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EchoNous releases AI Station to reduce health system costs

The AI station intends to raise convenience for nurses and lower costs for health systems. The expandable platform integrates EchoNous’ existing intelligent tools, the Uscan bladder scanner and The post EchoNous releases AI Station to reduce health system costs appeared first on Compelo Medical Devices.


EchoNous Providing Hands-On Demonstrations of New Ultrasound-Based Vein Finding Tool with Newly Released Docking System During Emergency Nursing 2018

Expandable platform integrates EchoNous' current intelligent tools, aimed at raising convenience for nurses. EchoNous, a developer of intelligent medical tools, is applying the emerging field of artificial intelligence (AI) with the extreme miniaturization of ultrasound to solve common everyday problems in health care. During

EchoNous Vein Receives FDA Approval, A New Innovation Designed for Nurses to Improve First-Time Peripheral IV Catheter Insertion

Product launch enables new multi-function, vascular access and bladder measurement platform designed to improve patient care, HCAHPS results, and save nursing time EchoNous, an innovator focused on delivering intelligent medical tools, has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for the EchoNous Vein™, an ultrasound-b...

EchoNous Reinvents Hosting System for Clinical Nursing Tools, Announcing New AI Station™ Aimed at Lowering Health System Costs

A blank sheet, a Nike designer, and advice from top health systems to create a platform raising convenience for nurses through clinical functionality and premium material performance EchoNous, an innovator focused on delivering intelligent medical tools, announces the release of the AI Station™, a new docking system especially designed for eme...

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