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The Importance of Oral Health in Comprehensive Health Care

This Viewpoint discusses the importance of oral medicine to overall patient health, and argues for dedicated screening and assessment of oral and dental health among nondentist health practitioners.

The Landscape of Integration of Oral Health in Primary Care

How might the integration of oral health in primary care improve oral health outcomes, especially for vulnerable and disadvantaged populations? BMC Oral Health

Oral Health Program for Children With Congenital Heart Defects

Studies have shown that children with congenital heart defects have poorer oral health than healthy children. Can an intensive early oral health intervention help? BMC Oral Health

Half of the Australians do not brush teeth twice a day

Brushing twice a day for at least two minutes is a basic hygiene rule. According to a new survey from the Australia’s Oral Health Tracker, only half of the Australian adults brush twice a day regularly. Australia’s Oral Health Tracker includes experts such as dental researchers, clinicians as well as policy and public health experts. This report comes on World Oral Health Day and is released b...

Primary care physicians report feeling unprepared for role in prenatal oral health

(University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) A new study from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill suggests that primary care physicians may feel underequipped to provide adequate oral health counseling to pregnant women. Poor maternal oral health can have significant impacts on a woman's overall health and the health of her children.

Oral health-related quality of life in patients with upper gastrointestinal and hepatic disorders in Pakistan: validation of the Oral Health Impact Profile-14 in the Urdu language

Patient Views and the Design of Oral Care for Older People

The paper explores approaches to facilitate partnerships between researchers, healthcare professionals, and patients in the design of healthcare services for older people, with a focus on oral health. BMC Oral Health

Influence of Poor Oral Health on Physical Frailty

This study explored the association of oral health problems with greater risks of being frail and developing frailty in older age. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

Poor oral health may put older individuals at increased risk of frailty

The presence of oral health problems was linked with greater risks of being frail and developing frailty in older age in a recent study.

Medical News Today: Skip the guilt: Red wine could protect your oral health

If you're scared that your nightly glass of red wine will eventually cause your teeth to rot, that's a worry that you can dispel right now. A new study from Spain suggests that red wine compounds may actually do your oral health a world of good.

Mediaplanet's "Oral Health" Campaign Shows How Oral Health Affects Overall Health

The Mediaplanet Oral Health campaign aims educate readers about oral hygiene and inspire them to maintain proper care and understand the new technology available to help keep our bodies healthy. NEW YORK (PRWEB) April 09, 2018 We spend so much time and money taking care of our bodies, yet we consistently put oral health last on our list. 82 percent of American adults are unaware of the dangers th...

SmartMouth Adds New Zinc-Based Premium Toothpaste to Bad Breath Product Line

SmartMouth Oral Health Laboratories has expanded its line of zinc based oral health care products with a new premium toothpaste now on shelves at most Walmart stores and coming to many Walgreens stores in April. ST. LOUIS (PRWEB) April 03, 2018 Clinically developed by dentists, the new SmartMouth Premium Toothpaste combines the benefits of tooth care and bad breath prevention in response to consu...

Opinion: End the ban on over-the-counter oral contraceptives

It is patronizing to require women to get an exam and what amounts to a permission slip from a health care practitioner to buy get oral contraceptives.

Kids aren’t protecting themselves against STDs during oral sex

(Reuters Health) - Adolescents and young adults regularly engage in oral sex but seldom use condoms to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, new research shows.

Poor oral health contributes to frailty in older adults

Oral health issues are common among older adults. These issues include tooth loss, gum disease, tooth decay, and dry mouth.

ProBiora Health™ to Feature Oral Care Probiotics for Post-Laser Treatment at ALD 2018 Conference

ALD Silver Sponsor ProBiora Health will introduce ProBiora™Pro oral care probiotics for restoring the oral biome after laser dental treatment ProBiora Health™, LLC, producers of ProBiora™Pro—oral care probiotics that replenish the oral biome after laser and other procedures—will be participating as Silver Sponsors in the ALD 2018 Conference, April ...

It’s time to make oral contraceptives available without a prescription

At his recent confirmation hearing, Alex Azar, President Trump’s nominee for secretary of Health and Human Services, was grilled by senators who wanted to know where he stands on requiring employers to provide oral contraception coverage in their employee health plans — even if employers object on religious or moral grounds. While avoiding specifics, Azar committed […]

Wine polyphenols may be good for oral health

Sipping wine is good for your colon and heart, possibly because of the beverage's abundant and structurally diverse polyphenols. Now researchers report in ACS' Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that wine polyphenols might also be good for your oral health.

Oral health problems linked to greater risk of frailty in older age

The presence of oral health problems was linked with greater risks of being frail and developing frailty in older age in a recent Journal of the American Geriatrics Society study.

Management Strategies for Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders

Clinicians involved in screening, diagnosing, referring, and/or managing patients with OPMDs should be well versed in the latest standards of care. Joel Laudenbach reviews a recent report. Medscape Dental & Oral Health

Center for Oral Health: Report Finds Untreated Tooth Decay is Hidden Epidemic Among Older Adults

A new report by the Center for Oral Health (COH) found that a significant number of older Californians are plagued by oral health problems despite the fact that dental

Important bacterial discovery in oral pre-cancer condition

Scientists at the School of Dental Science in Trinity have made an important discovery involving bacteria and a pre-cancerous growth called oral leuoplakia which can precede oral cancer. The researchers examined the microbiome of oral leukoplakia in...

The New Health Care: Medicare Doesn’t Equal Dental Care. That Can Be a Big Problem.

Oral health cannot properly be considered apart from the health of the rest of the body.

ProBiora Health™ Rebrands Its Evora® Oral Probiotics Under ProBiora™ Name

New branding reflects ProBiora’s commitment to improving oral health in people and pets ProBiora Health™, LLC, is rebranding its complete line of probiotics for oral health in people and pets under the ProBiora brand. EvoraPro®, EvoraPlus®, EvoraXtra™, and EvoraPet® and will now be known as ProBiora™Pro, ProBiora™Plus, ProBiora™Xtra, and...

Researchers make important bacterial discovery in oral pre-cancer condition

(Trinity College Dublin) Scientists at the School of Dental Science in Trinity have made an important discovery involving bacteria and a pre-cancerous growth called oral leuoplakia which can precede oral cancer. The researchers examined the microbiome of oral leukoplakia in order to determine if certain bacteria were associated with oral leukoplakia and whether the type of bacteria could predict w...

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