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Biosimilars Forum Applauds Senator Passage of the FDA Reauthorization Act

Washington, D.C. (August 3, 2017) – Today, the Biosimilars Forum issued the following statement on passage of the Food and Drug Administration Reauthorization Act (FDARA): “The Biosimilars Forum applauds Senate passage of the FDA Reauthorization Act. This legislation provides the agency with the resources it needs to effectively and efficiently review applications and ultimately enable …

Exploring the Richness of Companies and Investors at the BIO Investor Forum

The 16th Annual BIO Investor Forum, taking place October 17th-18th in San Francisco, is the ...

Patient Mobility Forum Founded

A new safe patient handling forum is now online for employee professionals to ask questions or share ideas and policies with colleagues and industry. 

Medicines body should be fully independent, says Newport MP

THE organisation responsible for ensuring medicines and medical devices work and are safe should be fully independent of the pharmaceutical industry should be set up, Newport West MP Paul Flynn has said. The long-serving Labour MP spoke in a debate on the impact of anti-epilepsy drug Valproate, which has been found to cause developmental disorders and malformation in children when taken by pregnan...

Registration is open for the 2017 BIO Investor Forum

The BIO Investor Forum, October 17-18 in San Francisco, is an international biotech investor conference focused on investment -More- 

BIO Investor Forum -- LATEST VERSION

The BIO Investor Forum, October 17-18 in San Francisco, is an international biotech investor conference focused on early and  -More- 

Women’s Care Florida to Deploy eClinicalWorks Healow Mom App to 273 Providers Across 62 Locations

Women’s Care Florida, an independent, fully integrated OB/GYN groups has selected eClinicalWorks to deploy the company’s Healow Mom mobile app for its 273 providers across 62 locations. Once live, the Healow Mom App will provide enhanced communication and encouraged patient engagement Once live, healow Mom app provides Women’s Care Florida with access to the healow app ... Read More

Out of stock: summit highlights global lack of access to contraceptives

bmj;358/jul11_13/j3377/FAF1faJohn Nguyen/PAHalima Lila, from Tanzania, Sophie, a youth campaigner, and Margaret Bolaji, from the Ugandan Adolescent Youth and Health Forum join a queue of 214 women,...

Women use gossip to compete for a man's attention

(Springer) Although both men and women gossip, women may be more likely to use gossiping and rumour-mongering as tactics to badmouth a potential rival who is competing for a man's attention. Women also gossip more about other women's looks, whereas men talk about cues to resource holding (e.g., wealth) and the athleticism of their competitors.

Programming Announced for 2017 BIO Investor Forum

The annual BIO Investor Forum is coming again to San Francisco October 17-18. Programming for ...

Mack IMPACT Forum examines how to thrive in a disrupted world

At the Mack Elevation IMPACT Forum in San Diego, four industry leaders explored how CPG companies protect and grow traditional retail customer business while thriving in the digital space.  read more

Not Just Women’s Troubles – HuffPost UK

HuffPost UKNot Just Women's TroublesHuffPost UKSpeaking to a group of city people recently, I started my pitch about The Eve Appeal by asking a question: “How many of you are aware of prostate cancer and its signs or symptoms?” - about 95% of the room put their hands up. I then asked the same ...Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month: one in two men can't find the in tw...

Men who perform oral sex on women ‘more at risk of mouth and throat cancers’ – NHS Choices

NewsweekMen who perform oral sex on women 'more at risk of mouth and throat cancers'NHS Choices“Men who have performed oral sex on five or more women are at greater risk of developing head and neck cancer, especially if they smoke,” the Evening Standard reports. This story is based on a US study that looked at 9,425 people aged 20 to 59 who ...Oral Sex Plus Smoking a Cancer Danger for MenHealt...

BIO Investor Forum Opens Amid Positive Signs for Emerging Biotechs

Today the BIO Investor Forum opens in San Francisco amid optimism in the biotech sector. ...

Supreme Court Clarifies Specific Jurisdiction and Ends Forum Shopping Spree

The Supreme Court has put an end to a jurisdictional contrivance used by the plaintiffs' bar to shop for a friendly state forum, even if neither the plaintiff, nor the defendant, nor the actionable conduct took place in those states. In last month's Bristol-Myers Squibb Company v.

One Nucleus and Innovation Forum announce formal collaboration

One Nucleus and Innovation Forum are delighted to announce they have signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which will see both parties supporting each other’s endeavours into the future.The two have worked informally together for some time and as Harriet Fear, CEO of One Nucleus explained ‘I am hugely impressed by the work of Marek and his team at the Innovation Forum. They...

High-free androgen index is associated with increased risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in women with polycystic ovary syndrome, independent of obesity and insulin resistance

When women were priests pdf

She obeys and is when women were priests pdf the first to announce the resurrection and to play the role of an apostle, slave...

Research aims to shape more precise treatments for depression in women

Among women in the United States, depression is at epidemic levels: Approximately 12 million women in the U.S. experience clinical depression each year, and more than 12 percent of women can expect to experience depression in their lifetime. Moreover, many experts believe the numbers are likely higher, given the degree of under-reporting about the condition, the fact that depression in women is of...

The problem with sex shops 'for women'

The launch of a sex toy collection to tie-in with the Comedy Central series Broad City calls to mind another connection between sex toys and women on television. In a 1998 episode of Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw and her friends visited a sex shop to buy "Rabbit" vibrators. Several of the women that I interviewed for my research on women and sex shopping mentioned that episode as a watershed m...

Manifesto for global women's health

Women's health is more than reproductive health. Why does this phrase still need to be repeated? This commentary highlights the urgent need to encourage more women to lead, research, and educate to move beyond stereotypes and to ensure we push forward in improving the lives of women everywhere.

Russian Polytechnic University among organizers of Russian-Chinese biomedical forum

(Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University) On June 6, Forum on Russian-Chinese Biomedical Cooperation was launched at the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai (Pudong new district). The event was held within the framework the 'One Belt - One Road' initiative'.Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) is a strategic partner of the Forum, so the delegation headed by...

AMPLEXOR Life Sciences bei DIA Clinical and Regulatory Operational Excellence Forum in Berlin

Wer: DIA Clinical & Regulatory Operational Excellence Forum, die neueste Veranstaltung in der Drug Information Association (DIA)-Veranstaltungsreihe, legt den Schwerpunkt darauf, dass eine Re

Women are being 'kicked out of parts of Congress' for wearing sleeveless tops

Women are being kicked out of parts of the US Congress for wearing sleeveless tops. A female journalist was asked to cover up when she entered a room outside the House of Representatives chamber, because her shoulders were not covered. Haley Byrd, who works for the Independent Journal Review website, is said to have torn pages from her notebook and stuffed them into her sleeveless dress in an at...

Where to order viagra online forum

We asked some of the enlisted cadre, to the great rejoicing of students and staff alike. Where to order viagra online forum I...

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