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What Does the Largest Biotech IPO Ever Mean for European Biotech?

With a massive €530M ($604M) raised, US-based Moderna has made a record biotech IPO. The news could give a significant boost to developers of messenger RNA, a technology that is still several years away from the market. Entering the Nasdaq ... The post What Does the Largest Biotech IPO Ever Mean for European Biotech? appeared first on

VIDEO: Biotech Showcase 2019: F2G Accelerates Phase IIb Program Vs Life-Threatening Fungal Infections

Ian Nicholson, CEO of F2G, updated Mike Ward during Biotech Showcase 2019 on the progress the biotech company is having...   

PCI Biotech Holding ASA: PCI Biotech: Disclosure of voting rights for Chairman of the Board

Oslo, 13 September 2018. PCI Biotech Holding ASA ("PCI Biotech" or the "Company") issue this notification on behalf of its chairman, Hans Peter Bøhn. Hans Peter Bøhn is chairman of PCI Biotech and ...

VIDEO: Biotech Showcase 2019: Rexgenero Advances CLI-Focused Regenerative Medicine Into Phase III

Joe Dupere, CEO at Rexgenero, reveals to Mike Ward during Biotech Showcase 2019 the four-year-old UK biotech’s plans.    

FIT Biotech Oy: Changes in FIT Biotech’s Board of Directors

FIT Biotech Oy Company release 7.1.2019 at 9:55 EET Changes in FIT Biotech’s Board of Directors FIT Biotech Oy’s (“Company”, FITBIO: FN Finland) Chairman of the Board of Directors, Doctor Chitra Bharucha has resigned from Board of Directors for medical reasons. … Continue reading →

Are Recent IPO Delays Bad News for European Biotech?

Over the last two weeks, several biotech companies in Europe have decided to postpone IPOs on the stock markets — is this a sign that biotech stocks are underperforming?   Since the end of October, several European biotech companies have ... The post Are Recent IPO Delays Bad News for European Biotech? appeared first on

The Top 10 Biotech Companies in Stockholm

As Sweden’s capital, Stockholm is perhaps best known for its picturesque islands and bridges, crayfish festivals, and wondrously preserved medieval architecture, but the city is also a hub of biotech enterprise. Stockholm’s biotech industry is particularly strong when it comes ... The post The Top 10 Biotech Companies in Stockholm appeared first on

Strict regulations hamper biotech farm animal product consumption

Scientists at the University of California at Davis are developing biotech cattle that do not grow horns and biotech cows tha -More- 

Accelerator or Incubator? What to Look for in a Biotech Startup Program

Early stage biotech companies and scientists interested in commercialization need great accelerator programs, not more biotech incubators. Biotech companies and scientists who start out on the road to commercialization may need an accelerator to bring out the entrepreneurial spirit. The incubator and accelerator models are conflated all the time in biotech, much to the fury […] The post Acce...

LISTEN: Fake friends at the FDA, cancer counter-narratives, and biotech’s bear turn

Is the next big idea in oncology a bust? What does "successful" mean, exactly? And why does Wall Street hate biotech all of a sudden? Find out on our biotech…

7 Tips for Biotech Companies Seeking Capital in a Volatile Market

Last year was a remarkable year for biotech companies going public. Not only did an unusually large number of biotech companies go public, but a significant number of early-stage biotech companies went public at premium valuations relative to their later-clinical stage peers. There were approximately 58 biotech IPOs in 2018 (excluding offerings with under $25 […]

Last Chance to Save on Tickets for Xconomy’s Bay Area Biotech Event

There’s just one week left until Xconomy’s latest biotech event, “San Francisco Biotech: The Next Generation.” Don’t let the clock run out while you can still save some cash on a ticket. Next Wednesday, Dec. 5, company founders and visionary scientists will share how they are pursuing new ideas and breaking biotech boundaries. Don’t wait […]

STAT Plus: What to watch in biotech at the JPM Healthcare Conference and beyond in 2019

A STAT-curated preview of biotech events and issues that we believe will grab headlines and attention in biotech over the next 12 months.

Biotech Sector Raises $23bn In Venture Capital In 2018

While major biotech indices went south in 2018, VC enthusiasm for biotech remained bullish. Biotech companies raised a record $22.83bn...  

Biotech Validation Lab will support biotech startups

Royal DSM-owned Biotech Campus Delft, together with YES!Delft, has created the Biotech Validation Lab to support European sta -More- 

Comparing this Year's Big Biotech IPOs to Previous Years

This year has been a strong one for biotech initial public offerings (IPO). According to the Wall Street Journal, as of mid-October, 55 biotech companies had raised $5.75 billion.

Top 5 Reasons Why Biotech Startups Fail

Biotech startups are a high-risk venture. Although making it to the final line is definitely worth the effort, not that many reach it. I talked with several experts in founding biotech startups to find out what the most common reasons ... The post Top 5 Reasons Why Biotech Startups Fail appeared first on

Mentioned In Despatches: Ablynx's Story From The Frontline Of The Biotech Boom

A little over 12 months ago, Belgian Nanobody biotech Ablynx was at the center of a bidding war between Novo...   

BB Biotech mit erheblichem Gewinnrückgang - darum ist das relativ normal

Die Schweizer Biotech-Beteiligungsgesellschaft BB Biotech (WKN: A0NFN3) hat zum Ende der letzten Woche vorläufige Zahlen für die ersten neun Monate des Geschäftsjahres 2018 präsentiert. Obwohl die ...

Equity Crowdfunding for Biotech Startups: Does it Work?

In the last decade, crowdfunding has become a popular way to finance all sorts of projects and products. Biotech is no exception, but many question whether the high risk and long term nature of investing in the biotech industry makes ... The post Equity Crowdfunding for Biotech Startups: Does it Work? appeared first on

LISTEN: Biotech’s October surprise, the precise cost of precision, and breaking postpartum silence

Why are biotech stocks in the dumps? Is the latest in cancer care overhyped? And what does "folie à deux" mean? Find out on the latest episode of our biotech…

VIDEO: Biotech Showcase 2019: Repurposing Approved Drugs For Unmet Medical Needs

Speaking on the sidelines of Biotech Showcase 2019, Dan Gooding, CEO of Nuformix, explains to Mike Ward how the UK...   

DGAP-Adhoc: BB Biotech erweitert den Verwaltungsrat (deutsch)

BB Biotech erweitert den Verwaltungsrat DGAP-Ad-hoc: BB BIOTECH AG / Schlagwort(e): Personalie BB Biotech erweitert den Verwaltungsrat 19.10.2018 / 07:00 CET/CEST Veröffentlichung einer Insiderinf...

Ausverkauf bei Biotech-Aktien: So handeln Sie jetzt bei BB Biotech, Celgene und Co richtig!

Erneuter Dämpfer für Biotech-Investoren: Im Zuge der allgemeinen Marktschwäche trifft es auch diesen Sektor. Im gestrigen Handel verlor der Nasdaq Biotechnology Index 3,52 Prozent auf 3.351 Punkte....

BB Biotech: Eine ganz besondere Dividenden-Spekulation!

Die Aktie des Schweizer Biotech-Investors BB Biotech hat in diesem Jahr bereits einen rasanten Aufstieg hinter sich bringen können. Angetrieben von Übernahmen wie dem Depot-Wert Celgene wie auch we...

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