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Detecting recovery of the stratospheric ozone layer

As a result of the 1987 Montreal Protocol and its amendments, the atmospheric loading of anthropogenic ozone-depleting substances is decreasing. Accordingly, the stratospheric ozone layer is expected to recover. However, short data records and atmospheric variability confound the search for early signs of recovery, and

Ozone treaty taking a bite out of US greenhouse gas emissions

(American Geophysical Union) The Montreal Protocol, the international treaty adopted to restore Earth's protective ozone layer in 1989, has significantly reduced emissions of ozone-depleting chemicals from the United States. In a twist, a new study shows the 30-year old treaty has had a major side benefit of reducing climate-altering greenhouse gas emissions from the US.

A million early deaths worldwide attributable to ozone pollution, a research study finds

Ozone is an invisible, odorless gas that damages lungs. That much was known already. Now, thanks to a study conducted by researchers at the Stockholm ... R

Fall: A break from summer’s heat, ozone at last!

Whew! Finally, some relief. Summer’s gone and so is the heat. So, too, is that deplorable, dreadful ozone or smog – here, in California’s San ...

Updated Global Estimates of Respiratory Mortality in Adults ≥30 Years of Age Attributable to Long-Term Ozone Exposure

Introduction Ground-level ozone (O3) is formed photochemically in the atmosphere from nitrogen oxides, non-methane volatile organic compounds, methane, and carbon monoxide. Ozone exposure has been associated with a range of health impacts, including mortality (REVIHAAP 2013; U.S. EPA 2013). Relative risk estimates based on prospective data from the American Cancer Society Cancer Prevention Study I...

Ozone Levels, Ice Cores Impacted By Chemistry At Earth's Surface

Researchers studying natural processes that impact ozone levels in the Arctic atmosphere have discovered that snowpacks not only absorb chemicals from the atmosphere, but also produce them...

Astronomy: Ozone-like layer in an exoplanet atmosphere

The nature of exoplanetary atmospheres is hotly debated. The thermal spectrum of an exoplanet called a hot Jupiter reveals the presence of an analogue of Earth's ozone layer, although its composition is unknown. See Letter p.58

Warm Air Helped Make 2017 Ozone Hole Smallest Since 1988

Scientists from NASA and NOAA announced that the hole in Earth's ozone layer that forms over Antarctica each September was the smallest observed since 1988

Medical News Today: Ozone exposure tied to cardiovascular risk

Exposure to ozone is linked to changes in blood platelets and raised blood pressure at levels lower than that tied to changes in the lungs, study shows.

Ozone pollution connected to cardiovascular health

Exposure to ozone, long associated with impaired lung function, is also connected to health changes that can cause cardiovascular disease such as heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke, according to a new study of Chinese adults.

Rising Chinese ozone levels cause higher mortality: study

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Rising ozone pollution in China's cities has emerged as a major health risk, causing a rise in deaths from strokes and heart disease among vulnerable residents, according to a new study by a team of Chinese researchers.

Weekly Personal Ozone Exposure and Respiratory Health in a Panel of Greek Schoolchildren

Introduction Ozone (O3), a very reactive gas and strong oxidant, is found as a secondary pollutant in the troposphere. Although, its presence in the stratosphere is essential for life because it filters harmful ultraviolet radiation, increased concentrations of O3 in the air we breathe have been linked to adverse health effects mainly concerning the respiratory […]

Ambient Ozone Pollution and Daily Mortality: A Nationwide Study in 272 Chinese Cities

 Introduction Ambient air pollution has emerged as a major public health concern worldwide (Cohen et al. 2017). As a key component of the photochemical air pollution mixture, tropospheric ozone is widely considered one of the most important air pollutants (Bell et al. 2004). A large body of epidemiological studies has shown that short-term exposure […]

Ozone limits at play as EPA, industry and environmental groups weigh in

(American Chemical Society) After the Environmental Protection Agency initially announced a delay in enforcing stricter ozone limits, the agency now plans to meet the original October deadline for implementing the new standards. But according to an article in Chemical & Engineering News, the weekly news magazine of the American Chemical Society, industry-supported legislation could put a hold on t...

Global Ozone Generator Market Research 2011 2022 [Report Updated: 06052017] Prices from USD $2150

SummaryThe Global Ozone Generator market is estimated to reach 579 Million USD in 2017. The objective of report is to define, segment, and project the market on the basis of scale, application, and region, and to describe the content about the factors influencing market dynamics, policy, economic, technology and market entry etc.Based on products type, the report describes major products type shar...

Low-Level Ozone Exposure Linked to CVD Risk (CME/CE)

(MedPage Today) -- Blood platelet activation occurred at levels considered safe

Air pollution exposure in early pregnancy linked to miscarriage, NIH study suggests

Ozone is a highly reactive form of oxygen that is a primary constituent of urban smog.

Study Reveals New Threat to the Ozone Layer

NewsThe substances in question were not considered damaging as they were "generally thought to be too short-lived to reach the stratosphere in large quantities.Contributed

Global and Asia Ozone Generator Market Status and Future Forecast 20132023 [Report Updated: 19102017] Prices from USD $3000

SummaryKey Content of Chapters Including and can be customizedPart 1:Market Overview, Development, and Segment by Type, Application RegionPart 2:Global Market by company, Type, Application RegionPart 3:Asia Market by company, Type, Application RegionPart 410:Key Regions of Asia Market by Type, ApplicationPart 11:Company information, Sales, Cost, Margin etc.Part 12:ConclusionMarket Segment as fo...

Light from the particle accelerator helps to understand ozone decomposition

A new experimental chamber coupled to the Swiss Light Source (SLS), a large-scale research facility of the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, allows researchers to recreate atmospheric processes in the laboratory through unprecedented precision analysis involving X-rays. In their first experiments, res...

Study reinforces the Amazon forest's importance in regulating atmospheric chemistry

(Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo) Airborne measurements show that the Amazon rainforest emits three times more isoprene than was previously estimated. Isoprene is one of the main precursors of ozone and indirectly influences the balance of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

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Biochar could clear the air in more ways than one

(Rice University) Biochar could reduce local air pollution from agriculture by reducing emissions of nitric oxide from soil. Rice University researchers argue that a better understanding of nitric oxide response to biochar will save lives and money, especially on farms near urban areas where agricultural emissions contribute to ozone and particulate matter formation.

Estimated Changes in Life Expectancy and Adult Mortality Resulting from Declining PM2.5 Exposures in the Contiguous United States: 1980–2010

Introduction Implementing the Clean Air Act has markedly improved outdoor air quality in the United States (U.S. EPA 2011a, 1997). The National Ambient Air Quality Standards for common air pollutants, first promulgated in the 1970s, set health-based ambient standards for six criteria pollutants: particulate matter, ground-level ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NOx), ...

Global HFC Refrigerant Market Data List by Segment 20152022 [Report Updated: 13112017] Prices from USD $800

SnapshotRefrigerants are generally in the fluid form and are used in a heat pump or refrigeration process. They primarily are of three types: Chlorofluorocarbons CFC, Hydrochlorofluorocarbons HCFC, and Hydrofluorocarbons HFC. All these types are believed to be hazardous to environment. HFCs are third generation of CFCs which do not deplete ozone layer, but are potentially greenhouse gases.This rep...

Climate change set to increase air pollution deaths by hundreds of thousands by 2100

By Guang Zeng, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research and Jason West, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill Climate change is set to increase the amount of ground-level ozone and fine particle pollution we breathe, which leads to lung disease, heart conditions, and stroke. Less rain and more heat means this pollution will […] The post Climate change set to increase air p...

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