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Financial strain affects patients’ health care decisions to a great extent

Financial strain is the single most important factor in making health care decisions for low-income individuals, who often forgo care in favor of basic needs like food and rent, researchers in UT Southwestern's Center for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research found.

NHS plans ‘could let private firms make healthcare decisions’ – Belfast Telegraph

Belfast TelegraphNHS plans 'could let private firms make healthcare decisions'Belfast TelegraphThe JR4NHS group is bringing a legal action against Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt over the planned introduction of accountable care organisations. Stephen Hawking. May 23 2018. 0 Comments. NHS plans 'could let private firms make healthcare decisions'.Hawking-backed fight against 'unlawful' NHS privatisati...

What consumers think about online health resources, PHRs, EHRs, and other important topics

I’m a big fan of evidence over eminence when it comes to making decisions around healthcare IT. Deloitte does some great research and this morning I saw this 2009 Survey of Health Care Consumers. As the website says: The 2009 Survey of Health Care Consumers, conducted by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, is Deloitte’s second annual study of health care consumers’ attitudes, beha...

Age Poor Guide for Chest Surgery Decisions for Transmasculine Youth

Decisions on chest reconstruction for transmasculine youth should be based on individual needs, not chronological age, new research suggests. Reuters Health Information

Viewpoints: Lessons Learned From Kavanaugh’s Health Law Decisions; Future Of Abortion Rights Rests In The States

Editorial pages focus on these and other health issues.

Rethinking Rural Health Solutions to Save Patients and Communities

(NPR) – It’s a quickly changing landscape as more rural hospitals close, and some health policy analysts say it’s time communities made some hard decisions — starting with completely changing the health care structure in small towns. For example, says … Read More

Safe and Healthy Wedding

Are you or a friend planning a wedding? Make sure the plans include decisions that support mental and physical health before and after the big day. Add health and safety to your "to do" list with these tips!

Initiative’s Goal: To Honor Seriously Ill Patients’ Wishes

The Veterans Health Administration's Life-Sustaining Treatment Decisions Initiative was designed to ensure that the goals, values, and life-sustaining treatment decisions of patients with serious illness are elicited, documented, and honored.

FDA Action Alert: 4 Companies with FDA Decisions This Week

There are several companies facing decisions by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this upcoming week. However, it should be noted that because the upcoming weekend is the Memorial Day holiday in the United States, some of these decisions may be made before their dates to avoid the holid...

More equitable health care starts with you

I am a hospitalist at a safety-net hospital. Through my work, I have come to understand how our daily decisions — filtered through our own biases — influence how health care is implemented, and I had a personal teacher in my first year as an attending. Soon after starting my job, I met Mr. K. […]

Guest article: 10 ways Social Computing is transforming the Healthcare Industry

I stumbled upon, a collaborative health information community, a few weeks ago and was intrigued by their premise of allowing people to “share their health wisdom” in an easy to use manner. It combines professional and user-generated health content with social networking technologies to help people make the most informed health decisions possible. I thought it ...

The Promise of Genome Editing Tools to Advance Environmental Health Research

Recent developments in genome editing have opened the door for exploring biological mechanisms of health and disease. On January 10-11, 2018, the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine's Standing Committee on Emerging Science for Environmental Health Decisions conducted a 2-day workshop to explore what role genome and epigen...

EU health commissioner: Neonicotinoid, glyphosate decisions show European regulations consistent, science-based

Appropriately Framing Child Health Care Spending

This Viewpoint cautions against the misperception that health care spending on children in the United States is small compared with that for adults, arguing that a proper appreciation of the magnitude of spending is required to reduce the financial burden on families and make informed decisions about how to allocate limited resources.

OARSI Keynote: Understanding human behavior improves patient outcomes

LIVERPOOL, England — Understanding the incentives that drive human behavior may be useful in helping patients with osteoarthritis improve health-related habits, according to keynote speaker David Asch, MD.When patients fail to exercise or adhere to medications, it is not a knowledge or education deficit, but a behavioral deficit, according to Asch, who is professor of medicine, medical ethics an...

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Becoming Eligible For Medicare Is Only First Step In The Process. Here’s What Else You Should Know.

People turning 65 face a lot of decisions about their health care coverage. CBS offers a guide to help navigate through the confusing waters.

Is the UK celebrating NHS’s 70th birthday?

Last weekend, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) turned 70.  NHS is a protocolical single payer system.  Whereas Canada is a single payer system, provinces rather than the federal government makes most decisions and providers (i.e., hospitals and physicians) are private, for-profit businesses.  In the Netherlands, on the other hand, both providers and health…

Self-consistency influences how we make decisions

(eLife ) When making decisions, our perception is influenced by judgments we have made in the past as a way of remaining consistent with ourselves, suggests new research published in eLife.

Researchers Say Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Raises Ethical Questions

(Medical Xpress) – In a perspective piece, Stanford researchers discuss the ethical implications of using machine-learning tools in making health care decisions for patients. Artificial intelligence is hard at work crunching health data to improve diagnostics and help doctors make better … Read More

Alzheimer’s? Your Paperwork May Not Be in Order

(New York Times) – But even the many who, like me, have done due diligence — completed the appropriate forms, selected a health care agent and expressed their wishes to whoever may have to make medical decisions for them — … Read More

This physician is financially savvy. This is who he has to thank.

It’s a miracle that I’m not a financial moron.  No one taught me about finances.  I never took a course in college.  In fact, a few years ago before I found the FIRE community, I was pretty clueless.  Well, not exactly.  I made reasonable financial decisions.  Heck, even good decisions.  I didn’t, however, have the […]

In Rapidly Evolving Health Care Landscape, Traditional Borders Are Blurring

Hospitals' recent decisions to start making their own drugs is just one in a long string of actions taken within the industry to break down conventional roles.

GMC is stripped of right to appeal against tribunal decisions

The General Medical Council (GMC) will lose its right to appeal to the High Court against decisions by medical practitioners tribunals that it considers too lenient.The move by the Department of...

Three-quarters of state legislators don't look to universities for behavioral health research

When trying to inform their decisions on behavioral health policy, almost three-quarters of state legislators choose not to use universities, where most research is undertaken, as a primary source.

It's time to focus on health and wellness!

It's time to focus on what keeps you healthy! We've curated a list of citizen science projects working to promote health and wellness around the world. Whether you're looking at the microbes inside of your gut or tracking your latest run, we've got you covered! Cheers! The SciStarter Team Cochrane Crowd Contribute to better healthcare decisions by categorizing research records! Become a Cochra...

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