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Quest Diagnostics Acquires Cleveland HeartLab to Establish Cardiometabolic COE

Quest Diagnostics has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Cleveland HeartLab, a provider of innovative diagnostic services for managing cardiovascular disease. A spin-off of Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland HeartLab has created a specialized approach to identifying risk of heart disease, based in part on science published in more than 100 peer reviewed journals.  As part of ... Read More

Quest Diagnostics enters deal to acquire Cleveland HeartLab

Quest Diagnostics agreed to buy Cleveland Clinic spinoff Cleveland HeartLab, a company that offers biomarker tests for predic -More- 

Use of common heart drugs dropped after price increases, Cleveland Clinic study finds

(Cleveland Clinic) Following major price increases, the use of two cardiac medications -- nitroprusside and isoproterenol -- decreased by one-half and one-third between 2012 and 2015, according to a Cleveland Clinic study published in the Aug. 10 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine as a Letter to the Editor.

Cleveland Clinic secures $10.6 m to compare multiple sclerosis treatments

(Cleveland Clinic) A Cleveland Clinic research team has attained a $10.6 million award from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) to compare the effectiveness of treatment options for multiple sclerosis (MS).Led by Daniel Ontaneda, M.D., a neurologist in Cleveland Clinic's Mellen Center for Multiple Sclerosis, the project will be the first to compare two treatment options for pa...

Cleveland Clinic Lands $3.4M NIH Grant to Develop Prediction Tool for Epilepsy Surgery

Cleveland Clinic has been awarded a $3.4 million 5-year grant from The National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop a prediction tool for individual outcomes in epilepsy surgery. Led by Lara Jehi, M.D., the project is five-year collaboration between the Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute’s Epilepsy Center and the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute’s Quantitative Health ....

Apple-Aktie: begrenzte iPhone X-Verfügbarkeit drückt auf die Prognosen! - Aktienanalyse

Cleveland - Apple-Aktienanalyse von Analyst Benjamin J. Bollin von Cleveland Research Company: Aktienanalyst Benjamin J. Bollin vom Investmenthaus Cleveland Research Company empfiehlt laut einer Ak...

Cleveland Clinic appoints new CEO

Toby Cosgrove’s successor is Tomislav Mihaljevic, a cardiothoracic surgeon and the CEO of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. He will take the reins January 1.

Cleveland clinic study: Timing of melanoma diagnosis, treatment critical to survival

(Cleveland Clinic) A new Cleveland Clinic study underscores the importance of early detection and treatment of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. The research, published online today in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, indicates that the sooner patients were treated, the better their survival, particularly for stage I melanoma.

Upgrade für die Apple-Aktie! - Aktienanalyse

Cleveland - Apple-Aktienanalyse von Analyst Benjamin J. Bollin von Cleveland Research Company: Aktienanalyst Benjamin J. Bollin vom Investmenthaus Cleveland Research Company empfiehlt laut einer Ak...

Cleveland Clinic discovers similarities between next-generation prostate cancer drugs

(Cleveland Clinic) Cleveland Clinic researchers have shown for the first time how a class of advanced prostate cancer drugs are processed in the body and how their anti-tumor activity might change depending on how they are metabolized. Their pre-clinical findings, just published in Cell Chemical Biology, may lay the foundation for improving therapies for treatment-resistant, aggressive prostate ca...

Cleveland Clinic Selects PierianDx Platform to Accelerate Precision Medicine

Cleveland Clinic has selected PierianDx to utilize its integrated “one space” workflow and analysis solution, Clinical Genomicist Workspace (CGW), to advance precision medicine for patients. By joining the PierianDx customer network, Cleveland Clinic can now access the shared constitutional and somatic genomic data within CGW’s knowledge base, a robust database comprised of millions of biom...

