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CityMD Makes A Sick Case For Its Healthcare

CityMD has a new ad campaign out and it's interesting. One, it's entertaining. Two, it's insightful in its use of perspective. In this case putting the viewers in the "sick-seat" so we can experience all the social awkwardness of our friends and family when we walk around sick and untreated.

What my dog taught me about my patients’ feelings

My puppy looked sick. Not just any sick but “get an attending, two large bore IVs, start fluids, get her on a monitor, move her to the resuscitation bay” sick. And I was scared. “You have to take her to the vet!” I pleaded with my husband as I sprinted down the street to get […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn mo...

Why doctors don’t call in sick when they should

Recent research from Florida Atlantic University and Cleveland State University have found a direct correlation between preventative health care and the number of paid sick leave days a worker gets. Workers with more than 10 paid sick days annually access preventative care more frequently than those without paid sick days. Preventative care, in turn, leads to […]

When the Doctor is Sick – and at Your Bedside

Less experienced docs feel pressure to work and are more likely to show up sick.

Lack of Paid Sick Leave Linked to Poverty

THURSDAY, June 14, 2018 -- Workers without paid sick leave are three times more likely to have incomes below the poverty line, two new studies find. Compared to adults who have the employee benefit, those without paid sick leave are also more likely...

Teetotallers take MORE sick days than regular drinkers – as moderate boozers are ‘healthiest’ – The Sun

The SunTeetotallers take MORE sick days than regular drinkers – as moderate boozers are 'healthiest'The SunIT'S the news booze lovers have been waiting for...people who don't drink take more sick days than those who do. That's right, people who drink moderate amounts of alcohol are healthier than those who go teetotal, according to new research. Those who ...People who drink alcohol take less ti...

Workers without paid sick leave endure significant financial worries

(Florida Atlantic University) A study shows that Americans without paid sick leave worry significantly about both short-term and long-term financial issues. The highest odds of reporting worry were associated with normal monthly bills like housing expenses. Concern about making the minimum payment on credit cards was statistically significant, too. Conversely, workers with paid sick leave were les...

Nearly 100 people sickened with norovirus on Maine beach

“I think the message is, if you’re sick or your children are sick, don’t go to the beach,” Bridgton Town Manager Bob Peabody said.

Sick plane syndrome: More flights from Middle East arrive with ill passengers

Twelve passengers who appeared to be sick were checked out and released.

Cancer sufferer, 22, told she is ‘not sick enough’ for disability benefit – Metro

MetroCancer sufferer, 22, told she is 'not sick enough' for disability benefitMetroA 22-year-old cancer sufferer was told she was not eligible for disability benefit – because she was 'not sick enough.' Paige Garratt, from Flintshire, North Wales, was devastated to be diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's lymphoma, which had spread to her ...and more

New financing round at oncgnostics GmbH close

The life sciences company oncgnostics GmbH was able to double its investment of 750,000 euros following the very rapid and successful completion of its second crowd investing campaign on Seedmatch. A group of private investors invests together with beteiligungsmanagement thüringen GmbH (bm|t) in onc...

Know someone sick? Your own smell might give it away

(Monell Chemical Senses Center) Odors surround us, providing cues about many aspects of personal identity, including health status. Now, research from the Monell Center extends the scope and significance of personal odors as a source of information about an individual's health. A new paper reports that the bodily odors of otherwise healthy animals sharing an environment with sick animals become li...

ACA Protections For Sick Patients Still Popular Despite GOP’s Efforts To End Them

Despite a decision by the Trump administration to ask a court to nullify the portion of the health law guaranteeing coverage to the sick, the Kaiser Family Foundation poll finds most people want insurers to be required to offer coverage and not charge more.

Royalties under patent licence agreements: can they remain payable even if the licensed patents(s) are revoked or not practised? Lessons from Genentech Inc v Hoechst GmbH & Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH

Précis In its recent decision in Genentech Inc v Hoechst GmbH & Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH (7 July 2016), the Court of Justice of the EU (“CJEU”) has ruled that an obligation on a licensee under a patent licence agreement...

Your Puppy Can Make You Very Sick: CDC

THURSDAY, Sept. 20, 2018 -- Puppies can be cute and cuddly, but they also carry germs that might make you very sick, a new government report warns. An outbreak of antibiotic-resistant Campylobacter infections in 2017 and 2018 that sickened 118...

Health Tip: When College Kids Should Go to the Doctor

-- The closeness of college dorms and cafeterias means students are prone to getting sick or acquiring infections. Colleges typically have a medical facility on campus that students can go to if they feel sick, but a more serious illness may require...

Healthy kids with sick sibling may hide emotions

(Reuters Health) - Healthy kids with chronically ill siblings may suppress their own needs as they adapt to shifting family dynamics that are focused on caring for the child who is sick, a research review suggests.

Does Dairy Create More Mucus When You’re Sick? A New Study Debunked This Pervasive Myth – Bustle

BustleDoes Dairy Create More Mucus When You're Sick? A New Study Debunked This Pervasive MythBustleIf your mom ever stopped you from having mac and cheese when you were sick because of that myth that dairy increases milk production, I'm sorry to tell you it was probably all for nothing. As it turns out, dairy doesn't make you produce more mucus ...Does Milk Give You Phlegm? You Don't Have To Avoid...

Sick pets as potential reservoirs of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in Singapore

An analysis of 186 diagnostic reports collected from a veterinary clinic in Singapore between 2014 to 2016 showed that sick companion animals can carry bacteria that are of significance to human health. Among ...

The Secret of Working Sick: ‘Don’t Mask, Don’t Tell’

With the wide variation and limited effectiveness of healthcare policies to prevent presenteeism in sick healthcare workers, has the situation devolved to unspoken policies of “don’t mask, don’t tell?”

Amazon patent proposes new Alexa feature that can tell when a user is sick

A new version of Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa may be able to detect when its user is sick, according to a report by the Daily Telegraph.

Sick certification by general practitioners is an unethical conflict of interest

Rimmer reports that “fit notes” may become part of general practitioner training in England.1 I had my primary training in the Netherlands, where sick certification was assigned to social security...

Six children dead and 12 sick in viral outbreak in US rehab centre, vaccine ‘for military only’ – ABC News

ABC NewsSix children dead and 12 sick in viral outbreak in US rehab centre, vaccine 'for military only'ABC NewsA severe viral outbreak at a New Jersey rehabilitation centre for "medically fragile children" in the United States has left six children dead and 12 others sick, the state Health Department said. Fact box: Adenovirus type 7 is most commonly associated ...Six children dead in virus outbre...

Are McDonald's Salads Making People Sick?

OAK BROOK (dpa-AFX) - Over 100 people have been reported sick in Illinois and Iowa linked to McDonald's salads.The Illinois Department of Public Health has confirmed about 90 cases of cyclosporias...

Picking nose isn’t just gross, it can make a kid sick too – Times of India

Times of IndiaPicking nose isn't just gross, it can make a kid sick tooTimes of IndiaLots of parents catch their children picking their noses and tell them off for it and that's because it's gross. Even though it may be unhygienic and can even be a bit embarrassing if your little ones decide to do it in a public place, most mums and ...Picking your nose can spread pneumonia, warn expertsYahoo News...

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