. Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth.

Katherine Mansfield, writer

Stronger together: AI performs better with radiologist input

Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms perform significantly better when they include the opinions of radiologists, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.

Probably Relevant

How to Develop Yourself as a Leader at Work

We live in a time where there is no shortage of opinions, viewpoints, and advice. Due to this age of over-sharing, it’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. Are you a follower or a leader?

Praying With Patients: Clinicians Debate

Is it a good idea to pray with patients? Physicians, nurses, and other professionals provide a range of opinions. Medscape Family Medicine

Gene drives are getting very close to being able to eliminate malaria. A new paper wipes out mosquito populations. My latest for @GENbio Many thanks to @kesvelt @Omar_Akbari_ @ValentinoGantz and more for the expert opinions.

Gene drives are getting very close to being able to eliminate malaria. A new paper wipes out mosquito populations. My latest for @GENbio Many thanks to @kesvelt @Omar_Akbari_ @ValentinoGantz and more for the expert opinions.

We are predisposed to forgive, new research suggests

New research finds that when assessing the moral character of others, people cling to good impressions but readily adjust their opinions about those who have behaved badly.

With Millions At Stake, New Jersey Won't Accept Junk Science Against Pharma Companies

A pro-business ruling allows judges to prevent experts with opinions not based on accepted science from testifying before jurors.

With Second Opinions, Two Things Invariably Upset Oncologists

In interviews, oncologists reported that two scenarios consistently triggered feelings of insecurity or offense, and both were generated by patients. Medscape Medical News

Current Management of Distal Biceps Tears

Get up-to-date on the most current knowledge regarding treatment for distal biceps tears. Current Orthopaedic Practice

James Munro: Caring about opinions

bmj;361/jun27_8/k2369/FAF1faDuncan SmithBiographyJames Munro, 58, is chief executive of Care Opinion, a not-for-profit organisation that supports online dialogue between patients and providers of...

When doctors leave clinical medicine, don’t blame the victim

I don’t want to be unclear here.  I don’t want to mince my words.  But I’m mad about an interaction I had on Facebook.  I was commenting on the Physician Side Gigs group page when someone riffed on one of my statements.  They mentioned that my opinions could be a slippery slope towards a future […]

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