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The Race to Get CRISPR to the Clinic: Hope Versus Hype

In 2016, German pharma giant Bayer took a bold step and decided to partner with CRISPR Therapeutics to form a company that could join the race to be first into the clinic with a CRISPR therapy. Peter Nell worked at ... The post The Race to Get CRISPR to the Clinic: Hope Versus Hype appeared first on


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COMPUTING The US May Have Just Pulled Even With China in the Race to Build Supercomputing’s Next Big Thing Martin Giles | MIT Technology Review “While there’s plenty of national pride wrapped up in the race to get to exascale first, the work Yelick and other researchers are doing is a reminder that raw exascale […]

Texas Children's Hospital Receives $300,000 Hyundai Hope Scholar Grant From Hyundai Hope On ...

HOUSTON, Sept. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In the newest rounds of grants marking its 20th anniversary, Hyundai Hope On Wheels® 501(c)(3) celebrates National Childhood Cancer Read more...

Race, Ancestry, and Medical Research

The discussion of race and medicine in the United States is challenging and emotionally charged. Substantial disparities in health outcomes, based on race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status, continue to exist; additional reports of racial bias and profound insensitivity in research continue to emerge in the popular media. A renewed discussion of race as a biological vs social construct has begun...

Potential to replace race as a risk factor for kidney-transplant failure

(Children's National Health System) Marva Moxey-Mims, M.D., FASN, says APOLLO study researchers hope that clarifying the role of the APOL1 gene in kidney-transplant failure could lead to fewer discarded kidneys, which could boost the number of available kidneys for patients awaiting transplants.

Race, Ancestry, and Reporting in Medical Journals

This Viewpoint discusses the appropriateness of documentation of race in the medical history and record, and discusses the challenge of taking the effects of race on patient health seriously without overemphasizing it as an unalterable source of difference at the individual or population level.

What marathon runners wish they'd known before their first race

Seasoned marathoners share the wisdom they wish they'd known before their first big race.

Opinion: You can’t tell a book by its cover — or a disease by Drake’s race

Diagnoses based on race are wrong on many levels.

Dongfeng Race Team goes all out to make the final dash

Approaching the end of the race, the change in the ranking of the 10th leg means the last leg will be the most crucial and Read more...

Thousands of brave women take part in Croydon Race for Life at Lloyd Park in scorching temperatures – Croydon Advertiser

Croydon AdvertiserThousands of brave women take part in Croydon Race for Life at Lloyd Park in scorching temperaturesCroydon AdvertiserMore than 1,000 brave women took part in the annual Race for Life event at Lloyd Park – but had to run in scorching temperatures hardly ever seen before. The participants, all dressed in pink, were raising money for Cancer Research UK and ran in ...Moment boy, 11...

Social Construct of Race Imposes Biology

Anthropologist Jennifer Raff argues that race is culturally created, but has biological consequences. -- Read more on

Yacht race raises $6,500 for cancer research

Members of the Masthead Cove Yacht Club (MCYC) raised $6,500 from their annual Masthead Race on August 12, 2018. The money will go to fund research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL). At this year’s race, Dr. Fieke Froeling, a translational fellow in CSHL Cancer Center Director David Tuveson’s lab, spoke about her work. Later,... The post Yacht race raises $6,500 for cancer research appea...

“Human genetics is the soul of precision medicine”—Mary-Claire King, winning #ashg18 advocacy award. I wrote about her marvelous early work in my first book ‘Breakthrough’:

“Human genetics is the soul of precision medicine”—Mary-Claire King, winning #ashg18 advocacy award. I wrote about her marvelous early work in my first book ‘Breakthrough’: … Hope someone writes her biography one of these days...

Trends in Prescription Pain Medication Use by Race/Ethnicity

This study examines disparity in opioid prescribing by race and ethnicity, and whether these disparities have changed over time. American Journal of Public Health

Art creates hope

(University of the Arts Helsinki) How could we create hope in seemingly hopeless situations? The book Critical Articulations of Hope from the Margins of Arts Education offers some answers to this question.

What cancer taught this physician about hope

As an internist, I strived to give patients hope by prescribing therapies that increased their chance — their hope — of the best outcome and by encouraging them with hopeful words. My own hope was to care for patients until I was old. Just weeks after celebrating my 36th birthday, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, P...

Austin Family Medicine Post-Race Recovery Tip Sheet

AUSTIN, Texas (PRWEB) October 16, 2018 The months of training are over. The race has come and gone. It doesn’t matter if runners come in first or last, their bodies will probably feel like they were put through the wringer after the big event. Read on for something healthy hints from the Aus...

Impact of Race on Surgical Management of SBO: Is There Bias?

Dr Lowenfels comments on a study that examines the impact of race on clinical decisions regarding small bowel obstruction management. Medscape General Surgery

Data from NIH-funded trial offers hope for gonorrhoea treatment

A Phase II clinical trial funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has shown that new antibiotic candidate zoliflodacin could...Read More... The post Data from NIH-funded trial offers hope for gonorrhoea treatment appeared first on Drug Development Technology.

Blood Test May Flag Concussion but Sex, Race Influence Results

Serum biomarkers may aid in the diagnosis of sports-related concussion but sex and race need to be considered in order to accurately interpret and effectively manage such patients, new research suggests. Medscape Medical News

Sleep Duration May Influence Stroke Risk Based on Race, Gender

Short and long sleep duration may have different consequences for people, depending on race and an individual's sex, new research suggests. Medscape Medical News

£235m National Quantum Computing Centre announced by UK government

In the race to build the world’s first universal quantum computer, the UK government has announced that it will invest...Read More... The post £235m National Quantum Computing Centre announced by UK government appeared first on Pharmaceutical Technology.

Why the Case of Jahi McMath Is Important for Understanding the Role of Race for Black Patients

(The Conversation) – Much of the popular discussion in the case centered on the family’s refusal to accept the diagnosis of brain death. However, as a philosopher who writes on bioethics and race, I believe an underappreciated aspect of the … Read More

Americans Value Their Family Identity Over Religion, Race, Political Party, or Career, New ...

SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- A national poll released today reveals new insights into the lives of American families, examining attitudes on Read more...

Cashing in on DNA: race on to unlock value in genetic data

How much is your DNA worth? As millions of people pay for home tests to check on ancestry or health risks, genetic data is becoming an increasingly valuable resource for drugmakers, triggering a race to create a DNA marketplace.

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