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Cetas Healthcare Strengthens Portfolio, Announces Strategic Partnership with MD squared

Partnership which will aim to deliver end to end solutions for marketing claims and clinical intelligence to medical devices industry. Singapore, Chicago, Frankfurt, Amsterdam (PRWEB) January 31, 2018 Cetas Healthcare (cetas-healthcare), a global firm specializing in customer insights and strategy for the medical devices industry, and Netherlands based MD squared (MD squared), a medical device co...

Cognitive ushers us from “carbon intelligence” to AI “silicon intelligence”

When the term “artificial intelligence” – better known as “AI” – was initially coined, it was thought that humans (carbon based life forms) had “real” intelligence while the best a machine’s intelligence (to the extent they had any) could get was “artificial”. As I work with companies that are leading major machine learning, algorithms, and AI initiatives I’m convinced that...

Schiff: Nunes is ‘attempting to tar the entire intelligence community’

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is threatening to reveal portions of a confidential intelligence memo without letting the Justice Department review it first.

Artificial Intelligence in Oncology: Fantasy or Reality?

Artificial intelligence promises to use the power of data to solve some of the biggest problems of our time. But can it help us treat a disease as complex as cancer? Artificial intelligence and machine learning are (not that) new ... The post Artificial Intelligence in Oncology: Fantasy or Reality? appeared first on

L Squared Capital Partners Completes Growth Investment in United Scope

Investment will support United Scope’s rapid growth and solidify its dominant e-commerce presence in the growing microscopy market with focus on global expansion and accretive acquisitions L Squared Capital Partners is pleased to announce a growth investment in United Scope, resulting in a majority recapitalization of the business. United Scope repre...

COGNITUUM Artificial General Intelligence Platform Wins Prestigious Award

Artificial General Intelligence is an emerging field aiming at the building general-purpose systems with intelligence comparable to that of the human mind (and perhaps ultimately well Read more...

Artificial intelligence powers digital medicine

Artificial intelligence powers digital medicineArtificial intelligence powers digital medicine, Published online: 14 March 2018; doi:10.1038/s41746-017-0012-2Artificial intelligence powers digital medicine

Dissecting artificial intelligence to better understand the human brain

(Cognitive Neuroscience Society) In the natural world, intelligence takes many forms. It could be a bat using echolocation to expertly navigate in the dark, or an octopus adapting its behavior to survive in the deep ocean. Likewise, in the computer science world, multiple forms of artificial intelligence are emerging. As will be presented at the CNS conference, cognitive neuroscientists are using ...

Why We Need to Fine-Tune Our Definition of Artificial Intelligence

Sophia’s uncanny-valley face, made of Hanson Robotics’ patented Frubber, is rapidly becoming an iconic image in the field of artificial intelligence. She has been interviewed on shows like 60 Minutes, made a Saudi citizen, and even appeared before the United Nations. Every media appearance sparks comments about how artificial intelligence is going to completely transform […]

Is artificial intelligence the future of drug discovery?

The applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare are numerous, with the potential to transform key aspects of the industry,...Read More... The post Is artificial intelligence the future of drug discovery? appeared first on Pharmaceutical Technology.

DNA tests can predict intelligence, scientists show for first time – tests can predict intelligence, scientists show for first could be measured with a swab of saliva, or drop of blood, after scientists showed for the first time that a person's IQ can be predicted just by studying their DNA. In the largest ever study looking at the genetic basis for intelligence ...Found: more than 500 genes that are linked to inte...

Neuroscientists uncover secret to intelligence in parrots

(University of Alberta) University of Alberta neuroscientists have identified the neural circuit that may underlay intelligence in birds, according to a new study. The discovery is an example of convergent evolution between the brains of birds and primates, with the potential to provide insight into the neural basis of human intelligence.

CIA Director Pompeo defends meetings with Russian spy chiefs

By Jonathan Landay WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo on Thursday defended talks he had at CIA headquarters last week with Russian spy chiefs at a time of strained ties between Washington and Moscow and political squabbling over allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election. A U.S. intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, ac...

Charities employ artificial intelligence in hunt for AMD cure

London-based artificial intelligence specialist BenevolentAI has partnered with Action Against AMD, a…

Chimpanzee self-control is related to intelligence

As is true in humans, chimpanzees' general intelligence is correlated to their ability to exert self-control and delay gratification, according to new research.

Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Older Adults' Health?

Realizing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) will require businesses to make it less expensive and for families to embrace it as a tool.

Artificial Intelligence–Don’t Be Scared, Be Hopeful

(MedPage Today) – Are we destined to be replaced by computers? It seems like every day there’s a new article about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it’s going to take over healthcare, and make physicians in particular unnecessary to this … Read More

Will Artificial Intelligence Revolutionize Pharma?

Artificial intelligence may be able to improve the drug discovery and approval processes, saving the pharmaceutical industry both time and money. Yet adoption has been slow.

Medical News Today: Female students underestimate their own intelligence

A new study examines how male and female undergraduates in a biology class perceive their own intelligence, compared with that of their peers.

By 2040, artificial intelligence could upend nuclear stability

A new paper finds that artificial intelligence has the potential to upend the foundations of nuclear deterrence by the year 2040. While AI-controlled doomsday machines are considered unlikely, the hazards of artificial intelligence for nuclear security lie instead in its potential to encourage humans to take potentially apocalyptic risks, according to the paper.

Google’s Artificial Intelligence Ethics Won’t Curb War by Algorithm

(Wired) – The Al Mantharis’ lawyers worry their clients may have been killed on the basis of metadata, which are used to select targets. Such data is drawn from a web of intelligence sources, much of it harvested from mobile … Read More

NHS staff to be trained to use robotics and artificial intelligence – HeraldScotland

HeraldScotlandNHS staff to be trained to use robotics and artificial intelligenceHeraldScotlandThousands of NHS staff are to be trained to use robotics and artificial intelligence as the health service sets out to embrace cutting-edge innovation and technology. New developments in genomics, digital medicine, artificial intelligence and robotics ...Smartphones 'will become default way to see doctor...

Smart Support: Artificial Intelligence Will Help, Not Replace, Electrophysiologists

Artificial intelligence (AI)–assisted electrophysiology (EP) shows promise, but even its most ardent advocates aren’t ready for full-fle

COPD Market Intelligence Review and Insights Report 2018 –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “COPD: Market Intelligence Review and Insights” report has been added to’s offering. COPD: Market Intelligence Review and Insights report delivers an in-depth understanding of the disease, and cover in detail the major research events, competitor events, physicians … Continue reading → Cet article COPD Mark...

Anesthesia Before Age 3 Not Linked to Intelligence Deficits

TUESDAY, May 1, 2018 -- Multiple exposures to anesthesia before the age of 3 years may have neuropsychological impacts, though intelligence does not appear to be affected, according to a study published online April 18 in Anesthesiology. David O....

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