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Forest Blow, PTV News: Apr 08, 2010

FDA panel says no to Forest Laboratories' lung drug Daxas


Forest City Seats New Independent Directors

"We are thrilled to welcome our new independent directors to the Forest CityBoard," said David LaRue, President and Chief Executive Officer of Forest Read more...

Wake Forest researchers create advanced brain organoid to model strokes, screen drugs

(Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center) Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine scientists have developed a 3D brain organoid that could have potential applications in drug discovery and disease modeling.

Joint paper identifies one of Mesoamerica's last intact forest blocks

(Wildlife Conservation Society) The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Yale University have created a plan to preserve one of the last intact forest strongholds for the jaguar and other iconic species in Central America: the Moskitia Forest Corridor.

Heterotrophic cultivation of Auxenochlorella protothecoides using forest biomass as a feedstock for sustainable biodiesel production

The aim of this work was to establish a process for the heterotrophic growth of green microalgae using forest biomass hydrolysates. To provide a carbon source for the growth of the green microalgae, two forest...

Everything you wanted to know about wildland forest fires but were afraid to ask

How the forest copes with the summer heat

(University of Basel) Between April and August this year, Switzerland and central Europe have experienced the driest summer season since 1864. Especially the forest seems to suffer from this dry spell. A current study by the University of Basel indicates now that native forest trees can cope much better with the drought than previously expected. It is, however, too early to give the all-clear as a...

Wake Forest Baptist awarded $8 Million to study intervention for diabetes

(Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center) The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded $8 million to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center to study cognitive decline and impairment in older adults with type 2 diabetes who are overweight or obese.

Tropical treetops are warming, putting sensitive species at risk

(Florida State University) New research from FSU scientists show that tropical forest canopies are warming significantly faster than air temperatures. That could mean major consequences for overall forest health.

Wake Forest Baptist receives federal grants to study neurological disorders and stroke

(Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center) The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has awarded Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center two five-year grants, each worth approximately $1.5 million, to participate in two nationwide clinical trial networks.

Carbon emissions from Amazonian forest fires up to 4 times worse than feared

(Lancaster University) Carbon losses caused by El Niño forest fires of 2015 and 2016 could be up to four times greater than thought.

RM LAW Announces Investigation of Forest City Realty Trust, Inc.

BERWYN, Pa., Aug. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- RM LAW, P.C. is investigating potential claims against the board of directors of Forest City Realty Trust, Inc. Read more...

Brazil's Forest Code can balance the needs of agriculture and the environment

(International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) If fully implemented, Brazil's Forest Code, an environmental law designed to protect the country's native vegetation and regulate land use, will not prevent growth in Brazilian agriculture, according to new IIASA-led research.

'Mindful people' feel less pain; MRI imaging pinpoints supporting brain activity

(Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center) Ever wonder why some people seem to feel less pain than others? A study conducted at Wake Forest School of Medicine may have found one of the answers -- mindfulness.

Forest Hills Stadium Adds Blue Marble Cocktails To Iconic Event

QUEENS, N.Y., June 15, 2018/PRNewswire/ --  Blue Marble Cocktails, maker of all-natural, ultra-premium, ready-to-drink, pre-mixed cocktails, to be featured at Forest Hills Read more...

At Wake Forest Baptist Health, What the Mechanics of Clinical Transformation Look Like

Mark HaglandChi Huang, M.D., executive medical director of general medicine, is helping to advance clinical transformation processes at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Inequality is normal: Dominance of the big trees

(S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources, Utah State University) The top 1 percent of the forest has been sharing some vital information with researchers. Ninety-eight scientists and thousands of field staff have concluded the largest study undertaken to date with the Smithsonian Forest Global Earth Observatory (ForestGEO), and what they have found will have profound implications tow...

Finnish forest management guidelines fail to protect the flying squirrel

(University of Helsinki) A new study determined the habitat requirements for flying squirrels and compared them to those included in the recently amended Forest Act. The main finding was that the Finnish Nature Conservation Act does not adequately protect the old growth forests where flying squirrels live.

Warming Climate Could Speed Forest Regrowth in Eastern U.S.

Reviewing IDEXX Laboratories (IDXX) & The Competition

IDEXX Laboratories is one of 25 publicly-traded companies in the "Diagnostic substances" industry, but how does it contrast to its rivals? We will compare IDEXX Laboratories to related businesses based on the strength of its dividends, analyst recommendations, institutional ownership, earnings, profitability, valuation and risk. IDEXX Laboratories has higher revenue and earnings than its rivals.

Amphibians face many challenges in Brazilian rain forest

(Michigan State University) Deforestation remains the biggest threat to animals that call the rain forest 'home.' However, even measured, sensible development projects can have unforeseen effects because there's no model to follow. Now, thanks to new research published in Ecological Applications, there's a guide to help land-use development and efforts to conserve amphibians, which are rapidly dec...

Deer fawns more likely to survive in agricultural landscapes than forest

(Penn State) The cruel truth is that throughout the white-tailed deer's range only about half of all fawns live to see their first birthday -- most are killed by predators. However, they have a much better chance of surviving if they are born in farmland rather than in forest, according to Penn State researchers, who collaborated with Pennsylvania Game Commission deer biologists.

Mixed forests: Ecologically and economically superior

(Technical University of Munich (TUM)) Mixed forests are more productive than monocultures. This is true on all five continents, and particularly in regions with high precipitation. These findings from an international overview study, in which the Technical University of Munich (TUM) participated, are highly relevant for forest science and forest management on a global scale.

Breathing better may be an added benefit of biodiversity

(USDA Forest Service - Pacific Northwest Research Station) A Forest Service study of nearly 50,000 children in New Zealand has found that those who live in greener neighborhoods are less likely to develop asthma. However, not all greenness is a good thing--children living in areas with nonnative plant species or low plant diversity were actually at a greater risk of developing the chronic lung dis...

Once majestic Atlantic Forest ’empty’ after 500 years of over-exploitation

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