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Helen of Troy selling Healthy Directions division

David SalazarHelen of Troy will garner $46 million in cash and as much as $25 million in a supplemental payment for its direct-to-consumer nutritional supplements and health guidance division Healthy Directions.  read more

Nashville Directions in Pharmacy Meeting to Feature Insulin Product Theater

For its upcoming Directions in Pharmacy® conference in Nashville, Tennessee, Pharmacy Times Continuing EducationTM is partnering with Lilly USA, LLC to present “An Insulin Monotherapy Option for Patients on High Doses of Insulin.”

Variations Identified in Free-Text Directions in E-Prescriptions

WEDNESDAY, April 4, 2018 -- There is considerable variation in the quality of free-text patient directions (Sig) in electronic prescriptions (e-prescriptions), according to a study published online April 2 in the Journal of Managed Care &...

Spring Blooms with the First Directions in Pharmacy Spring 2018 CE Series

Pharmacy Times Continuing Education is hosting the 8th annual Directions in Pharmacy Spring Continuing Education Conference on April 14, at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

New directions found in understanding, fighting glaucoma

(Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University) Two distinctive handfuls of short molecules that regulate gene expression have been found in the eye fluid of patients with two distinct types of vision degenerating glaucoma.

The Convergence of Medical Devices & Drugs: Advances in Drug Delivery May 3, 2018 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM, Westin Hotel, Waltham, MA

The Convergence of Medical Devices & Drugs: Advances in Drug Delivery May 3, 2018 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM, Westin Hotel, Waltham, MA Westin Waltham Boston  70 3rd Avenue Waltham MA US 02451 Venue WebsiteGet Directions LPBI Group will cover the event in Real Time @pharma_BI @AVIVA1950 Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD, RN will be in attendance e-Scientific Publishing: The Competitive Advantage of a...

Chronic Pain Patients Become Collateral Damage To Crackdown On Opioids

“Pendulums swing both directions,” said Dr. David Thorson, resident of the Minnesota Medical Association. "Sometimes when they are swinging, they go too far.” In other news on the crisis: a lawsuit claims McKesson didn’t audit controls for painkillers; the FDA is being urged to crack down on medications touting that they ease addiction side effects; with shortage on execution drugs, states...

New Directions, New Tx: CROI Turns 25

(MedPage Today) -- Conference to focus on looking ahead and learning from the past

Future directions in advanced prostate cancer

San Francisco – Yesterday at the ASCO Genitourinary Symposium, Dr Kim Chi noted that emerging data suggests that ctDNA appears…

AACR18 Preview 5: is TGFβ an emerging cancer target?

In our fifth AACR preview of the annual meeting of 2018, we switch directions from a tumour type to explore…

The Sunny and Dark Side of AI

(The Economist) – MENTION ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, and most people will think of robots. But a more fitting image may be that of Janus, the Roman god of beginnings, transitions and endings, who has two faces looking in opposite directions. On … Read More

Meningiomas: Overview and New Directions in Therapy

This comprehensive review summarizes the epidemiology, pathogenesis, genetics, classification, and diagnosis of meningiomas. What are current and promising therapeutic options? Seminars in Neurology

Bright Future for Gene Therapy in Hematologic Malignancies

A panel of experts discusses the current state of CAR T-cell therapies and sheds light on the future directions of this therapeutic approach.

Adapting QOF to focus on wellbeing and health

We welcome Marshall and Roland’s editorial on the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) and propose some future directions.1QOF (or its replacement) needs an expanded notion of quality of care that...

Research provides new directions in understanding and fighting glaucoma

Two distinctive handfuls of short molecules that regulate gene expression have been found in the eye fluid of patients with two distinct types of vision degenerating glaucoma.

Directions to Weight Loss? Don't Ask Your Genes

An important new study suggests genetic customizing of diet for weight loss is not ready for prime time. But that's OK, because we already know how to get there from here.

PAINs by X-Ray

It’s safe to say that the concept of “pan-assay interference compounds” evokes some strong feelings in medicinal chemists. And those feelings run in several directions: some people are very glad to have a tool with which to winnow down their screening hit lists (or at least to prioritize them), while others are infuriated by the

MIT’s New Voiceless Interface Can Read the Words in Your Head

The way we interact with the technology in our lives is getting progressively more seamless. If typing terms or addresses into your phone wasn’t easy enough, now you can just tell Siri to do the search or pull up the directions for you. Don’t feel like getting off the couch to flick a switch, or […]

New report details misuse of antipsychotics in nursing homes

U.S. nursing homes have significantly reduced the use of powerful antipsychotic drugs among their elderly residents, responding to pressure from many directions.

Middle-aged woman presents with rapidly progressive bilateral ptosis and diplopia

A 56-year-old woman presented to Tufts Medical Center with a 2-day history of rapid-onset binocular horizontal diplopia and an inability to open her eyes. Her double vision was initially present in left gaze only but soon involved all directions of gaze. She noted the inability to open her left upper eyelid 2 days before presentation, which was soon followed by involvement of the right upper eyeli...

Health Tip: Prevent an Accidental Drug Overdose

-- The medicine you're taking has to be given in the correct dose for it to work effectively, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says. Here are the FDA's suggestions to help avoid an overdose: Always follow the directions on the drug facts...

Focused ultrasound burns hole in patient's brain, stops essential tremor

Primary Asset: Body:  The University of Maryland Medical Center is burning holes in the brains of its patients—and for good reason. According to a recent NBC report, the medical center used focused ultrasound thalamotomy on a 60-year-old man to successfully stop palsy-induced essential tremor on the left side of his body.  While the

10 Freeway back open in Rialto after deadly crash prompts 16-hour closure

Both directions of the 10 Freeway in Rialto were reopened Saturday morning, more than 16 hours after a fiery crash killed five people.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Intercepts 7 Ballistic Missiles Fired by the Iranian-Backed Houthi Militia

Colonel al-Maliki, further iterated the 7 missile's target directions: three were centrally poised in the direction of Riyadh, one towards the Southwest in Khamis Mushait, one along the Southern border targeting Najran, two aiming for Read more...

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Are molecules right-handed or left-handed?

The starting signal is given and two electrons speed off in opposite directions. The one that wins the race is barely seven attoseconds ahead. The difference is so small that up till now it has been impossible to measure. Yet, that difference is caused by chirality, a hallmark of molecules that e...

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