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GP leaders pass vote of no confidence in GMC

General practice leaders have passed a vote of no confidence in the General Medical Council (GMC) in light of the regulator’s actions in the Hadiza Bawa-Garba case.A motion passed at the annual UK...

Sagging confidence can lead to more self-interested behaviour -- or less.

(University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management) New research says that experiencing low confidence in one area can lead to attempts to boost our status in another, even if it means engaging in fraud. If we seek better financial status, we may behave more selfishly, or cheat. We may go in the opposite direction though, choosing altruism as the best way to restore our confidence.

Newable: Helping to Start, Sustain, and Scale your business

Newable: 'We believe confidence transforms business. But like businesses, confidence needs to be built. In this section of our website you’ll find resources that may build up your confidence to take the next step with your business. How to guides, FAQ, white papers, case studies and of course the experiences of people like you and businesses like you. Ultimately though, our people are your best ...

Most US Oncologists Discuss Medical Marijuana With Patients

Most oncologists in the US have at least discussed medical marijuana with their patients, although only a minority of them feel knowledgeable enough to do so with confidence. Medscape Medical News

Confidence in statins key to adherence, say researchers

Confidence in the efficacy of statins to minimise the risk of life-threatening cardiovascular disease facilitates their uptake.

Men of all ages looking to surgery to increase confidence and look younger, surgeons say – Metro

MetroMen of all ages looking to surgery to increase confidence and look younger, surgeons sayMetroA top surgeon claims men are increasingly turning to plastic surgery to look young and compete in the workplace. A new report reveals men of all ages are getting cosmetic surgeons to enhance their looks and build confidence, with more than 1.3 million ...Plastic Surgery For Men Has Seen a Spike in 201...

Another ‘dent in confidence’ amid 17 more cervical cancer claims –

Independent.ieAnother 'dent in confidence' amid 17 more cervical cancer claimsIndependent.ieSeventeen additional legal actions over cervical cancer have been revealed in what has been described as another "dent in confidence" in the health system. Details of the cases emerged at the Dáil's Public Accounts Committee (PAC). They are separate to ...57 women take legal cases over cervical cancer test...

In Battle To Cut Drug Prices, Outcome-Based Pricing Carries Big Risks For Biopharma

Having studies available that demonstrate the value of the medicine you have been prescribed can only serve to boost one’s confidence that the medical system is actually benefitting you.

AIBA Moves to Restore Financial Confidence with Settlement on $10 Million Loan

"The settlement that AIBA has reached with Benkons represents a significant step toward restoring the financial confidence and proper governance at AIBA because if the Read more...

UK pharma and biotech patent filings surge, investor confidence sign?

The European Patent Office has reported a surge in pharmaceutical and biotechnology patents – potentially a sign of growing investor confidence in these sectors, according to IP firm Marks & Clerk

Building confidence in biosimilars

The third Multi-stakeholder Workshop on Biosimilar Medicinal Products included a session on ‘Building Stakeholder Confidence in Biosimilar Medicines through Evidence-Based Information Sharing’ [1]. The session focused on clinical experience of switching and clarifying definitions of ‘interchangeability’ between the US and the European Union (EU).

Lack of confidence in biosimilars slowing uptake in the US

Lack of confidence is amongst the various obstacles causing slow uptake of biosimilars in the US.

Bawa-Garba case fallout: five minutes with . . . David Galloway

“I think that the profession has lost confidence in the General Medical Council. Doctors on the ground, especially younger doctors, are facing an overstretched service with sub optimal staffing that...

Men turn to plastic surgeons for a better body image and more confidence at every age

(MediaSource) Body confidence is an issue most often talked about among women, but a new report shows an increase in men exploring their options to gain a better body image. New statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons confirm that more men are having cosmetic procedures, with over 1.3 million procedures performed on men last year.

Doctors, Nurses Give Lifestyle Advice, Are Skeptical It's Heeded

A new poll shows 61% of physicians and 53% of nurses say they always give such advice. Confidence that patients are paying attention to it, though, is low for both groups. Medscape Medical News

Surge in filings for UK pharma and biotech patents many be a sign of growing investor confidence, say IP experts

A surge in pharma and biotech patents in the UK, reported by the European Patent Office (EPO), may be a sign of growing investor confidence within these sectors, according to IP firm Marks & Clerk.

Litesprite’s video game helps improve patients’ anxiety, depression and confidence in coping skills, study finds

Ahead of Litesprite CEO Swatee Surve speaking at MedCity INVEST, a six-week

Paediatrician convicted of manslaughter must be erased from register, rules High Court

A trainee paediatrician who was convicted of gross negligence manslaughter over the death of a 6 year old boy must be struck off the UK medical register to maintain public confidence in the...

Doctors call for public inquiry into GMC’s handling of Bawa-Garba case

Doctors have declared that they have no confidence in the General Medical Council and have called for a public inquiry into the regulator’s conduct in the case of trainee paediatrician Hadiza...

5 ways to live through medical malpractice lawsuits

Nothing troubles physicians more than an unforeseen outcome and a malpractice lawsuit. It cracks open self-doubts and assumptions about medicine and may be life-changing. It commonly fuels burnout, loss of confidence, PTSD and early retirement. And there are links to depression and physician suicide. There’s another side to this story, though. Like all of life’s […]

Self Confidence Surges: Look Good Feel Better Global Survey Shows Significant, Positive Impact among Women in Cancer Treatment

New Findings Released for World Cancer Day Look Good Feel Better, the global cancer support program, today announced the results of its 2016/2017 global participant survey which reveals the groundbreaking program’s impact on confidence and self-image for women around the world. Across eight countries on four continents reporting survey results, Look ...

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Only 34% of Americans trust physicians

Body:  Trust in physicians and medical leaders has steadily declined over the past few decades, with only a quarter of Americans having confidence in the healthcare system.Those who trust their providers are often healthier than those who don’t. According to the New York Times, trust in physicians has fallen from three-fourths in 1966 to 34 percent today. More notably, only a third of Amer...

CAPS® Delivers Confidence in Compounding at ASHP

BETHLEHEM, Pa., May 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Central Admixture Pharmacy Services, Inc. (CAPS) will showcase its 503B and 503A compounding services and quality assurance programs at this year’s American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists (ASHP) Summer Meeting, June 3-5, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. With over 27 years of experience, CAPS has been a front-runne...

AngioDynamics Slowly Building Confidence In Its Turnaround

GW Pharmaceuticals Obtains Favorable Confidence From FDA Briefing Documents

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