Cleveland Clinic researcher receives $3.4 million NIH grant for epilepsy surgery research

(Cleveland Clinic) The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded a $3.4 million grant to Cleveland Clinic to develop a tool to predict individual outcomes in epilepsy surgery. The five-year grant, led by Lara Jehi, M.D., supports the creation of an epilepsy surgery nomogram (ESN) using diagnostic technology and predictive modeling.

Why Cleveland Clinic jumped into the insurance fray

A group of healthcare experts weigh in whether the decision by Cleveland Clinic to become a payer was related to the uncertainty in Washington surrounding the Obamacare repeal or whether it was a strategic move

Cleveland Clinic researchers reveal biomarker for guiding prostate cancer treatment

(Cleveland Clinic) Back-to-back discoveries from Cleveland Clinic demonstrate for the first time how a testosterone-related genetic abnormality can help predict individual patient responses to specific prostate cancer therapies. The studies, published in the Oct. 12 issue of JAMA Oncology, suggest that men who inherit this variant would benefit from a personalized treatment plan that targets speci...

Cleveland Clinic CIO talks innovation, patient engagement and BYOD

In a recent phone interview, newly minted Cleveland Clinic CIO Edward Marx discussed his position, how to avoid pilot purgatory and his organization’s “patients first” mantra.

Boston Children’s, Cleveland Clinic team up to provide pediatric heart care

Boston Children’s Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic have teamed up to provide comprehensive pediatric heart services to patients on the Cleveland Clinic’s national network, a collection of cardiovascular care providers that contract services with employers and other payers.

Guilty plea from former Cleveland Clinic Innovations exec Gary Fingerhut

The former executive director of Cleveland Clinic Innovations was charged last month and faces sentencing in January next year.

Yes on Issue 2 to Announce Key Cleveland Endorsements, Including Cleveland City Council President Kevin Kelley, in Press Conference and Rally

Open House of the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland to follow The Yes on Issue 2 Campaign will announce key Cleveland endorsements tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. from Cleveland City Council President Kevin Kelley and other elected officials in a press conference and rally hosted by the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. ...

Cleveland Clinic and American Cancer Society move fundraisers from Mar-a-Lago

The Cleveland Clinic will not hold its 2018 annual fundraising gala at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, leaders said Thursday.

Polyphor Launches The Development Of An Inhaled Formulation Of Its Antibiotic Murepavadin And Joins A European Consortium Of Leading Hospitals And Research Institutions

Allschwil, Switzerland, October 12, 2017, 09:00 CETFunding up to proof-of-concept in man will be provided for EUR 5 million by Polyphor and for another EUR 5 million by IMI via the funding of a consortium dedicated to the development of Inhaled Antibiotics in Bronchiectasis and Cystic Fibrosis (iABC).

Cleveland Clinic ditches Mar-a-Lago

Cleveland Clinic has held its annual fundraising gala at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort since 2011. But the system announced it won’t take place at the Palm Beach, Florida club next year.

CVS Health expands Cleveland Clinic partnership

David SalazarThe expanded partnership will include various efforts to better coordinate patient care and provide services to support healthy outcomes for Cleveland Clinic patients in Northeast Ohio and Florida.  read more

CVS Health, Cleveland Clinic Expand Clinical Affiliation for Improve EHR Communication

CVS Health and Cleveland Clinic announced that they have expanded their eight-year clinical affiliation to enhance access to care for patients throughout Northeast Ohio and Florida, and improve quality, coordinated delivery of care and health outcomes for patients. As part of the expanded relationship, CVS Health has joined Cleveland Clinic’s Quality Alliance, one of the largest clinicall...

Cleveland Clinic saves $8.5M by cutting use of expensive heart drugs

Following massive price hikes in a pair of

Cleveland Clinic researchers find link between bacterial imbalances and breast cancer

(Cleveland Clinic) In a newly published study, Cleveland Clinic researchers have uncovered differences in the bacterial composition of breast tissue of healthy women vs. women with breast cancer. The research team has discovered for the first time that healthy breast tissue contains more of the bacterial species Methylobacterium, a finding which could offer a new perspective in the battle against ...

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