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600+ Women Open Up About Working In Health Care In 2018

It’s well noted that women are the primary decision makers for health and care decisions. However, in 2018 they are still greatly underrepresented in health care leadership. And while progress has been made, across the male-dominated health world, gender discrimination is alive and well.

GE leadership change won't derail health care unit spinoff

The spinoff of GE Healthcare into an independent entity is progressing as planned despite a leadership change at the top, the -More- 

RPS sets out tests for primary care networks

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has written to NHS England calling for community pharmacists to play a role in primary care leadership and for medicines optimisation advocates to be involved in local leadership.

Where’s the leadership? Future commitments of Unicef and WHO for global child health

Country leadership and national tailored strategies for child survival, health, and development are essential to achieve universal health coverage for children. As the principal UN agencies...

The 4 types of low-functioning health care team members

There have certainly been numerous articles, periodicals, missives, messages, courses and LinkedIn articles about the importance of strong leadership. I myself have blogged that most “challenges” in hospital medicine could likely be solved with strong leadership and adequate staffing. But recently I gave a talk with Sarah Apgar from UCSF on differences in supervision and […]

AccentCare, Inc. Adds New Leadership Roles to Support Growth

DALLAS (PRWEB) August 21, 2018 AccentCare, Inc. is structuring its leadership team to accommodate the healthcare industry trend of greater post-acute care coordination with health systems. The company announced the addition of two new executive positions to expand and support joint venture pa...

Leadership and adaptive reserve are not associated with blood pressure control

(American Academy of Family Physicians) Primary care leadership and practice resilience can strengthen organizational culture. In small primary care practices, however, practice adaptive reserve and leadership capability are not associated with baseline blood pressure control.

At the Health IT Summit in San Francisco, UC Health’s Tom Andriola Urges CIOs Forward on Leadership

Mark HaglandTom Andriola, CIO for the University of California System and UC Health, offered Health IT Summit attendees important insights on the leadership and innovation challenges facing healthcare CIOs

ONC Roundup: Senior Leadership Changes Spark Questions

Rajiv LeventhalThe Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) has continued to experience changes within its upper leadership, leading some folks to again ponder what the health IT agency’s role will be moving forward.

How To Mitigate Your Health Care Costs

Since the system is not set up for you to “shop” for health care and incentives are not in place for the health care system to control your cost, you must do what you can to hold the health care system accountable. What can you do as a patient to bring accountability to health care costs?

What makes you an effective change agent in health care?

Change and health care are closely interconnected. Health care organizations are continually faced with the need to adapt to change, whether it be advances in medical care or technology, growing demand for care delivery, a patient population that is increasingly active and involved in their own health and well-being, or evolving reimbursement and cost models. […]

What consumers think about online health resources, PHRs, EHRs, and other important topics

I’m a big fan of evidence over eminence when it comes to making decisions around healthcare IT. Deloitte does some great research and this morning I saw this 2009 Survey of Health Care Consumers. As the website says: The 2009 Survey of Health Care Consumers, conducted by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, is Deloitte’s second annual study of health care consumers’ attitudes, beha...

The hazard of the health care common is communication

Both in and outside of health care certain buzz words and phrases become so ubiquitously used that a shared understanding is assumed despite conflicting perceptions of what these sentiments actually mean. Examples in health care include: shared decision making, quality of life, professionalism, patient-centered care, and evidence-based. Each sounds positive and intuitive — what health […]

Does federal law violate our right to health care?

Proponents of universal health care believe that health care is a universal human right, but is it a constitutionally-protected right, and if so, how does the U.S. Constitution compel the government to protect that right? We can make the argument that the right to health care is indeed protected under the Ninth Amendment, which states, […]

Gastro Health Expands Executive Leadership Team Amid Rapid Growth

MIAMI (PRWEB) August 14, 2018 Gastro Health, LLC (“Gastro Health”), one of the nation’s fastest-growing gastroenterology groups, today announced new leadership roles for healthcare executives Simon Frisch and Chris Weinstein, who have been appointed Senior Vice President, Strategic Operations...

The Third Era of health and social care

The Third Era group is a small network of academics, care professionals, managers and politicians who share an interest in making our health and social care systems better.  They share the view that as the era of markets and competition ends there will be a valuable opportunity to address some of the long-term issues which […] The post The Third Era of health and social care appeared first ...

Radical transformations likely needed to achieve universal health care

(Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health) Technological innovation, expansion of the use of frontline personnel such as community health workers, and rapid increases in health care financing are likely to be instrumental to achieving universal health care (UHC) in countries around the world, according to a wide-ranging review of the scientific evidence on UHC.

A fight for the heart and soul of health care

Health care has undergone innumerable changes over the last decade, and the pace of change only appears to be accelerating. At the crux of most of the changes we’ve seen is the central problem that the cost of our health care system is unsustainable, and we as a nation need to put the brakes on […]

What matters in an optimal consumer health care market

An excerpt from Are We There Yet?: The Road to Universal Health Care. Getting your business matters. Much of what’s happening now in health care and retail markets concerns pleasing you, health care consumers and patients, and getting your business. The internet matters. You’re almost all wired now. The internet is shortest and quickest route to […]

Keynote Confirmed: Alex M. Azar II, Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to deliver HHS Address at the 15th Annual World Health Care Congress in DC

HHS Secretary Alex M. Azar II will discuss “The Future of US Health Care: Updates from HHS” during The 15th Annual World Health Care Congress in Washington, DC. Over 1500+ health care stakeholders will convene April 29 – May 2 in Washington, DC for the 15th Annual World Health Care Congress (WHCC18) – the must-attend annual gathering tha...

Immigrants use little health care, subsidize care of non-immigrants: Harvard/Tufts study

(Physicians for a National Health Program) A study in the International Journal of Health Services finds that immigrants use far less health care than non-immigrants, and may actually subsidize the care of US citizens. Immigrants' utilization was only one-half to two-thirds as high as that of the US-born population. Researchers concluded that immigrants effectively subsidize private and public ins...

ACR urges legislative action on access and cost barriers in rheumatologic care

Rheumatologists and rheumatology health professionals convened on Capitol Hill this week to urge legislative action on pressing policy issues affecting rheumatology care during the American College of Rheumatology's Advocacy Leadership Conference, held May 16-17, 2018 in Washington, D.C.

Pfizer's Essential Health Leadership On Why US Biosimilars Will Take Off – Eventually

Essential Health Group President Angela Hwang, Biosimilars President Richard Blackburn and US Biosimilars General Manager John Kennedy discuss the early...   

Texas Clinics Busting Traditional Silos Of Mental And Physical Health Care

Efforts to provide care that integrates physical and mental health services are spreading, partly because untreated mental health conditions negatively affect physical health and escalate health care costs.

Disruptive Innovations in Health and Health Care Competition – Solutions People Want

I got a note this morning about $5 Million being made available to “Support Ideas That Transform Markets and Empower Consumers.” Here’s the story: “Disruptive Innovations in Health and Health Care” is an open source competition to identify ways in which the health and health care marketplace can offer services, tools and choices that consumers want-but are currently ...

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